Friday, August 30, 2019

90 463 | How CNN codes out their Hurricane Dorian headline for Miami, August 30, 2019

How forced does 'an extremley dangerous major hurricane soon' sound?

The storm is expected to impact Miami.


  1. Lol a thread from Jan 2017, before SB 51.


  2. Andrae ColemamAugust 30, 2019 at 2:17 AM

    I remember 10 years ago, ESPN had the Steelers going 14-2 in the 09 season, but the Steelers went 9-7 and missed the playoffs. Ten years later the media expects the Steelers to go 9-7 and missed the playoffs. The reason why the Steelers missed the playoffs last year was because of the Raiders. Have you noticed a pattern with the Steelers and the Raiders? Whenever the Steelers lose to the Raiders, they'll win 8 or 9 games and missed the playoffs

    You're saying you've looked, or what?

  3. Englisch Deutsch Gematria √úbersetzungen:

  4. Looks like the Chiefs drafted a player named Dorian O’Daniel with the 100th pick of the 2018 draft (100th NFL Season) He went to College @ Clemson. He’s an OLb and wears # 44. His birthday is 9/4 which is a couple days after Hurricane Dorian is suppose to hit. He’s turning 25.

  5. Miami=90 , ninety=33, Super Bowl is in Miami on the 33rd day of the year.

  6. "September First - Miami Florida" = 911 <<<

    "Fix Is In" = 463 , 90 <<<< 463 is 90th Prime
    "Prediction" = 463
    "Apocaplypse" = 463
    "Cremation of Care" = 463
    "Rigging in Effect" = 333, 463

    09 + 01 + 20 + 19 = 49

    "Ninety One" = 49 <<< Like September 1st?
    "Revelation" = 49

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