Friday, July 12, 2019

13 45 46 71 206 | Tyler Skaggs' tribute, LA Angels win 13-0 with 13 hits, July 12, 2019

7/12/2019 = 7+12+20+19 = 58

This game featured the second no-hitter of the season.  *Two = 20+23+15 = 58

Remember, Skaggs died on July 1, or 7/1 like 71.

LA Angels sums to 71, also 46.

The Angels made their record 46-46.

Read about the 4.6 earthquake in the Seattle area earlier on this same day.

Read about Tyler Skaggs death here:

And for the closer, the last time a combined no-hitter was thrown in California, was the day Tyler Skaggs was born, July 13, 19991.  7/13... think of the 7 runs scored in the first inning, and the 13 total runs scored...


  1. Lolol what a joke. Oh yeah, it's a act of god. The team just really came together.

  2. "The @Angels paid tribute to Tyler Skaggs by throwing a combined no-hitter against the Mariners in Anaheim. The last time there was a combined no-hitter in the state of California? Orioles-A's in Oakland on July 13, 1991 - the same day Tyler Skaggs was born." -Twitter

    1. I just saw this meme circulating on fakebook haha...the people out there sharing it seem to be the type that would rather hear a feel good story that panders to their emotions...

    2. Lol They also hash tagged it with #TheHaloWay

      #TheHaloWay = 46 - 44 - 118*LOL - 152
      No Hitter = 46 - 44 - 109 - 107


    CBS mocking everybody

  4. He died at age 27... The first pitcher tonight threw 2 innings and the reliever threw the last 7. That never happens in baseball. Pure evil.

  5. Tyler Skaggs died in 6/29

    6/29 is Kawhi Leonard bday

    This is also the 115th World Series

    Kawhi was drafted in '11 the 15th pick

    But 6/29 is 115 days before the WS

    This year champions have been big on first time champions or the #11

    I was thinking the Dodgers go back to WS to because like the NBA I'm sure the next 3 Western Conference champions will be a LA team. Angels went to one WS which they won in '02 If they lose they will be 1-1(11)
    New England went to 11th Super Bowl
    Warriors went to 11th NBA Finals
    Warriors finished dynasty run 17-(11)
    Super Bowl 53 just past (LIII)
    Where we saw the team the loss Super Bowl 52(NE) win. Also Mike Trout was at that game, and he was sitting in Philadelphia side...

    Philadelphia loss a game to the Atlanta Braves 1-15
    It was Philadelphia 71st game of the season

    St Louis Blues were in last place late in the season and won the whole thing...better watch the Angels could make a run to lose the WS

    1. The first line of your post is wrong. He died on 7/1

    2. You're right his last start was 6/29
      4-0 loss

      World Series should be a sweep

    3. The Braves won 4-1 on 7/14 or 777. The Angels are now looking like the West Coast team. The Braves will win 4 games to 1. They also won 4-1 today... Two 4-1's in two days. Vandy won 8-2. Two 4-1's. The Saints are winning the Super Bowl like I said.

    4. The Saints ARENT winning the Super Bowl, but "like I said" you can email me and bet if you like the Angels look like the West Coast team, but that's fine

  6. A=Apollo 11 all tributes for the fake moon landing

  7. The Phrase on the sign "We're Nasty" = 130 (ordinal) was a saying used by Tyler Skaggs. (130 like the score 13-0)

  8. I got banned off a card collecting facebook page for saying it was staged. Nope, no one's allowed to disagree or say what ever they want. I was called cruel and crazy.people want to believe it's super natural or the old Brett Favre- father's death game, vs'll see the Oakland defenders just let the Packers catch the balls. They just get close enough to look like they're trying but they arent


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