Friday, November 4, 2016

51 | TMZ calls out ABC for staging a fake crime scene for a falsified live news shot

11/4/2016 = 11+4+20+16 = 51


  1. Notice they are using a tabloid- which we have been taught to think of as bullshit rags - to "expose" a trusted news source ABC.
    More Blurred Lines

  2. I imagine this is only put out there to make the sheep think that the news is held accountable when they do shit like this. Nobody will be fired, fined, or spend a day in prison of course. Little do people know, EVERYTHING on the news is FAKE.

    1. I am stranded the land of Morons.....I feel so alone. I have been working vigorously to show people the Rigged Reality. No one wants to know.

      Notice 'Lil Wayne' was on 'Nightline?'

      "Nightline" = 53 & 98
      "Luciferian" = 53 & 98
      "Ernie Banks" = 53 & 98
      "BF Skinner" = 53 & 98
      "Configure" = 53 & 98
      "Eli Manning" = 53 & 98
      "Golden Globe" = 53 & 98
      "Have a Nice Day" = 53 & 98
      "Mission" = 53 & 98
      "Mocking God" = 53 & 98
      "Nine Three" = 53 & 98
      "Sinners" = 53 & 98
      "Smiley Face" = 53 & 98

  3. Black Crowes keyboardist dead at.......59!!

  4. Once again, in the nonstop assualt of clues that Taylor Swift will die on 2-27-2017, someone sent me this...

    Taylor Swifts reputation apparently died on 7-20-16...please note the 20-7 or 27 for the date, as she will become the next Club 27 member on 2-27-17, sealing the infinity symbol of the death of 27 year old Anton Yelchin from 8 months and 8 days earlier. How can I be so sure, besides the way too much I have written on this in the past?

    7-20-16 is 222 days before 2-27-17 and Tay-Tay sings

    Welcome to New York=222

    One last kiss, before you go?


      Down in the comments you can see more about Ms. Swift.

      It may be time to start a blog of me own...

    2. The mural on #37 Orchard is interesting

      Orchard = 40, 67, 256

      Two Hundred Fifty Six = 106

      And then the spelling mistake "Taylor Smith" = 52, 61

      From the Date of her 27th birthday to 2/27/17 is 76 days or a span of 77 - also could be calculated as 10 weeks 6 days (106)

      RIP Taylor Swift = 76, 85, 211

      Very interesting stuff here!

    3. Yes sir. I been wondering ever since her album 1989 came out. 1+9+8+9=27, which is how I figured it would be her. The 2-27 was kind of a joke for Pi, but when I lined it up, it all started coming out. I figured out the Anton Yelchin connects last week, it is TWO 27, afterall.

    4. There is a shit ton more, go check out the comments on that post of Zs. Inhijacked them, but I was feeling the buzz.


      She's singing about Anton at the start. And note the (Just Pretend) at the end.

      Also, 4.4 M Views!!!!!!!

    6. Awesome work here!! I'll check out those comments

    7. Damn lord niice
      taylor better watch her ass

      From her bday to inaguration is 38 days
      From inaguration to her death date 2/27 is 38 days
      Death =38

      For shits n giggles
      Taylor swift better watch her ass=120 (inaguration day 1/20) and 138

    8. You know what I just thought about? There is a theory that Taylor is the clone of Zeena LaVey who is the wife of renowned satanist ANTON LaVey. Maybe they are like a recycled Satanist secret love- story??? I don't know how much of that I believe, but seriously?? WTF??

    9. Thanks, death guesses are my pet project. And for some reason I love to guess people that I know my friends/family like. My 6 year old loves Taylor Swift. She will be crushed, but when she is older, she can figure out it was all fake, and 27 is probably the standard expiration on your basic "live again" soul exchange with SWIFTfoot

    10. Enjoy.

    11. Autotune, lipsynching, makeup, wigs, plastic surgery, photoshop and any tall thin female (or shemale) body double could make an appearance as Taylor Swift. It's not like her fans see her in person up close that much if they ever do.
      Thats a way they could "clone" someone without all the test tube baby stuff.
      Although who knows really. Life is definitely stranger than we think.

