Sunday, September 16, 2018

NFL Week 2 Discussion Thread & Picks | September 13 - 17, 2018

2018 NFL Team Guide (Team win loss records are from before 2018 NFL season start):
QB Win-Loss Records:

Thursday, September 13, 2018 date numerology:  TNF = 40 / 13 / 41 / 14

9/13/2018 = 9+13+20+18 = 60 (Bengals = 60)
9/13/2018 = 9+13+(2+0+1+8) = 33 (Bengals = 33) (#33, Tra Carson)
9/13/2018 = 9+1+3+2+0+1+8 = 24 (Bengals = 24)
9/13/18 = 9+13+18 = 40 (TNF = 40)
9/13 = 9+13 = 22 (Bengals and Ravens are 22 and 22 against each other)

Also, keep in mind that it is 'Week Two'.

-1.0 BAL, O / U 44  (Ohio = 47, Maryland = 47; One = 47)
*This game comes 44-days after AJ Green's 30th birthday

In light of the O / U, keep in mind the Ravens won by 44 points last week, 47-3.

The Bengals and Ravens last played a span of 257-days (55th prime), December 31, 2017.
Marvin Lewis is 55-years-old; Sacrifice = 55

The Ravens are 8-14 @ Cincinnati

They can become 9-14, earning their 9th win in 23 attempts on the road.

23 is the 9th prime number
*Thus it makes sense for Ravens to pick up the 9th win (Primes are always huge)
*This is the Ravens 23rd season
*Football = 83, the 23rd prime; Joseph Vincent Flacco = 83

Marvin Lewis = 55 (Harbaugh is 55-years old)

John Harbaugh = 59 (Marvin Lewis is 59-years old)

This will be the 45th game between the two teams.
Geometry = 45 *Don't forget when you sum 1 through 9, it totals 45

Andy Dalton:  October 29, 1987 (46-days after, span of 47; 47, the 15th prime)
Dalton's 8th season (19, the 8th prime)
Andy Dalton, #14

Joe Flacco:  January 16, 1985 (240-days after, 34-weeks and 2-days) (Ravens = 34) (Maryland = 34)
The game is also 125-days before his upcoming birthday, he'll turn 34.
Joe Flacco's 11th season; Joe Flacco = 34
Joe Flacco, #5

This will be Joe Flacco's 156th regular season game; Cincinnati Bengals = 156
*Thirty-Three = 156 (33 date numerology)

Cincinnati would fall to 1-1 at home, like 11.
Cincinnati = 66; 66, the 11th triangular number

Harbaugh will stay on 66 career losses with a win:

He will also pick up his 96th career win.  Cincinnati = 96

*It is Cincinnati's 51st season.  Cincinnati = 51

Marvin Lewis's game last week to open the season was his 241st.  *241, the 53rd prime

Pick:  Ravens
UPDATE:  Bengals won and Andy Dalton became 9-6 against Ravens
*Again, this season began on 9/6, and that day their was a Cinci bank shooting


The Sunday Games have the following date numerology:

9/16/2018 = 9+16+20+18 = 63
9/16/2018 = 9+16+(2+0+1+8) = 36
9/16/2018 = 9+1+6+2+0+1+8 = 27
9/16/18 = 9+16+18 = 43 (Football = 43)
9/16 = 9+16 = 25

-3.0 ATL, O / U 44 (Georgia = 44; Super Bowl on 44 date numerology in ATL)

This will be the 47th game against the Panthers and Falcons, all in the regular season, no playoff matches.  The Falcons lead the series 28-18.  *Panthers = 47

Notice the Panthers can pick up their 19th win.  The next time these teams meets, December 23, 2018, will be a date with 19 numerology, just before the start of 2019.

The rematch is 98-days later, or a span of 99-days

12/23/2018 = 1+2+2+3+2+0+1+8 = 19 (Cam = 19)

*That said, Cam Newton's next career win will be his 67th, the 19th prime number.

Cam Newton:  May 11, 1989 (Games comes 128-days after his 29th birthday)
Matt Ryan:  May 17, 1985 (Games comes 122-days after his 32nd birthday)

Cam Newton can fall to 6-9 against the Falcons.  Atlanta = 69

Matt Ryan can pick up his 100th career win.  Hundred = 38; Panthers = 38

Keep in mind these will be the two states in the NFL impacted by Florence.  Matt Ryan will come into the game with 95 regular season wins.  Hurricane Florence = 95

Having the Panthers fall to 1-1 makes sense, in light of the Black Panther ritual of Week 1.

