Monday, August 19, 2019

Tech companies are listening to private conversations of those who have "smart devices" in their home

Think about it.

The tech companies are the same ones with huge government contracts to develop the technology of the future surveillance state.  AND, they have permission to listen to people's conversations, who have purchased smart devices.

The REASONING, is to help improve AI technology in real time, for the sake of the consumer, of course, who will soon not have a job, because it has been replaced by AI.  WORSE YET, they might soon be behind bars, the latest victim of the NEW SURVEILLANCE STATE, THAT IS 100000000000% FASCIST.


  1. They're also taking the info they collect & selling it -- data truly has surpassed oil, gold, etc as the most valuable commodity.

    Just as Enron created the Weather Derivatives stock market in 1997 (while media denied such a thing existed), we can be sure that ALL of our data is being bought & sold -- no doubt bundled for trade like mortgages & student debt.
    Periodic claims of "hacking" -- like the recent Capital One announcement -- are simply smoke & mirrors to hide the truth about what is really done with our info.
    (Notice how it's always Our Personal Data that is reportedly "stolen", & these "genius hackers" never raid the company bank accounts?)

    It's odd how these "reported hacks" never seem to emanate from Insurance Companies ... just think how much detailed info they demand in order to receive a simple car insurance quote.
    All the data you provide to the companies you DON'T choose is never wasted. It's sold -- making the collected data just as valuable as the premiums -- perhaps more so.
    And yet people take the bait every day, lured by the supposed "ease" of doing it themselves online.

    I say go to a local insurance broker (like everyone used to do). It's still no guarantee that your information won't be sold, but it does add an extra layer of protection & it provides you with a face-to-face entity you can hold responsible. It also helps support a local business -- which the big corps are working hard to eliminate. :D ;D

    1. You are 100% correct, especially about the "hacks".

  2. I think they use some advanced version of for CNN stories

    1. is supposed to detect fake news, it flagged a BBC News articles as written by a machine... Who knows.


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