Sunday, September 1, 2019

54 82 116 | Larry Johnson 'effeminate agenda' in NFL tweet, August 29, 2019

Larry = 29; Football = 29

Can you think of an NFL team that sums to 82?

Packers = 116
Saints = 82 

And don't forget the other Larry Johnson, the NBA player, who wore a dress, Grandmama.

Notice Grandmama sums to 54.

This story comes before the season of Super Bowl 54.


  1. Duh! Look how drama plays into sports over the past five years. Very feminine. Drama every day. Trash talk is now whining and made for television drama. Pouting everywhere. How can people stand to watch it anymore? I can't! I can't stand to see men acting like women, and it is mind-boggling how women, particularly, can watch men acting sissy, and they are acting sissy. Women typically like strong men, admit it or not. We do our own drama, but we don't like men to do it, too.

  2. Replies
    1. Nba Larry Johnson also played college in Vegas. Obviously big things are brewing in Vegas with raiders

    2. Sorry, didn't realize you already had Larry up there

  3. The Niners have a female majority owner

  4. Larry Alphonso Johnson= 100.. if you take the Jr. Off the end of his name

  5. San Francisco female coach Katie Sowers is LGBTQ

  6. Larry Johnson on Twitter mentioning people getting sacrificed is interesting