    12. Taylor swift= Ghost writer

      The break up with Harris over the Rihanna song.

      So I agree with your point , both her and Kanye dead!
      Her character and his career


    13. Lord -- somehow I missed those those comments, so thanks for providing the link.

      BTW: We're GLAD you post your info on here! It really helps to have a main go-to spot to keep up with things. On this site, it's like Forrest said: "You never know what you're gonna get."
      Zach doesn't seem to mind contributions -- even lengthy ones (& I should know ... Lol!). So don't consider veering a bit off-topic as hijacking -- we're all sharing information about wide-ranging topics.

      Our collective conscious contributions are no different from the elite's Think Tanks ... we're just better informed, have no evil agenda & retain open minds. Ok -- I guess our exchanges are a LOT different from theirs! Haha

      I know I speak for many when I say that being able to swap ideas is pushing our awakening -- & the collection of knowledge -- forward at a much faster pace than would be possible if everyone was spread out & doing their own thing. Besides -- you always provide good chuckles, lol!

      Taylor Swift has always struck me as an MK-Ultra Presidential Model. When she started openly running with the Kennedy clan, there seemed to be no doubt.

      So 2/27/17 is her Expiration Date, eh?
      Will the clone automatically shut down ... will she be consensually sacrificed ... will she get a New Identity ... or will she go the Bowie / M.J. route & leave This Dimension for a "New World"?
      Perhaps ... ALL Of The Above??
      I suppose THAT info will remain "Need To Know Only".

      The "8 .. 8" connection to Anton Yelchin & "27" deaths is interesting too.

      Under the "Katie May" thread, you & Jake mapped out some great ties between Hillary & Marilyn Monroe -- both likely MK-Ultra Presidential Models themselves.
      Jake mentioned "Capstone Completed" = 1116

      11/16 is Exactly ** 8 ** days AFTER -- Election Day ...
      & is also Exactly ** 8 ** days BEFORE -- Black Friday ...
      So -- 11/16 is Precisely Centered BETWEEN these dates ...
      With ... "PILLARS OF 8" ... on either side.

      Remember the joke about how: "Seven (7) ... ATE (8) ... Nine (9) ...?
      27 = 2+7 = 9
      Just a thought ... ;D

    14. Let's look at that painting with that select catalog of celebrities that
      Kanye displayed. It's a modern day Michael Angelo. Let's go further !

    15. Anton and Taylor=174, 1044, 927

      Anton and Zeena=134, 804, 827

      Taylor and Zeena=161, 966, 1247(They Live, The Unmanifest Infinity((which is a Rosicrucian conception of creation), Chapter Seventeen))

      Taylor is Zeena=*170*, 1020, 1301

      Zeena LaVey=116, 696, 1677(21, Blackjack is the Devil's Number)

      Taylor Swift is Zeena LaVey=312

      Its too much fun, really.

    16. Thanks guys, I do appreciate it. I spew this stuff constantly, to anyone who will listen, and rarely get a response half as awesome as what you all bring to the table. So thanks.

      And enjoy.

    17. And that Capstone is going to come down hard!!!

    18. That's good vs evil
      But really the same.
      Seven is (EL) upside down and Nine is Six right side up.

    19. That 37 Orchard is also killing me because Anton, while also meaning Highly Praised, is also a word for flower. And 3 7s of course is 21, the number of the Light Bringer, BlackJack/Lucifer, and also that 21 matches Zeena LaVey's jewish sum and its all about the jew digits with the Lucy Furs.

    20. WOW -- Taylor Swift & Zeena LaVey (Anton's daughter) -- DO look EXACTLY alike!!

      Paired with the connections you found with the (bizarro) "death" of Anton Yelchin makes the whole spectacle even Creepier!

      Considering the players involved, ANYTHING is possible here ...
      From literally cloning Zeena ... to Multiple Taylor Swift "Characters" ("Multiplicity" in it's oldest, most basic form?) ... to simple Media Manipulation of Imagery. WOW.