Black = 11
Beast = 11
Black Panther = 666; Number of the Beast = 66; Cam got his 66th win
*Ron Rivera would be stuck on 65 wins (6+5 is 11)

Both the Falcons and Panthers would be 1-1, and feature black logos.

Also noteworthy, Ron Rivera of the Panthers comes into the game 65-47-1 as an HC.  He can earn his 66th win, or his 48th loss.   Atlanta = 48

If he won, he would be 66 and 47.  Number of the Beast = 66; Beast = 47

Ron would also be 2-0.  Ron = 20; Beast = 20

At the same time, Dan Quinn, the Falcon's HC, comes in 29-20.  He is looking for his 30th win, or 21st loss.  30 should be a big number in 'Week 2'.

*The Spread of 'five' has Gematria of 21 and 66.

Keep in mind this will be Quinn's 50th game.  Fifty = 33 / 66

Pick:  Falcons
Over / Under:  47 is noteworthy, which is over

-7.5 LAC, O / U 43  (Chargers = 43)  (43 date numerology)

This will be the 36th game between the two teams on a date with 36 numerology.  The Chargers lead the series 23-10-2 heading in.  Bills = 36; Buffalo = 36 / 63

The rookie, Josh Allen, is getting his first NFL career start 118-days after his 22nd birthday, May 21, 2018.  Los Angeles, California = 118

*Josh Allen threw 44 TDs at Wyoming, the 44th State
*He was the 7th pick in the draft; 59, the 17th prime; 17, the 7th prime
*Both teams are in their 59th seasons

At the same time, this game will come 83-days before Phillip Rivers 37th birthday, December 8, 1981.  Football = 83; 83, the 23rd prime; Los Angeles = 37

Rivers can pick up his 111th career win in New York.  New York = 111

Note:  Anthony Lynn, the coach of the Chargers, fell to 9-9 all-time last week to start the 99th NFL Season.  That was a riddle overlooked.

*With a loss this week, the Bill's Coach, Sean McDermott, will fall to 9-9 all-time

Pick:  Chargers

-1.0 GB, O / U 46

This will be the 114th game between the Vikings and Packers in the regular season, and the 116th overall.  The Packers lead the regular season 59-52-2 and are tied 1-1 in the playoffs.

Thus the Packers are looking for their 61st all-time win.  61, the 18th prime
And the Vikings are looking for their 54th.

The next time the Packers and Vikings play is in Minnesota, on a date with 54 numeorlogy.  That is November 25, 2018.  11/25/18 = 11+25+18 = 54

Consider the Vikings 54th win overall, will also be their 53rd in the regular season, in the year of Super Bowl 53, and where 53 is the 16th prime.  That makes things interesting because this game is on the 16th of September.

Aaron Rodgers is looking for his 105th career win, and 62nd at home.  Minneapolis = 62

The date numerolopgy is favoable for Aaron as well.

Aaron Rodgers = 63 (63 date numerology)

The game also comes 77-days before Rodgers 35th birthday, December 2, 2018.

Green Bay = 77; Opening Night was his 77th home game for the Packers

Recall the Rodgers injury last year came on October 15, the day leaving 77-days left in the year.  That game was a span of 337-days before this one.  337, the 68th prime; Sacred Geometry = 68

Sacred Geometry = 68; Vesica Piscis = 53; Number = 28

Kirk Cousins is looking for his 28th career win, or 32nd career loss.  He can be kept at 27 wins on a date with 27 numerology, or he can get his 28th win, 28-days after his 30th birthday, which was August 19, 2018.  Packers = 28; *Man = 28

As for the coach, Mike MacCarthy comes into the game with 122-wins.
Mike Zimmer = 122 (Opposing coach) (Aaron Rodgers 12/2, Dec. 2 birthday)
*122 is the big San Francisco number, where McCarthy was when he drafted Alex Smith over Rodgers, and next week he faces Alex Smith)

Mike Zimmer can pick up his 41st career win in reg. season.  Green Bay = 41
He can also pick up his 44th win all-time.  Wisconsin = 44; Packers = 44

Pick:  Vikings (I'm wondering if Rodgers will aggravate his injury)
Over / Under:  I won't be surprised if this game finishes with 44 combined points

-1.5 HOU, O / U 45

It's the battle of the old Houston team vs. the new Houston team.

