Monday, August 26, 2019

47 71 77 | Elizabeth Warren's massive Seattle crowd, Sunday, August 25, 2019

Seattle, on the 47th Parallel North.  President = 47; White House = 47 (15th prime)

Liz = 47
Elizabeth Warren = 77; United States = 77; D.C. on the 77th Meridian West

In light of Elizabeth Warren being called Pocahontas, it is important to note that Seattle is the only city that gave land back to Native Americans, after it was taken (Discovery Park).

Read about the significance of Elizabeth Warren turning 71-years-old just before the 2020 election:


  1. Warren defeats trump=106
    Prophecy =106
    President Warren=216
    Lock him up =45

    Any questions ?

  2. Elizabeth =88
    Pocahontas =112
    First woman president =112
    Antichrist is a woman=216

    Any questions?


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