      Like Prunella pointed out -- there's no way that legitimate REAL people/fans would EVER get close enough to Swift to know the difference.

      This Identical TWIN thing with Zeena is REALLY Weird though.
      I thought "Katie May" looked like DYAN CANNON -- but this beats THAT comparison all to hell!! Lol

    21. Snap Fizzle, here comes more

      Zeena was born 11-19-1963, so her birthday is 24 days before Tay-Tay's. What's 24 days?

      3 weeks 3 days

      Now from Zeena's next 53rd birthdate to the death guess

      A perfect 100 days, and what is 100 days

      3 months, 8 days

      And Anton LaVey is actually her dad. Papa Anton. I have only glanced at these two before. I always thought they were screwing. know.

    22. Taylor and Zeena = The Unmanifest Infinity (of Rosicrucians) seems significant.
      After all, they are all about Alchemy & The Soul, right?

      "The Chymical (Chemical) Wedding of Christian Rosenkruetz" IS their primary text. And it was "edited" 400 yrs ago ... in 1616.

      The spelling "Chymical" brings to mind CHIMERAS --
      Those who possess (at least?) TWO different DNA "Identies" within them.

      Once thought to be a myth ... then an Anomaly ... now believed to be ...
      "More Common Than Previously Thought" ... hmm ...

      CHYMICAL = (Jewish) -- 474 ... (English) -- 444 ... (Pyth/Simple) -- 74

      CLONING = (J) -- 169 ........................ (E) -- 444 ................ (P/S) -- 74

      Aha!! ;D

    23. That is mad genius, Mfsyy, it makes alot of connections spark. The Rosicrucian bunch is a strange, mystic bunch, pretty much being emulated by Dr. Strange and Marvel as we speak. I am sure the LeVamps were a part of it, atleast in similar practice. I need to see if they have some kind of
      Chapter 17.


      May be a simple as beginning in the 17th Century, which very well could be Chapter 17 in the story of this world for all I know.

    25. I read somwhere recently that Taylor swift is the highest paid female artist in 2016 Even without releasing a single album for the year and only doing one show.....pretty sure it's that staples center show she did earlier in the year

    26. Where staples even hung a banner for her

    27. She is probably a totally invented character, like Pru said, and it was a good point, 3 dozen skinny chicks out there could be Taylor Swift. And with Zeena still being an active singer/songwriter in Berlin, they could auto-tune her to sound 26. Zeena is 52. Taylor is worth 250 M. There's more pieces to this puzzle box, but we can see the picture.

    28. Anton died for Taylor=216

      Now lets get spooooky, come children and sit around the campfire of Allusion. Do not fear the flame, for though it is warm, it isn't real.

      There once was a man named Anton Szandor Levay who wanted to live forever. So he read some old books and performed some old rites and sooner or later about figured it out. He probably figured out a creepy way involving slitting the throats of 66 goats at 3:13 on his 44th birthday, but Anton just may have cast some dark magic. Like, Voldemort really, with horcruxs and such, Anton put a piece of himself in a girl named Taylor Alison Swift!

      Anton LeVay Taylor Swift=3113

      Alison Szandor=975(Vampires, Neverending Life)

      Anton and Taylor live Forever =311(Anton Yelchin's birthday)

      Anton Swift=141(14+41=55 Satan), 1336(Evil Lyrics)

      Taylor Levay=156, 936(Six Six Six, Thirty Three), 1777(Leaving of the Holy Spirit, Translations of Revelations, Profoundly Revealing)

      And when I see a one in front of something, that becomes like a confirmation point for me. 1123=Confirmed Conspiracy or 144=Confirmed Kill, that sorta thing, so 1777 is a Confirm Order out of Chaos. Words and Numbers and all that's going on in front of is about Spell Weaving if you ask me.

      Read Clive Barkers Weave World if you haven't had the chance.

