Tuesday, August 20, 2019

41 42 47 67 139 187 | Home and Away actor, Ben Unwin, found dead, August 14, 2019


He died at age 41, on a date with 41 numerorlogy, one day before his 42nd birthday.  The word 'home' sums to 41 as well.

8/14/19 = 8+14+19 = 41

His birth name sums to 42.

The name of the showing has curious gematria as well, 47 and 187.

This news is breaking August 20, 2019.

8/20/19 = 8+20+19 = 47 
8/20/2019 = 8+20+20+19 = 67 (Blood Sacrifice = 67)

August 14, the date of death, leaves 139-days left in the year.

139, the 34th prime
Murder = 34

Freemasonry = 139


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  2. "Big Democrat Election Loss Date" = 113 <<< 2020 Election Day?
    "A Rigged Donald J Trump Victory" = 311
    "Day of Donald J Trump Victory" = 113, 311

  3. Zach have you looked at September 13? Seems very good day for a sacrifice.
    13/9, Tupac died, Full Moon, Friday The Thirteenth
    2 years, 23 days after Great Eclipse
    1667 days before next Great Eclipse
    79 days after Day Against Drugs
    Murder = 79 EO
    Assassination = 79 SR
    667 days after Lil Peep died
    664 days after Malcolm Young died
    64 weeks and 4 days after XXX died
    46 weeks and 6 days after Jon James died
    73 weeks after Avicii died
    86 weeks after Fredo Santana died

    27th is also good
    Waning Crescent Moon = 86
    Waning Crescent = 79
    767 days after Great Eclipse

    1. Good work, but you missed the key thing about the date.
      34 date numerology
      Murder = 34
      139, the 34th prime


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  5. Unwin? What sports clue is he? Lol unwin

  6. Unwin= 54 ,oh how do we connect that to a SB?

  7. Unwin, home and away. Will a team lose all 16 and/or a team win all 16?

  8. Winner of all home games and away games.

  9. Gayle Benson is 72. Drew Brees will be 41 when he wins SB54.

  10. 139 - Michael Thomas #13
    Drew Brees #9

  11. @ Cosby
    Cedric BENSON #32
    Sean Peyton Goodell clown shirt & Opiods
    The rule change for P.I
    Rules committee meets in FL
    Super Bowl 41 = Miami
    #41 falcon Eugen Robinson arrested night before Super Bowl 33
    The saints play that won Super Bowl 44 in Miami onside kick=33

    Dolphins owner Stephen Ross=139

  12. @HB yup and as always here is my alternate perspective.
    #41 is obviously more relevant that any other code.
    33 can always be looked at as 3x3 so there is your #9.
    419 we know what that code is.
    Kamara and Brees smiling at top of NFL 100 commercial.
    #41 #9

  13. IMO-Yet history does repeat itself. The Saints will either lose the conference championship or not even get there. They are forever a tax write off team but for the rebuild of the stadium ,when they got the gift. Brees is not that important, he's pretty much the new Dan Fouts or Dan Marino. Drew..that's three D's....? I'm going to experiment with that...

  14. Brees= 49, 22, :) I'd call the that pro 49ers info IMO.

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