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NFL Week 1 Discussion Thread, September 6 - September 10, 2018 (Your decodes are welcome!... and ignore the trolls, they're all bark, no bite)

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The War of 1812 game is over!

Again, we've been talking about the War of 1812 and the National Anthem, the Flag and the riddles with the NFL through Philadelphia, as well as Jacksonville and New Orleans, then low and behold, the opening game is 18-12, Eagles win.

As I also predicted, the opening game would be about 26, and in favor of the Eagles, the home of the flag.  It did not surprise, it was a 26 fest, as covered.

9/6/2018 = 9+6+2+0+1+8 = 26 (September 6 was the 26th of Elul on the Jewish Calendar)
9/6/2018 = 9+6+20+18 = 53 (Pennsylvania = 53) (Opening game of season of SB 53)
9/6/18 = 9+6+18 = 33 (Keystone) (ATL) (Matty Ice) (Mandorla)
9/6 = 9+6 = 15

Now let us examine the Sunday Games, starting with the date numerology, and remember, halftime of Game 1 on TNF was 3-6, like 36, which might be foretelling of Sunday, September 9, 2018.

*This is the 99th season, the first Sunday Games are 9/9

9/9/2018 = 9+9+20+18 = 56 (11)
9/9/2018 = 9+9+2+0+1+8 = 29 (Football = 29)
9/9/18 = 9+9+18 = 36 (9)
9/9 = 9+9 = 18 (Winning score of TNF) (9)

*September 9 is the 252nd day, leaving 113-days remaining

More to come....

-4.0 PIT, O / U 44
The Browns are 4-44 since 2014 (Notice the -4 and O / U at 44)

This will be the 131st game between Steelers and Browns in the regular season (133rd all-time):

The Steelers lead 72-58 in the regular season, and 2-0 in the playoffs.
Hard Knocks = 58; Pittsburgh = 58
Article on Hard Knocks and success:

In light of the O / U being at 44, this will be Tyrod Taylor's 44th game, the Browns starting QB:

Tyrod Taylor = 56 (56 date numerology)

The Browns could earn their 59th win against Pittsburgh, the 17th prime, and where Ohio is the 17th state.  Pittsburgh = 59 (That said, last year would have been a better year for this riddle)

The Browns can also pick up their 18th straight loss, on an 18 date.

At the same time, this will be Ben Roethlisberger's 220th career game.
National Football League = 220

This game comes 191-days after Big Ben's birthday.  191, the 43rd prime; Football = 43

Le'Veon Bell will not be playing.  The game comes 29-weeks after his birthday.
Football = 29; Ohio = 29

*ALSO, recall the death of the Browns' HC's mother on August 3.  From that day to this game is a span of 38-days.  The game also comes 43-days before his birthday or a span of 44.

*The next time the Steelers and Browns play each other is October 28, 2018, a date with 76 numerology, and the Steelers can pick up their 76th win against the Browns if they win the opener too.

*Also, this game comes on the day leaving 113-days left in the year and Steelers sums to 113 (RO).

The biggest clue might be that the Steelers coach can pick up his 61st loss in Ohio.

Pick:  Browns (Changed from Steelers to Browns after 61 observation)

-3.0 IND, O / U 48

The Colts lead the regular season series 17-11, and the playoffs 2-0:

*Bengals have 351 regular season wins (26th triangular)
*Colts can pick up 18th win in 2018 (9+9 = 18)

Luck can get his 47th win against Ohio.  Luck = 47; Ohio = 47

The last time they played, the Bengals won 24-23, a sum of 47.
This is the Colts 66th season.  Luck = 11 (66, the 11th triangular number)

*Dalton comes into the game with 112-games played.  Andrew Luck = 112

Pick:  Colts

-1.5 TEN, O / U 45     (***MIami = 45)

The Dolphins are 20-16 against the Titans in regular season, and 0-1 in the playoffs:

The Titans can pick up their 18th all-time win against the Dolphins.