    29. Love that last post Lord!! That opening line is the kind editors (used to) dream about! You've Got Talent! Lol

      Here's another (E) 444 ... (P/S) 74 ... to go with Chymical & Cloning ...

      LUCIFER = (J) 323 ... The Bringer Of Light

      Something here DOES feel akin to Spell Weaving. (Bringing in "Dr, Strange" was great!)

      Magic (Pyth/Simple = 33) -- is really about ILLUSION --

      Do you suppose there are any "purist" Magicians out there who would disapprove of using mass media & photoshop to accomplish this? Those tactics seem so "easy" ... & they're used (to some degree) by just about everybody ... so wouldn't the dabbling of dilettantes in "their area" irritate the Old School Sorcerers? ... (oh crap -- I think I just discovered what OSS really stood for! Lol)
      Imagine if there were an actual War of the Magicians going on?
      What if WMD was actually -- War of Magic & Distraction ...?

      You've got my mind on this now --
      I'm trying to think Outside The Box Within The Box!! Lol

      ILLUSION = (J) -- 438 ... (E) -- 666 ... (P/S) -- 111

      WEAVE = (J) -- ** 1611 ** ... (E) -- 336 ... (P/S) -- 56
      ** the Triple One & Six combo again!

      "Leading With 1" as Confirmation will be added to my "repertoire of views"!

    30. Gotta give a hell yes to Matt Corey for reminding me that the boy/girl Dead or Alive(har har) singer Pete Burns died on 10-23, the perfectly placed conspiracy (123) lighting rod date set exactly 4 months 4 days after Yelchin's death and 4 months 4 days before Swifts.

      Check it

      Swift Burns Yelchin=***227***
      And 2002(2/27 is 22 days after the SB, which i indeed think the Giants will be in, and Welcome to New York=222)

      Now, I just have to find Pete's 27.

    31. Anton Died for Taylor=216

      Peter Died for Taylor=216

      Taylor Swift Crash=217

      Taylor Swift Burns=242(24+42=66)


      Phoenix Ashes=666

      Phoenix Rises=161, 996

      Phoenixes=115, 690

      Arise and Fall and arise and Fall=223

    32. Msfyy, I think the Spell Casters who do it "naturally" are probably a niche above the wizards of digital wonders. If not several niches, and I don't suppose the high level warlocks and witches from different divisions of mysticism have much conflict from one another, they all get their orders from the same source.

      Welcome to New York vid, the track is 3:32 long, the video is 3:03. All proceeds of the sale of the single go towards the New York City Department of Education or the


    33. Soul Transfer=168
      New York City=168
      Taylor Swift=168

      Anton and Taylor and Peter=1222=Confirmed Welcome to New York.

      I don't think they could stop it now if they wantes to. And I don't believe a bit of it us real, except for the emotions it will cause, which is the point. Wizardry is all about Illusion with Effect.

    34. Viktorovich(Anton'sMiddle) Alison=***222***

      And a 222 is a 1332

      And Welcome to New York(222) is 3:32 in length.

      I'm all outta bubblegum.

    35. Illusion with Effect=216

      I am tapped in=108

      Warrior for Truth=228

    36. Lord -- thanks for the insight about wizards ... Not an area I've thought much about ... Until now! Lol

      I'd just watched some trailers for "Dr, Strange" -- clearly they "got" to me.

      Damn them & their magical moving pictures! Haha :D

    37. Every time I hear SWIFT, the image in my mind is HAM.

      SWIFT HAM(S) = (J) -- 1234 ..... SWIFT HAM = (J) -- 1144

      Tay-Tay IS a mega Ham ...

    38. I don't know much about mysticism either, but I do know that spiritually I have been other places. I don't know if anyone has ever had a near death experince, but I had something happen to me that I can only explain as that. So, I do know that there is an Outside to this Box, and the place I went was boring as HELL.

      I become more and more sure that this is Hell and Purgatory combined. You can either rinse and repeat or find a way out. I know it sounds nutty, but we have all been here before, though we may not all be here again. The easiest way to run Eternity is in a Circle.