This will be the 33rd matchup (Oilers = 33) and the Titans lead the series 17-15, all games being in the regular season.  It will come 33-days after the Titan's HC's birthday, Mike Vraberl, who is 43 (Titans = 43).  In light of this being 2018, emphasis on 18, all eyes are on that 18th win.  Of course, the Titans can pick up the 18th.  At the same time, the Texans can get their 16th, where 53 is the 16th prime number, and it would come on the 16th.  4x4 = 16 (Watson, #4, can become 4-4)

Tennessee = 137 (33rd prime); Game is in TN

This game will come 47-days before Marcus Mariota 25th birthday, October 30, 1993.
DeShaun Watson = 47
This game will come 2-days after DeShaun Watson's 23rd birthday, September 14.
Texans = 83 (83, the 23rd prime)

*It is also interesting that DeShaun Watson played at Clemson, in the Carolinas, where the storm is impacting on his birthday... and last year he was drafted by Houston, the city that was impacted after hosting the Super Bowl, 29-weeks earlier.  Football = 29; Texans = 29; Harvey = 29

This will be Mariota 46th game and he is playing for his 22nd win, or 25th loss.  At home it will be his 12th win, or 11th loss.  Houston, Texas = 46

As for Watson, it will be his 8th game and he is playing for his 4th win, or 5th loss.   Watson wears the number 4.  On the road he can become 2-3 like 23, or 1-4, like 14.  As we covered, he is turning 23 2-days before the game, but he is also facing the Titans.  Titans = 43 (14th prime), and 1-4 is a lot like 14.

If he does fall to 3-5, that is like 35.  QB = 35
At the same time, 4-4 is like 44.  African-American = 44; (MM = 44, Mariota's initials)

With a Titan win, they will improve to 1-1, and the Texans will fall to 0-2.

As for the Texans coach, Bill O'Brein (Bill O'Brien = 53), he is going to be in his 66th game (11th triangular), playing for win 32, or loss 35.  Houston = 32  (Battle of Houston)

If he wins, he will stay on 34 losses.  Tennessee = 34; TN = 34

Pick: Houston 
O / U:  I like the over, at 46 (In light of Houston, Texas)
Spread:  - 1.5 is like 15 (47, 15th prime; DeShaun Watson = 47, 47-days from MM's birthday)

-8.5 NO, O / U 50

This will be the 18th game between the Saints and the Browns, in the early NFL season of 2018.  The Browns lead the Saints 13-4 to date.  Vesica Piscis = 134

A Saints win would keep the Browns on 13 wins.  *Two = 13 / 14
Thirteen = 45 / 99; Drew Brees = 45 / 99

*With another upset over the Saints, the Browns would improve to 14-4.
Drew Brees = 144; New Orleans = 144

This game will come on Drew Brees's 35th week of his age, born Jan. 15, 1979
QB = 35; Taylor = 35; *Tyrod = 53

Drew Brees is on 149-career wins, the 35th prime number
He can get his 150th win total, and 84th at home, becoming 84-48 at home.  Cleveland = 48
He could also be upset, again, and sit at 83-wins.  Cleveland Browns = 83

As for Tyrod Taylor, this game will come 44-days after his 29th birthday, August 3, 2018.
Africa-American = 44; Last week his former Bills got spanked by 44; Jackson = 44
*Forty-Four = 144
*Ohio = 29; Football = 29 / 83; Cleveland Browns = 83

It will also be a span of 45-days, and this will be his 45th NFL game, looking for his 23rd win or 22nd loss.  83, the 23rd prime; Drew Brees = 45; New Orleans = 45
The Line is near 9... when you sum 1 through 9, it totals 45... Brees wears #9

*August 3 was the date Hue Jackson's mother died.  Mother = 38 / 83; Murder = 38 / 83

This game comes a span of 105-days from Sean Payton's 55th birthday, Dec. 29, 2018, and he is sitting on 105 career wins and 72-losses.  Hue Jackson = 55

If he wins, he gets his 106th win, on the day leaving 106-days left in the year.

