Thursday, September 6, 2018

6 26 30 52 99 113 119 239 | Eagles beat Falcons 18-12, NFL season opener, September 6, 2018

The Eagles open the season, winning by 6-points, and the game ending the exact same way it did in the playoffs, a complete mocking.

The Eagles just won Super Bowl 52.

And like I said, the game was all about 26, and that favored Philadelphia, the land of the flag.

9/6/2018 = 9+6+2+0+1+8 = 26

Nick Foles got his 26th career win tonight.

Ajayi, #26, scored the first touchdown and had 2 TDs on the game
Coleman, #26, scored the only TD for the Falcons (Also 26-yard reception)
The Eagles kicker made a 26-yard field goal

ALSO, the Falcons are stuck on 351 regular season wins, the 26th triangular number
*Matt Ryan is also stuck on 99-wins to start the 99th NFL Season

AS for the 30-points, 113 is the 30th prime number.

It's not an accident the Falcons lost with 12 tonight either.  37, the 12th prime number

117-yards for Foles, 13-stripes on the flag.  Thirteen = 117
119...  Falcons = 119 (Nick Foles announced as the starter on day leaving 119-days left in the year)

Matty Ryan had 251-yards, the 54th prime...

74 rushing yards for the Falcons.

113-rushing yards for the Eagles.

Ajayi, #26, had 62-yards...
Clement had 26...

Julio Jones had 169-yards.  169 has a square root of 13
Coleman, #26, had 26-yards

The 132-yards for the Eagles jump.  United States of America = 132

And again, the 26 yard field goal by the Eagles, and the 52 by the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons = 239, the 52nd prime

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