    39. Re: Rosicrucisn Chapter 17 & The Unmanifest Infinity ...

      CHROMOSOME 17 normally comes in identical pairs, but sometimes one is deleted --

      Seems that's nearly always the case with Autism Spectrum Disorders (so they say ...)

      Problems with Ch 17 can cause a host of Mental Disorders -- even Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
      It's also linked to many diseases -- including Breast Cancer.

      Is this the Genetic Testing that Angelina Jolie was promoting?

    40. Chromosome Seventeen =233

      The inverse of the song we've been discussing. I think we are digging into some REAL creepy shit here.


      Read Pg 96, 106, 116

      I have never heard of this book. Clone-27.

    42. Loved that sentence about Eternity -- that's going up on my wall!

      I've come to believe the same ... no doubts whatsoever that we've all been through this many times. The way you put that about Rinse & Repeat ... & Finding A Way Out ... was great! Simply stated & easy-to-understand ... proving there's no need for confusing text & years of study to "get" it.
      Another gem for my Wall Of Wisdom!

      That's hilarious about the "Afterlife" being boring! Lol
      I've heard it described in just about every OTHER way imaginable ... so the obvious omission of "Boring" stands out like a sore thumb! I believe it's being left out on purpose ... no fear or eager anticipation about Boring. No way to Control People here on terra firma with it.

      I've heard that we come back to help ourselves & to help others ... & also for the varied experiences. No matter how you slice it, life here is always a struggle from beginning to end. That sure sounds like Hell & Purgatory to me.

      I know when this round's done, I'm gonna need a Massive "Restoration" (lol). Seems like I hit the ground running when I got here, & the candle's been burning hot at both ends ever since.
      I've heard that some souls occasionally decide to cram a lot into one visit -- for the challenge of it & sometimes to see if they can speed things up. That sounds about right.

      I mentioned once that I've had a Forrest Gump life -- & I wasn't kidding. Even my kids (& they know it's all true) cautioned me to never reveal too much -- lest I be thought of as a pathological liar. Lol
      However, it's left me absolutely certain that EVERYTHING has a purpose -- & happens to prepare you for some other challenge that lies ahead. The School Of Life never ends.

      I must've finally worn this body out -- because a few years back I wound up with Multiple Sclerosis. Took awhile, but now I can see that something like that was almost necessary to slow me down. When you can't run wide open anymore -- you have no choice but to observe & reflect.

      The frustrating part though -- is that all those experiences & all that reflection -- leaves you with so much knowledge & advice to share ... but when everyone around you is still spinning their wheels, they can't (or won't) "hear" you.
      That's why I'm so grateful you guys don't mind my long, windy posts! Lol

      "Cloud Atlas" resonated with me like no other movie ever has. It shows how inter-connected lives return time & again. I especially love this line:

      "Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past & present ... & by each crime & every kindness ... we birth our future."
      -- Sonmi-451
      ;D :D

    43. I haven't seen that movie based on a Halle Berry distrust. Hey, I wanna hear the Forrest Gump reality that is your life!!

      You can reach me there. I am sorry to heat about the MS, I have known people who have had that in life, or ALS, which is the same shitty thing in Gemath. I've got my own candle burning demon-disease with Diabetes, but I still have all my toes and both testicles, so things could always be worse. It was the diabetes that led to my boring glimpse of the afterglow. Or maybe it was the whiskey.

      And don't be so sure about your next run through this loop, we might be close to finding the escape hatch for the next run through.