This game comes 36-days before Hue Jackson's 53rd birthday, on a date with 36 numerology.  He is currently at 9-wins and 39-losses, and 1-31 with the Browns, facing a 1-32 in his 33rd game.
Cleveland = 33; Mandorla = 33

Pick:  Saints, win #84 for Brees, win #106 for Payton
New Orleans Saints = 224 (Divisors of 84 sum to 224)

Like I've said before, evern when EVERYTHING lines up for the Browns, they still lose, but I'm wondering if this could be the shocker of the week, again using the Saints.  If it happens, Drew Brees appears to be the QB who will fall on his number this year, like Eli Manning fell on his last year.

Drew Brees = 99 (99th NFL Season)
Eli Manning = 98 (98th NFL Season was very bad for Eli)

-1.5 MIA, O / U 43 (Dolphins = 43) (Florida = 43) (43 date numerology)
*Keep in mind this is the Dolphins 53rd season; 53, the 16th prime (Game on 16th)

This will be the 105th regular season game and 106th game all-time between the two teams.  The Dolphins lead 54-49-1 in the regular season and are 0-1 against the Jets in the playoffs.
*September 16 leaves 106-days left in the year

54 is a big number with the Jets.  Jets = 54 / 54

The Jets can get their 50th regular season win over Ryan Tannehill.  Ryan = 50
That would leave the Dolphins on 54-regular season wins against the Jets.

The game will come 51-days before Tannehill's 31st birthday.
Jets can pick up 51st win all-time against Dolphins; Adam Gase = 51
The game will come 103-days after Darnold's 21st birthday.
103, 27th prime; Jets = 27; Miami = 27; Ritual = 27; 27 date numerology

It will be Tannehill's 39th game on the road, in New York.  New York = 39
Tannehill can also pick up his 39th career win.  NY = 39; NYC = 39

It will be Tannehill's 79th career game, the 22nd prime.

If Darnold wins, Ryan Tannehill will be stuck on 38 wins.  Sam Darnold = 38

With a New York loss, they would fall to 1-1, like how New York is the 11th State.

Todd Bowles will coach his 53rd game this Sunday, going for win 24, or loss 30.  He could pick up his 24th win facing Adam Gase.  Adam Gase = 24

He could also pick up loss 30 in Week 2.  Week Two = 30

*Todd Bowles won #52.  Todd Bowles = 52

As for Adam Gase, the Dolphins coach, he is 17-16 in the regular season, and playing for his 18th win, or 17th loss.  The Jets, in their 59th season, would be fitting to earn his 17th loss again.  59 is the 17th prime number

*This game will come 108-days after Joe Namath's birthday, or on his 109th day of his age, the 29th prime number (There is a major riddle with Joe Namath and Sam Darnold)

Pick:  Jets (53rd game for Bowles and Tannehill alignment with 51)
Over / Under (I suspect the score sums to 45 or 54, over)

*Special note:

Sam Darnold is born on the 156th day of the year
Thirty-Three = 156; Sam = 33; New York = 33; NY Jets = 33

-5.5 PIT, O / U 52.5 (Pennsylvania = 53)

This will be the 33rd regular season match between the two teams, and the 35th all-time counting the playoffs.  The Steelers lead the regular season 22-10 and the playoffs are tied at 1-1.

Keystone = 33; Steelers & Eagles established in '33; *Patrick = 33

A Steelers win would make the Chiefs 1-1, and the Steelers 1-0-1.

Chiefs = 31; Steelers = 31; 31, the 11th prime
1-0-1 is a bit like 101, the 26th prime, and I expect Le'Veon Bell, #26 to return for Week 3, in the 26 and 6 ritual...

Ben Roethlisberger can pick up his 149th carer in the 35th matchup.  149, the 35th prime
*Mike Tomlin = 149

With a win, he will improve his home record to 82-28.  Pittsburgh Steelers = 81
*Patrick Mahomes = 82

This game will come 198-days (span of 199) from Ben's 36th birthday, March 2, 2018.
199, the 46th prime; Andy Reid = 46

This game will come the day before the 23rd birthday of Patrick Mahomes, which is September 17.

