Thursday, August 29, 2019

49 67 76 83 86 124 241 | Prince Rogers Nelson's half brother, Alfred Jackson, dies at 66, August 29, 2019 +Bruce Jackson


This news comes August 29, 2019, what would have been Michael Jackson's 61st birthday.

The death comes 83-days after what would have been Prince's 61st birthday.  *Time = 61

Prince was born Prince Rogers Nelson.

And again, Michael Jackson would have turned 61-years-old today.

Notice, Michael Jackson was born on the day leaving 124-days left in the year.

Read more about 'murder' and 83:

The police said there was nothing suspicious.  Who needs an autopsy?

Notice the death happened in Kansas City, Missouri, on the 241st day of the year, leaving 124-days remaining...

Kansas City = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67

Kansas City, Missouri = 74
Gematria = 74; English = 74; Masonic = 74; Killing = 74

The gematria of Alfred Jackson is as follows:

All Seeing Eye = 119
Time = 47
Murder = 79
Sacrifice = 46 / 73
Kill = 44  

Notice 'Bruce' found him on a date with 49 numerology.

8/29/2019 = 8+29+(2+0+1+9) = 49

Today's date has 76 numerology as well.

8/29/2019 = 8+29+20+19 = 76

Bruce also connects to 'brother' and 'blood sacrifice'.


  1. Don t forget that Prince said there was nothing but 'prophecy' to go by.
    Prophecy=666 in Jewsih Gematria.
    Prince died in Paisly Park, just off Highway 212.
    666 divided by 212 equals 3.14 PI!
    Round and round we go with this circular motion of shit, and these fucking retards cant wake up and even worse these shill/troll cocksuckers still have an effect on others thoughts.

  2. Prince performed at Super Bowl 41 halftime in the first Rain played game.
    Dorian a Category 1 hurricane is expected to hit Florida with category 4 strength at land fall. Will drop to a cat 2.
    Prince brothers death comes on the 29th=11
    I mentioned 9/2 Labor Day false flag before I knew of the storm based on Andrew luck age 29 having the same name as hurricane Andrew 25 years ago 1992.Hurricane =52
    Hurricanes opened the season vs Gators total of the game 44pts death=44. The O/U was 47. #52 ray Lewis May win or be the first DWTS out played in the blacked out super bowl #47 vs kapernick. I noticed former hurricane #26
    Lamar Miller Texans ACL out for season in preseason
    Game 3.
    NFL is celebrating 100th Super Bowl in Miami.
    Super Bowl 54 , A record 11th Super Bowl in Miami.
    911/119 or 29!
    Trump canceled his Poland =26/100/62/28
    To keep an eye on the Storm.
    Andrew land fall August 28th
    100th nfl season
    Miller #26 god 26
    62??? Could be number of deaths reported
    Or 62 could be an code for 9/2 😉.

  3. Devil Satan
    Dabo Saban get it ? 😈 rematch

  4. initials are AJ
    could indicate that we will be seeing Alex Jones in the headlines soon


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