    44. Lord -- I'll send that email. If it takes a little bit, just be pleasantly surprised when it shows up -- Procrastinator isn't my middle name for nothing. Lol

      (Like all movies) Cloud Atlas IS pushing (several) agendas -- but the overall theme was positive. After watching it over a dozen times (like I said -- it resonated with me -- lol) ... I started seeing MANY layers of meaning ... most of which would be missed by just one viewing. There IS "knowledge" embedded there -- but first you have to Know & Understand What's ACTUALLY Being Conveyed. Like everything else around us ... there are "tiers of understanding". It IS "convoluted" in presentation, so only those with the time & willingness to look deeper will "get it".
      The fact that it was panned by critics & hardly promoted at all was actually a plus in my view. That's what caused me to study it closer ... & I was right that Here Was Information that The System did NOT want being openly discussed. Better for the masses to focus on comic book themes & fart jokes. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I liked it. ;D

      Hate that you're having to deal with diabetes -- nowdays, EVERYONE has some sort of Medical Cross To Bear.
      If that's not "Patient Genocide", I don't know what Eugenics is.

      Wrote "Patient" as "Willing To Wait" ... but now I see that -- as "Medical Patients" -- this phrase actually makes a LOT more sense than I first thought!

      I'm still intrigued by the Chromosome 17 / Alchemy / Swift-LaVey topic.
      Like you said, I think this Hole goes much Deeper. Please post more if you find anything ... & put it under any thread ... I'll be watching for it! ;D :D


    'Hazel Nilson'=135 O (Wrigley Field) 54 R (Baseball=54)
    Hazel=52 O (Prophecy) Nilson 38 S-exception (Murphy)

    I'm guessing they either changed her age or her name slightly to fit the gematria, cause she's not in on it.

  6. Zach you've got to look into andy murrays match tomorrow against Raonic, its aligned comically for Raonic to be sacrificed.

    Murray will become world number one if he wins tomorrow as Djokovic who has been no1 for 122 weeks lost today.

    Firstly 122 = 93. Murray takes his h2h against Raonic to 9-3 tomorrow. Saturn - 93 this is a big ritual around time.

    Raonic will be playing and sacrificed 52 days before his birthday no less and will pick up his 16th loss of the season. 16 along with 6 often found with prophecy connections, and it will be his 119th loss of his career, Fitting numbers to lose on a monumental occasion.

    Raonic - 33. This whole journey for Murray started with beating Raonic in the wimbledon final back in june since then he's lost two matches in 50 something games. Fitting it ends with raonic in there 12 h2h meeting, 12 has connections to time as we know.

    The Game comes 191 days before Murrays next birthday. 191- 43rd prime. Champion- 43. Murray essentially becomes champion of tennis when he reaches number one.

    Date Numerology of 52 for the special occasion haha.

    Murray takes number one tomorrow then loses his 175th match in the final 175 days after his birthday to Marin Cilic in there 15th h2h meeting in the 47th edition of the Paris tournament 15th prime - 47.

    Cilic also beat murray in the cinninati final earlier this year ill have to check the time inbetween them games.

    Paris - 27
    Tennis - 27

    Fitting venue to become number one.

    One - 16
    Raonics 16th Loss.

    Also 174 days before his birthday a nice little tribute for the men in the "New world order" that made it all possible haha.

    174 - 107
    Number one - 107
    Djokovics 28th month run ends. 28 prime - 107

    He should have lost today by the numbers to berdych but the prophecy boy through it for him. Berdych - 52. Murray took the h2h between the two to 10-6. 106. 5m 20 days from his birthday. 52.

    He won in 25 games if he wasnt going for the number one spot berdych would have taken the h2h to 9-7 - 25th prime.

    He'll be the oldest player to debut at no1 since John Newcombe in 1974. 42 years ago, freemasons like to put there stamp somewhere 42. Murray currently has 42 career titles to his name

    John Newcomeb - 55
    His first opponent as No1?
    Marin Cilic - 55

    He most likely loses to Cilic in his first game as top dog. 10th loss on the season. 10 prime 29. Matching his age and all this oldest player to debut bullshit.

    One last nugget, perfect tournament for him. BNP Paribas Masters - 193 (44th Prime) Number one - 44.

    1. Geeez its just to perfect, blows my mind honestly.

      If cilic and Murray meet in the final it will be 77 days from their last meeting in the final of cincinatti.