Mahomes can begin his career 3-0 with a win, or 2-1 with a loss.
Steelers = 113, 30th prime

Mike Tomlin can get his 117th win.  Thirteen = 117; KC = 13

Andy Reid has 81-wins with the Chiefs.  Pittsburgh Steelers = 81 (I suspect he stays there)

He can pick up his all-time 121st loss in the game, having a square root of 11, like 1-1.  He can also get loss 122 next week against San Francisco.  San Francisco = 122 (122nd Meridian)

Pick:  Steelers
O / U:  Pennsylvania = 53 (Andy Reid, Steelers... that's some PA history right there)

-3.0 PHI, O / U 44

This will be the 15th regular season game between the two teams in the regular season and the 19th overall.  The Eagles lead 8-6 in the regular season, and are 2-2 in the playoffs.

With an Eagles loss, they would fall to 8-7 against the Bucs in the reg. season.
Philadelphia Eagles = 87

They would also fall to 10-9 all-time.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 109

This will be the 19th game between the two teams all-time.  Nick = 19; Flag = 19

Nick Foles can pick up his 19th career loss!
Nick will be 26-19.  Flag = 26 / 19

We know about the Eagles and the flag.  Don't overlook that the Bucs symbol is a flag.

This game also come 239-days after Nick Fole's birthday.  239, the 52nd prime

The flag was sewn in Philadelphia at 239 Arch St.

Last week the Eagles beat the Falcons in Philadelphia.  Atlanta Falcons = 239

This is going to be Fitzpatrick's 121st career game.  He comes in with 49 wins.
Revelation = 49 / 121; Eagles = 49; Philadelphia named from Revelation

With a loss, Foles would become 10-10 on the road.  Revelation = 1010 (Jewish)

Philadelphia would fall to 1-1, like 11.  66, the 11th triangular, Revelation, the 66th Book

The game is 69-days (span of 70) from Fitzpatrick's 36th birthday.

With a win, Fitz will stay on 70 career losses.

As for the coaches, Doug Pederson is currently 21-12, winning in his 33rd game.  With a loss this week, he will get #13 in Week 2.  Two = 13

This will also be Dirk Koetter's 34th game, coming in with 33, and a record of 15-18.  He could pick up his 19th loss, or his 16th win.  53, the 16th prime

The majority of the 19s stack with the Eagles, so I lean towards Bucs win.

Pick:  Bucs
O / U:  15th game, 47 the 15th prime

-5.5 WSH, O / U 45.5

Andrew Luck was born in D.C., the "LAND OF 47", and he can pick up his 47th career win in his hometown.  Luck = 47; D.C. = 47

*That said, last week had a chance to win #47 against an 'Ohio' team.  Ohio = 47

This will be the 31st game between the two teams, the 11th prime.  Luck = 11. D.C. = 11
*They have played 30.  Colts = 30

With a Colts win, both teams would be 1-1, like 11.
*This is the Colts 66th season, 66, the 11th triangular number
*This will be Jay Gruden's 66th game as an HC (29-35-1)

*The horseshoe is a symbol of luck.

The Colts lead 20-10, meaning the Redskins could pick up their 11th, or the Colts could get #21.

This game will come 4-days after Luck's 29th birhtday, September 12, 2018.  29 is 2+9 = 11

This game will come 132-days After Alex Smith's 34th birthday, a span of 133-days.
United States of America = 132; Government = 133
*139, the 34th prime, The week began September 13, or 13/9, like 139

Alex Smith can get his 52nd win.  Government = 52
He can also sit on 51 wins.  Federal = 51

With a loss, he will be stuck on 91 regular season wins, the 13th triangular number, in his 13th playing season.  Think about 13 and luck.... Redskins = 99; Thirteen = 99; *Two = 13 (Week 2)
*Luck = 233 (Jewish) (233, the 13th Fibonacci Number)
It will be Luck's 41st road game, the 13th prime

Consider Mike Pence, the VP, is from Indianapolis.  Last year he participated in the flag ritual in the Colts vs 49ers game, which finished with a 26-point winner.  Flag = 26

Luck will head into the game with 77 career games played, and D.C. is on the 77th Meridian.

His record is 46-31, and he is looking for win 47 or loss 32.  His current road record is 20 and 19, so he is looking for win 21, or loss 20.

Luck is 1-0 against the Redskins in his career.

The game comes 11-weeks and 2-days before Frank Reich's birthday.
Andrew Luck = 112; Horseshoe = 112

Pick:  Colts
O /U:  47 might be the number yet again

*This game will come 101-days after Mike Pence's 59th birthday, June 7.
101, the 26th prime; Flag = 26; Philadelphia = 101

-11.0 LAR, O / U 47.5

This will be the 81st regular season game between the two teams.  Cardinals = 81

The Rams lead 40-38-2.  Counting the playoffs, the Rams are 1-0, thus 41-38-2.

