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NFL Week 1 in Review | September 6 - September 10, 2018 (MNF not yet added)

NFL Week 1 Picks:

*In my picks, I am 8-3 through Sunday Games, with the Steelers and Browns tie not counting, and me not casting a vote for the Panthers vs Cowboys game.


OBSERVATION 2:  For the Sunday Games, there were 4 games having scores dealing with 47.

Dolphins 27 - Titans 20
Patriots 27 - Texans 20
Ravens 47 - Bills 3
Packers = 24 - Bears 23

OBSERVATON 3:  The Browns-Steelers tie had everything to do with 47 too (below)

This was the "26" special, going in favor of the Eagles, as predicted.

-26 date numerology
-26th day of Elul on Jewish Calendar
-Nick Foles 26th win; Nick = 26
-Flag = 26 (It's all about the flag and national anthem)
-All TDs by #26
-26 yard field goal by Eagles
-Falcons stuck on 351 reg. season win (26th triangular number)

First time since 1971, 47-years ago.

-Tie = 47
-Ohio = 47
-AFC = 71
-Browns = 71
-LeBron left Cleveland a span of 71-days earlier, July 1, or 7/1
-First tie between two teams in 131-years

*Tie = 16; 53, the 16th prime

-Andy Dalton picked up 64th win -Andy = 64
-He died it 51-days from birthday; Cincinnati = 51
-The week began on Sep. 6 with a Cinci bank shooting...
-Cincinnati = 96; Dalton = 96

Surprise:  Luck did not get 47th win.  Luck = 47; Ohio = 47

Tannehill picked up his 38th win, as expected.
Dolphins = 38; Florida = 38

Kirk Cousins gave Jimmy G his first loss as expected.
-Kirk = 59
-59th career start for Kirk; 59 the 17th prime
-Kirk got his 17th home win
-He made Jimmy G 7-1 (Reflectin of 17)

-Patriots won as expected, back in Houston, where they won their last Super Bowl.
-If Patriots begin 3-0, Tom Brady will pick up 199th reg. season win in Michigan
-Brady was 199th pick out of Michigan.
199, 46th prime; Tom Brady = 46; Michigan = 46; Patriots = 46

-O / U was 49.5
-Ryan Fitzpatrick got 49th career win, 77-days from birthday
-Seventy-Seven = 49

This was a surprise because I did not consider Ryan Fitzpatrick, who I did not realize was starting while Winston is out.  The Saints were 9.5 point favorites, the better's trap.

-Jaguars are now 1-3 in New York
-Thirteen = 99
-The game was 134-days after Bortles birthday; Vesica Piscis = 134
-Saquon Barkley had 18 carries for 106-yards; 18 date numerology (9+9 = 18)

-Joe Flacco got his 61st home win; 61 the 18th prime on 18 date numerology
-Ravens became 5-3 against Bills
-Bills QB had 44 yards, after shooting ritual in Jacksonville...
-Shooting = 44 / 53
-Shooter was in Bills jersey, and from Baltimore... Andy KATZ...
-Shoot was 24-years-old, like Bills QB, who is 24, and from Jacksonville...

-Chiefs got their 61st win against Chargers; 61 the 18th prime number
-61 and 18 was a big theme on this date with 18 numerology
-Patrick Mahomes is now 2-0 as an NFL starter
-Patrick Mahomes = 82; Vesica Piscis = 82
-Patrick Mahomes is 22, he will turn 23 on September 17

The Seahawks began their 43rd season against the team they beat in the Super Bowl with 43-points.
-Seattle Seahwaks = 43
-Russell Wilson comes into the season with 43 home wins

As expected, the Broncos won, with Case Keenum getting his 13th home win in his 41st start.
-41, the 13th prime
-Broncos = 41; Home = 41

This was the 54th game between the Broncos and Seahawks who are old division rivals.  It came 81-days from Russell Wilson's birthday.
-Russell Wilson = 54 / 81

The weird things was when #81 for the Broncos made a big play, and they froze the clock at 5:04

Redskins won as expected, giving the Cardinals their 741st career franchise loss, the 38th triangular number, after last playing them 38-weeks earlier.

This is the Redskins 87th season, and they played Sam Bradford, the only Native American QB in the NFL, who was born in '87.  There is also a big riddle with Mahomes and 87, who won on this day as well, with the Chiefs, over San Diego, the city Alex Smith is from.
-Manifest Destiny = 87

-This was the 125th meeting between Redskins and Cardinals
-It came 125-days after Alex Smith's birthday
-Alex Smith = 39; Arizona = 39; Empire = 39

There's a riddle with America, the War of 1812, the National Anthem, Andrew Jackson, and the Indian Removal Act.

-This year the film Black Panther released on February 16, or 2/16
-Black Panther = 666; 6x6x6  = 216

Cam Newton picked up his 66th career win on this date.
-Number of the Beast = 66
-Number of a Man = 66
*NFL = 66

ALSO, Beast = 11 (11 men on a team in football)

He did it on a date with 36 numerolgy.

-Cam Newton = 36
-Sep. 9, 2018 = 9+9+18 = 36
666 is the 36th triangular number

He did it over Dak Prescott who had a birthday 42-days earlier.  The beast rules for 42 months in Revelation, the 66th book of the Bible.  Dak Prescott = 42; New Testament = 42

Cam Newton and Dak Prescott have birthdays 79-days apart
-79, the 22nd prime
-Dak Prescott stuck on 22 wins
-Twenty-Two = 42

It was a span of 206-days from the release of the film to the game.
-206 bones in the body

Netflix added the film Black Panther to their service days before this game.

The Panthers won with 16-points.  53, the 16th prime; Vesica Piscis = 53; Religion = 53

-The Packers were down 20; G = 20 (Rev. Ordinal)
-Aaron Rodgers picked up his 61st home win, over the Bears and Mitch Trubisky
-Mitch Trubisky = 61; Bears = 18; 61, the 18th prime number

The winning TD came on a play where the clock was stopped at 2:13, like 213.  The winning TD was by #18, Randall Cobb.  Randall Cobb = 213

Randall Cobb also sums to 39, like SNF.  Randall Cobb = 39; SNF = 39

Consider this week began on 9/6, like 96.  Freemason = 96; Freemason logo is a G

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