      Seventy seven - 49/175
      Cilic's 49th win if he wins.
      Murrays 175 loss 175 days from his birthday.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Warriors vs Lakers could be an upset
    Warriors 4-1 could go to 4-2 Kobe tribute
    Lakers 2-3 currently lebron tribute and with win 3-3 tribute to Kareem .
    Lebron was mentioned last night to be in 10th or top 10 in scoring at the
    Age of 31 or 3-1 like finals tribute or World Series. Lebron on pace to pass Kareem in scoring. Kobe made a statement that we all know who he's not voting for there settling Clinton wins because he's compared to MJ when it comes to political and social issues and where back to 23!

    1.....2....3..... Gamblers you're welcome.

  8. Ten= 39 like Newyork , which the Knicks are @ Chicago tonight. Rose and Noah first game back at the " united center" where wade is from like rose. Where MJ is God and back to 23. Another upset tonight in Chicago too?

    1. 11/4/2016 equals "51"
      "Wade" in Eng. Gematria equals "510" & "15" in Eng.Reduction "Wade" equals 33 in Eng. Ordinal
      Wade will probably score 33 in tonight's game.

      "United Center" in Eng. Reduction equals 57
      "Rose" in Eng. Ordinal equals 57
      "Derrick" in Eng. Reduction equals 41
      "Defeat" in Eng. Ordinal equals 41

      The NY Knicks are currently 1-3 if they lose tonight they will be 1-4.

    2. The Knicks are 3-1 ATS in their last 4 games against the Bulls.

      Today is 11/4

      Game was stopped at 108-100 Cubs tribute

      13 pt Knicks lead with 4 min lol

      10 pt lead like NY with 50 seconds

      ten=39 NY

      Final score 221 or 212 NYC melo is from Brooklyn like his idol MJ


  9. Bill Cartwright, who has never been thrilled with his role as a backup center to Patrick Ewing, got his wish to be traded last night.

    The Knicks sent Cartwright, 31 years old, to the Chicago Bulls for 6-foot-8-inch Charles Oakley, one of league's top power forwards. The Knicks also swapped first- and third-round draft choices with the Bulls in today's National Basketball Association draft at the Felt Forum.

    June 28,1988.

  10. not certain if MJ or Micheal J fox dies next.
    So many 23 tributes and back to the future.

    1. Shall I have a look? Muhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Loa go further please be my guest. I exhausted myself on these nba games tonight. Let's see if the lakers come thru another b.s upset

      It's 1988 all over again in the nba

    4. Michael J. Fox is 55 yrs old
      "Parkinson's" in Eng. Gematria equals 550
      "Fox" in Eng. Gematria equals 666
      11/8/2016 has a sum of 55

    5. Also, "Michael" in Eng.Sumerian equals 306 and "Ritual" in Eng. Gematria equals 630 .

    6. Totally expecting a Lakers Revival.


      From 3-3-16

      From that day to his 6-9 birthday is 3 months 6 days(93 flipped) and from his birthday to the next 3-3 is 8 months 22 days(inverted 228 United States of America) or 38 weeks. 38=Death and he is 55 for that Satan guy again.

    8. Lol. Quote to finish the article

      Quit your bitchin' and get on with it=380, 2280

      Bye Mike

  11. Thanks. Fox was my hunch.
    I wonder if Norv turner goes to the

  12. Lakers nickname 2016 "Baby lakers=96"

    Kobe drafted 96 round 1 13th pick 113=33

    Kobe tribute

  13. The fake news is the real fake news.... End of story no germatria needed here folks

  14. Anyone else catch the google homepage with the JFK references ? April 16 62 , Nov 22 63, July 20th 69

  15. @ Zack

    Sam Cooke blasting, reading the Carnell Snell shooting in the city of angels.

  16. @marcus

    Knicks points 108
    Carnell snell shot on 108th

    Cops shot in NYC
    Carnell shot in Los Angeles by the cops

    Carnell snell 18 years old...

    Bubba Kush out!!!

    NYK & Lakers both win today.

    1. The 108s and 18s aren't done, they have jumped to

      New York City=1008