LA can pick up its 41st win in Week 2.  LA = 41; LA = 13; Two = 13

Goff can get his 13th win.  Two = 13; LA = 13

Sean McVay can get his 13th win.  Two = 13; LA = 13

In other words, this will be the 82nd game between the two teams all-time, in the Rams 82nd season.
Vesica Piscis = 53 / 82; Los Angeles = 53

The 11 point spread is cute too.  Eleven = 99

Expect Aaron Donald to have a big game.

Pick:  Rams
O / U:  41 and 13 are the numbesr on the game, under

-3.5 SF, O / U = 48

This will be the 65th game between the 49ers and Lions in the regular season and 67th all-time.  The 49ers lead 36-27-1 in the regular season and are tied 1-1 in the playoffs.

There's a significance to it being the 65th game.  San Francisco 49ers = 65; Jimmy = 65

The game comes 6-weeks and 5-days before Jimmy G's 27th birthday (he is 26).
*That is also 47-days.

There's also a significance to the 67th game.  Jimmy Garoppolo = 67

If the 49ers win, they will pick up their 37th regular season win.  Detroit = 37

The last time they played was 994-days earlier (142-weeks), December 27, 2015.

12/27/2015 = 12+27+20+15 = 74 (Detroit Lions = 74)

The score was 32-17, a sum fo 49-points, the Lions won.

This will be Stafford's 130th game and he is playing for his 61st win, or 70th loss.  On the road, he is playing for his 26th win or 41st loss.  With a loss, he would be 1-3 against the 49ers.

As for Jimmy G, this is 9th career start, and he is attempting to improve to 8-1, or falling to 7-2.  At home he is 3-0 and can become 4-0 or 3-1.

Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers coach, is 6-11, meaning this will be his 18th game.  The Detroit Lions are a fitting opponent.  Detroit Lions = 61 (18th prime)

He will become 7-11 with a win.  7x11 = 77?  Jimmy Garoppolo = 77; Jimmy G = 77

The game comes 89-days before Shannahan's birthday.  89, the 11th Fibonacci; Sit on 11 losses?

The game will come 3-days after Matt Patricia's 45th birthday, which falls on September 13.

Pick:  49ers
O / U:  I like the over, a score at 49

-5.0 DEN, O / U 45.5

This will be the 116th regular season game between the Raiders and Broncos and 118th all-time.

The Raiders lead the regular season 62-51-2 and are tied in the playoffs at 1-1.  That means the Raiders can pick up their 63rd regular season win on a date with 63 numerology.  At the same time, the Broncos can pick up their 52nd win against Oakland in the regular season, and do it in Colorado.  Raiders = 52  (It would also be their 53rd win all-time, in the season of SB 53)

With a Raiders loss, Jon Gruden would pick up his 83rd all-time loss, while being stuck on 38 wins as the coach of the Raiders, in Colorado, the 38th state.
Colorado = 38 / 83; Football = 83; Raiders = 38

This game will come 30-days after Jon Gruden's birthday.  Week Two = 30

As for the opposing coach, this game is 4-days before his 46th birthday, and he will be coaching his 18th game, trying to improve to 7-11, or falling to 6-12.
Vance Joseph = 118 (118th game between the two teams); Vance Joseph = 46 / *53

As for the QBs, Case Keenum is at home, in his 42nd game, attempting to improve his record to 23 and 19.  Consider 83 is the 23rd prime.  Football = 83; Colorado = 83; Derek Carr = 83

*John Elway who oversees operations of the Broncos was drafted in '83 (by the Colts).

Keenum can also become 14-8 at home, or 13-9.
*The thing about 13-9 is the NFL Week 2 began on September 13, or 13/9.

On the other side Derek Carr comes in with 63 career games, trying to improve his record to 29-35, or falling to 28-36.  *Keep in mind, the date has 63 and 36 numerology.

This will be Carr's 32nd road game.   Denver = 32; Broncos = 32
It will be his 64th game as well.  Denver Broncos = 64

Keenum is 0-1 against Raiders to date.
Derek Carr is 3-4 against the Broncos.

