Saturday, August 31, 2019

29 74 78 253 | Laremy Tunsil traded from Miami Dolphins to Houston Texans, August 31, 2019

On a date with 78 numerology, #78.

Today is August 31, 2019.

8/31/2019 = 8+31+20+19 = 78
Scottish Rite = 78; Jesuit = 78 

253, the 22nd triangular number
22 men on the field

This news comes 29-days after his birthday.

Laremy = 74
Laremy Tunsil = 74


  1. Dolphin = 78.
    Remember when he fell in the draft for smoking weed?
    Marijuana = 88, 34.
    Laremy = 88, 34.

  2. Jack Tatum's nephew, is on Fresno State..just some trivia. I just heard on the telecast on tv

  3. The original Texans were the Chiefs..who are also the original Dallas team

    1. Im Not sure exactly what you're saying.. Texans and cowboys, both started in 1960. Texans became Chiefs 3 years later

    2. Houston oilers started in 1960 and won first two afl championships. Texans won in 63, before they became Chiefs

    3. Dallas Texans first season was in 1952 and Kansas City bought that name and cowboys got their own franchise in 1960 and became the cowboys well technically the steers then Rangers but became the cowboys on March 19th 1960 before the season started

    4. dig this here..

    5. Looks like it could be a clue of cowboys taking over the place that Andrew luck was supposed to take in then before he retired as Jason Witten came back from being retired and Andrew luck decided to retire just right before the season

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