Wednesday, September 12, 2018

26 52 67 74 77 | CNN reports Hurricane Florence is bringing 'Mike Tyson punch' to North Carolina, September 12, 2018 +Floyd Mayweather & Rubin Carter reminders

Notice the emphasis on 'Mike Tyson punch'.  This storm is heading for North Carolina.

Don't forget this storm was formed on August 31, 2018.

8/31/2018 = 8+31+20+18 = 77

The storm is supposed to hit North Carolina on Mike Tyson's 77th day of being 52-years-old.

Flood = 52; Hurricane = 52 (See more below)

It is the big news story the anniversary week of September 11.

*Mike Tyson is from New York

Adding insult to injury, Mike Tyson is 52-years-old, and this news comes 74-days after his 52nd birthday...

The qualifying windspeeds for a hurricane are 74 MPG.

In Hebrew, Hurrican sums to 74.

Even worse, it is supposed to make landfall on Mike Tyson's 77th day of his age.

Remember the boxer Rubin Hurricane Carter???

Remember how the flooding of Harvey was synced up with the Floyd Mayweather fight?

The film the Hurricane, about Rubin Carter, the boxer, is 146-minutes long.


So why do this with boxers?

They're playing God, and it is game to them, a sick game.

Kabbalah.  Gematrria.

Read more about Hurricane Florence by the numbers here:

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