Pick:  Broncos
O / U:  I like the over, at 47+

-2.0 NE, O / U 45 (New England = 45) (Two = 13) (Thirteen = 45)

*I am expecting Tom Brady to start the season 3-0 and earn his 199th regular season win in Michigan, the state where he was once the 199th pick out of by Michigan by the Patriots.

*This game comes on Brady's 45th day of his age...

This will be the 8th game between the two teams.  The Patriots are 7-0 in the regular season, and 4-1 in the playoffs, meaning the Patriots lead 11-1 overall.

A Patriots win would make them 8-0 in the regular season.
Eight = 49; Jaguars = 49; Super Bowl 53, the 49th of the modern era

That said, a Jaguars win would make the Patriots record against them 11-2 all-time.
Jaguars = 112

Tom Brady will either walk away with his 225th career win or 66th career loss.
Jacksonville Jaguars = 66

Brady can also pick up his 96th road win or 42nd road loss.  Sixteen = 33 / 42 / 96

On the other side, this will be Bortles 66th career game and he is looking to improve to 25 wins and 41 losses, either that or fall to 24 wins and 42 losses.  This will also be his 33rd game at home, and he will either be 17-16, or 16-17.

As for the coaches, Bill Belichik is going for his 216th win with the Patriots, and 252nd win all-time, or his 75th loss with the Patriots, and 119th loss all-time.

Tom Brady is aiming to become 6-0 against Jacksonville, like how he is going for his sixth Super Bowl later this year.  Sixth = 26 (26, the number of the season)

Bortles is 0-1 against the Pats.

Pick:  Patriots
O / U:  I  won't be surprised if this game lands on 45, or 46.

-3.0 DAL, O / U 42  (NYC = 42) (Dak Prescott = 42) (SNF = 42) 
*42nd SNF game for DAL on NBC

Cowboys can become 22-20 or 21-21.  Twenty-Two = 42; Twenty-One = 42

Giants can pick up their 13th win.  Dallas = 13; Two = 13

This will be the 112th regular season game between the two teams, and the 113th all-time.
Dallas = 113

The Cowboys lead the regular season 64-45-2 and trailing in the playoffs 0-1.  The Giants could potentially pick up their 46th regular season win in Dallas.
Dallas, Texas = 46; Garrett; NYG = 46

Eli Manning is looking for his 120th career win, or 109th loss.  On the road, he is looking for win number 60, or loss number 57.  109, the 29th prime; Cowboy = 29

For his career, he is 13-14 against Dallas, meaning this will be his 28th game.
Dallas, Texas = 28
Dallas = 13
SNF = 15 (Potential 15th loss)
He could become 14-14.  43, the 14th prime; 43 date numerology; Dallas Cowboys = 43

He has 49 TDs and 28 INTs against them.  Dallas = 49; Dallas, Texas 28

This game will come on Eli Manning's 257th day of his age, 37.
257, the 55th prime; Eli Manning = 55; Eli = 55
*Manning = 36 / 36 (36 date numerology); *Elisha = 36
*When you sum 1 through ten, it totals 55, Eli wears #10
Fibonacci = 55; Numerology = 55

If 55 is the riddle, and it is not in favor of Eli, expect Cowboys rookie SAM linebacker to make a big play, this game comes on his 220th day of his age:

*For the Giants, Ray-Ray Armstrong wears #55.  Armstrong = 55; Numerology = 55

As for Dak Prescott, this will be his 35th career game, and he is playing for his 23rd win or 13th loss.  At home he is looking for win number 11, or loss number 8.  Eleven = 63Eight = 49
11th win vs 11th state?  *Dallas = 13; *Two = 13

This will be his fifth game against the Giants, he is 2-2.  Five = 42; Dak Prescott = 42; SNF = 42

He can improve to 3-2, or fall to 2-3.  Cowboy = 83 (83, 23rd prime)

The game comes 49-days after Dak's birthday.  Dallas = 49

This will be Pat Shurmur's 35th game as a head coach, and he is going for his 10th win, or 25th loss.
Giants = 25 (25 date numerology)  *Ten = SNF (All 4 base ciphers)

When you sum 1 through 10, it totals 55...
55, 10th triangular number
55, 10th Fibonacci number
*The Cowboys lost the 55th meeting with the Giants in '89 (89, the 11th Fibonacci)

The game comes 155-days after Shurmur's birthday, or on his 156th day of his age.