This will be Mariota's 45th start, and against Miami.  Miami = 45 (O / U at 45)
If Mariota loses, it will be his 14th road loss.  Dolphins = 43; Titans = 43; 43, the 14th prime

Marcus Mariota = 53 (First game of season ending with Super Bowl 53)
Tennessee Titans = 53

*This game comes on Tannehill's 45th day of his age (born July 27).
*It is the Dolphins 53rd season

Tannehill can pick up his 38th career win.  Dolphins = 38; Florida = 38

Pick:  Dolphins (I would not bet on this game, it is close)

-6.5 MIN, O / U 46

The Vikings lead the series 21-19-1 in the regular season and trail 1-4 in the playoffs.  Thus they have played 46-times to date, like the O / U at 46:

This will be Cousins 59th career start, his first for the Vikings.  Kirk = 59

He can pick up his 17th home win.  59, the 17th prime

Kirk Cousins also came over from the Redskins, and has 99 career TDs.  Redskins = 99

By beating Jimmy G, he could make Jimmy G 7-1 as a starter.

Jimmy G is 7-0 in career starts, where does the perfection end?
Jimmy Garoppolo = 77; Jimmy G = 77; G = 7

Don't forget the death of Tony Sparano, the Vikings coach, by the numbers.  Sacrifice = 46

Don't forget Sparano died on July 22, 49-days before the game.  227, the 49th prime

This game comes 54-days before Jimmy G''s November 2 birthday.  Upset = 54

Pick:  Vikings

-6.5 NE, O / U 51

*The Patriots won their last Super Bowl in Houston, by the numbers...
*We're expecting Tom Brady to start the season 3-0, if he does he'll pick up his 199th regular season win in Michigan, where he was once the 199th pick out of by NE
*199, the 46th prime; Houston, Texas = 46; Tom Brady = 46; Patriots = 46; Michigan = 46

The Patriots are 7-1 against the Texans in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs.

This game comes 37-days from Brady's birthday.  Patriots = 37

DeShaun Watson comes into the game 3-3 all-time, 5-days before his 23rd birthday.  Tom = 33

Pick:  Patriots

-9.5 NO, O / U 49.5

A Jacksonville-Saints Super Bowl is a possible narrative.  In the offseason, we saw the ritual between Jacksonville and New Orleans, coming 43-days apart.
Jacksonville = 43; Football = 43; Florida = 43
Battle of New Orleans = 99 (War of 1812, 18-12 season opening score)
Drew Brees = 99 (#9)

This year, the Bucs are in their 43rd season.

To date, the Saints are 32-20 against the Bucs in the regular season, and 0-0 in playoffs.  Fitting this will be their 53rd game, to start the NFL season ending with Super Bowl 53.

Drew Brees can get his 84th home win.
The Saints can get their 33rd win against the Bucs 33-weeks and 6-days after Brees' birthday.

United States of America = 84
The United States of America = 99

He is 39-years-old.  Empire = 39

There is a narrative floating with this number 39 we've been tracking.

Brees can also pick up his 262nd win all-time, a bit like 26, another hot number.

The Super Bowl for 2019 in 19-days after his birthday.  Saints = 19
Nineteen = 41; Super Bowl = 41

Pick:  Saints

-1.0 JAX, 42.5 O / U        (***Jacksonville = 43)

The Jaguars and Giants are 3-3 against each other all-time:

The game is in New York.  New York = 33

To date, Jacksonville is 0-3 in New York.  They will either become 1-3, or 0-4.  In light of the riddles with 13 and the 99th season, it is possible Jacksonville pulls this one out.

Thirteen = 99 (Ordinal); 99th NFL Season

This game comes 134-days after Blake Bortles 26th birthday.  Vesica Piscis = 53 / 134

Eli Manning = 53
Saquon Barkley = 53

Pick:  Jaguars

-7.5 BAL, O / U 40

*This Bills-Ravens game is interesting.  Recall, the Madden shooter in Jacksonville was from Baltimore, and was wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey.

The Ravens lead the BIlls 4-3:

With a win, they will become 5-3 to start the season concluding in Super Bowl 53.

Recall, the shooting was at the GLHF Game Bar.  GLHF Game Bar = 53

Joe can also get his 61 home win to start the season.  61, the 18th prime (2018)

Pick:  Ravens

*Young Decoder has an interestin theory on why the Bills will win:

-3.5 LAC, O / U = 48

The Chiefs lead 60-54-1 in the regular season and trail 0-1 in the playoffs.

*The Chiefs can pick up 61st win, the 18th prime, a big number on the day.

