Thursday, August 29, 2019

47 49 63 | 27-year-old Nevada college student arrested after 2,000 round of ammunition found in his vehicle, August 29, 2019 news

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Nevada, eh?

The suspect's name is Shayn Striegel, SS.

8/29/2019 = 8+29+(2+0+1+9) = 49

The number 63 keeps showing up in these "almost shooting" stories...

Three of the last five "almost shooters' have had 63 gematria in the same cipher (see links above).

I'm not sure what it is about though... so time for some thinking...

With regards to the 49 and 121 in his name, this Sunday, September 1, will have 49 date numerology, and be the day leaving 121-days left in the year.


  1. Raiders? What year was their SB loss?

  2. Sixty Three=54, 63, 153(17th triangular), 117.
    Jesuit Order=54.
    Fifty-Four=54, 117.
    The United States of America=117.
    2nd Amendment=44, 55, 107, 190.
    Shooting=44, 107, 109.
    Due Process=44, 55.
    Donald Trump is the bitch made piece of shit syaing "confiscation first, due process second. (due process 2nd like 2nd amendment?).

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    2. False Flag Event=54, 63.
      Active Shooter Situation=117, like 'Sixty-Three'=54, 63, 117.

  3. The fake picture, looks like a special needs kid


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