Jason Garret is going for his 68th win or 55th loss. *55 is the number with Eli tonight

Giants = 25 (25 date numerology); Dallas Cowboys = 43 (43 date numerology)

Eli Manning = 53; Saquon Barkley = 53
Jason Garrett = 53
53, the 16th prime; SNF on the 16th

*Look for 39 on SNF; SNF = 39; Cowboys = 39; New York = 39; G-Men = 39
*16/9 is like 169, which has a square root of 13; Dallas = 13; Odell, #13
*Home = 41 (41, the 13th prime); Two = 13

ALSO, checkout the 'mathematics' riddle with this game.

They come in with 112-games played
The last game was 40-weeks ago and the score summed to 40
Jason Garrett can pick up his 68th win tonight
Sacred Geometry = 68; Vesica Piscis = 53 (16th prime)

Pick:  Push
O / U:  I like the under, 39 won't surprise

-3.5 CHI, O / U 43 (Seattle Seahawks  43) (Matt Nagy = 43)

9/17/2018 = 9+17+20+18 = 64 (Seahawks lead Chicago 6-4 in Chicago)

If Nagy wins, first year coaches will be 3-11, like 311, the 64th prime:

9/17/2018 = 9+17+(2+0+1+8) = 37 (Chicago = 37)
9/17/2018 = 9+1+7+2+0+1+8 = 28 (Seattle = 28) (28-days after Trubisky's Aug. 20 birthday)
9/17/18 = 9+17+18 = 44 (Seattle = 44)
9/17 = 9+17 = 26 (Bear = 26) (Last time Bears played in Seattle and lost 0-26) (Mitch = 26)
*Bear = 17 / 26

September 17 or 17/9, like 179, the 41st prime (41, the 13th prime)
Home = 13 / 41; Two = 13

MNF = 33 / 48; Seahawks = 33 / 48

It is interesting the Bears open their season against the Packers, and then play the Seahawks, where the Packers and Seahawks are linked at the hip.

This will be the 16th game between the two teams in the regular season and the Seahawks lead 11-4.  
Seahawks could pick up 12th win; 37, the 12th prime

A Bear win wold make the record 11-5, like 115.  Matt Nagy = 115 (Bears coach)

In the playoffs, the Bears lead 2-0, thus it will be the 18th game between the two teams all-time.
Bears = 18

This will be Russell Wilson's 110th game, he is looking for his 74th win or 36th loss.  On the road, he is looking for his 31st win or 25th loss.  Bears = 36

*With a win, he would stay at 35 losses.  Chicago = 35

To date, Wilson is 2-0 against the Bears.

The game comes 73-days before his 30th birthday, or a span of 74.  
Seahawks could become 7-4 in Chicago
Could pick up 74th win, a span of 74-days from birthday, on MNF (MNF = 33)

For Trubisky, it will be his 14th game and he is looking for his 5th win or or 10th loss.  At home, he will pick up his 3rd win or 5th loss.  Seattle Seahawks = 43 (43, the 14th prime) 

Trubisky has never faced the Seahawks.

The game comes 28-days after his birthday, or on his 29th day of his age, 24.
Seattle = 28; Football = 29; *Seahwaks = 24

As for Pete Carroll, his next win will be his 113th.  Next week he plays Dallas.
Dallas = 113  (*That said, with a win, he will head into Dallas with 113-wins)

In losing, Pete Carroll would earn his 81st career loss in regular season.  Russell Wilson = 81 / 81

For the Bears coach, Matt Nagy, this game comes on his 147th day of his age.
Nagy = 47; One = 47; Forty-Seventh = 147 (He is 40-years-old)
*He is facing the team from the 47th Parallel

Matt Nagy is looking for career win #1.

THIS is really interesting...

9/27/2015 = 9+2+7+2+0+1+5 = 26 (Bear = 26) (Matt Nagy = 101, 26th prime)

Let us now examine the all-time MNF records.

The Seahawks have played 33-games on MNF, and are 24-9.  Their next win will be their 25th, their next loss will be their 10th.

The Bears have played 67 games on MNF, they are 28-39

Thus, this will be the Bears 68th game.  Sacred Geometry = 68

Pick:  Push
O / U:  A score between 44-48 points is likely (MNF = 48; Seahawks = 48)

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