The Chargers can pick up their 55th regular season win.  Los Angeles = 55

*Note, the Chiefs next game against the Chargers will come 87-days after Mahomes birthday.
Manifest Desinty = 87; Redskins in 87th season (Alex Smith trade to Redskins)
*Chiefs should get 61st win against Chargers this season; 61, the 18th prime
*Chiefs win is more likely at home, than on the road in LA

Pick:  Chargers

-3.0 DEN, O / U 42.5      (***Seattle Seahawks = 43)

This is the Seattle Seahawks 43rd season, and they beat the Broncos in Super Bowl 48, 43-8.
Seattle Seahawks = 43; Seahawks = 48 (Carroll has 48 career losses with Seahawks)

Russell Wilson also comes into this season with 43 home wins, LOL.

To date, they have faced each other 53-times, and here we are at the start of the season ending in Super Bowl 53.  The Broncos lead the regular season 34-19, and trail 0-2 in the playoffs.  Thus, the Broncos could pick up their 35th win, the reflection of 53.  Seattle = 19

As for it being the 54th game between the two teams in the regular season, keep your eyes on Russell Wilson, that is his number.  Russel Wilson = 54

The game comes 81-days from Wilson's birthday.   Russell Wilson = 54 / 81
It's also a span of 82-days.  Seattle = 82

Wilson could get his 35th career loss and 24th loss on the road.  Seahawks = 24

*Pete Carroll = 53 / 64 (Denver Broncos = 64)

As for Case Keenum, this will be his 41st game.  Broncos = 41

He could get his 13th win.  41, the 13th prime; Home = 41

If he wins, his career losses will stay at 19.  Seattle = 19

Pick:  Broncos

-1.0 ARI, O / U 43.5

*This is the Cardinals 99th season; Redskins = 99

This is the Adrian Peterson Bowl, where the last team he played for was the Cardinals, who he now faced as a Redskins, he and his 99 career TDs.  Redskins = 99; Natives = 99

The Redskins are 76-46-2 in the regular season against the Cards and have never met in playoffs.

This will be the 125th meeting, and it comes 125-days after Alex Smith's 34th birthday.
Numerology = 125; Alex Smith = 39; Arizona = 39

Smith comes into the game with 39 road wins.  He could get his 40th, 173-days after Adrian Peterson's birthday.  173, the 40th prime; Forty = 84; Arionza = 84

Think about how John McCain, the Arizona man, and the D.C. man, just died on August 25.  I don't think this meeting is any coincidence, in light of the way the rituals fall.

Brain = 44; Cancer = 44 The O / U is right at 44.

Sam Bradford wil lbe starting in this game, born in '87, and it is the Redskins 87th season.

Sam Bradford is Native American.  Manifest Destiny = 87; *Cowboys = 87

Sam Bradford can get 35th win, or 46th loss.  Phoenix = 46; Cardinal = 35 (Cardinals = 36)
Sam Bradford = 56 (56 date numerology)

The Redskins, from the 38th parallel north, can give the Cardinals there 741st loss as a franchise, 38-weeks after their last match.  741, the 38th triangular number

Pick:  Redskins

Pick:  Redskins

-3.0 CAR, O / U 42.5   (***Dallas Cowboys = 43)

The Cowboys lead the Panthers 9-2 in regular season, but trail 0-2 in the playoffs:

If the Cowboys upset the Panthers, they'll be 10-2 against them.
Cowboys = 102; *Nigger = 102

The game comes 42-days after Dak Prescott's birthday.  Dak Prescott = 42; Nigger = 42

That said, if the Panthers win, the Cowboys will fall to 9-3.
93 is a closely associated number with black history

Cam Newton can pick up his 66th win.  66, the 11th triangular; Black = 11; *NFL = 66
Cam Newton = 36 (36 date numerology)

Dak is playing for his 23rd win, and 13th road win.  Dallas = 13; Cowboy = 83 (23rd prime)

Pick:  Neutral

Bears @ Packers SNF early decode:

Rodgers can get 61st home win over Mitchell Trubisky.  Mitch Trubisky = 61

Pick:   Packers (See Patreon Video)


The MNF Games have the following date numerology.

9/10/2018 = 9+10+20+18 = 57 (Rams)
9/10/2018 = 9+10+(2+0+1+8) = 30
9/10/2018 = 9+1+0+2+0+1+8 = 21
9/10/18 = 9+10+18 = 37 (Los Angeles) (Detroit)

September 11 is the 253rd day, leaving 112-days remaining
*253 is the 22nd triangular

Watch for the number 22 on Monday!

Jets @ Lions MNF Early Decode and Darnold start prediction:

Rams @ Raiders MNF early decode:

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