Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cipro & Levaquin | A person's testimonial about what these antiobiotics have done to hurt their family

This could be life saving information.




  1. It appears doctors know it's bad.. I doubt many give it out

  2. The best PDF for avoiding The Kill Pill (AntiBiotics):

  3. Religions only appear contrived because there teachings are hidden, all religions at their core have the same secret teachings, that of spiritual alchemy. Anyone who thinks religion is silly have only ever known the exoteric teachings, it's the esoteric side where the real wisdom lies.

  4. Thank you Zach and Jerry for this information. I already don't go to the doctor and am already paranoid about pharmaceuticals, but this has given me specific things to avoid. Good luck, Jerry. I am sending you positive energy. Love to the spirit of your son.

  5. Jerry might want to look into these folks... maybe it will help as well. All the best.

  6. Thank you Jerry & Zach for this valuable info.
    I recall 2 events that (thanks to Media) sparked a massive knee-jerk run on Cipro -- people were so desperate to get it that all available stocks were depleted, & people were having it shipped in from Mexico & Canada.
    It was during the Anthrax Scare after 9/11, & then again after the Fukushima "meltdown".

    After 9/11, Media were touting the necessity of having Cipro on hand "just in case" of a pandemic -- & were even promoting it's use as a "prophylactic treatment" -- claiming (even to this day) that VP Cheney & all of Congress were already taking it.
    It was supposedly the ONLY remedy that could treat anthrax.

    Then, when the Fukushima debacle unfolded --
    The NIH (still) claims that Cipro is an effective treatment for exposure to Ionizing Radiation. Harvard & all the other bastions of (supposed) "expert knowledge" make the same claims as well.
    This resulted in people rushing out to stock up -- & again, people (especially on the west coast) were advised (via Media) to consider taking it "just in case".

    This adds a whole new level to both of these False Flags -- no telling how many lives were damaged &/or destroyed because people fell prey to fear-based propaganda that drove them directly towards this poisonous drug.

    For numerous articles of proof, Google:
    "Anthrax cipro 9/11"
    "Cipro for radiation poisoning"

    Little surprise that Cipro's manufacturer is Bayer AG -- the company that recently bought Monsanto, & which provided mustard gas for WW1 & numerous poisons for WW2.

    "Anthrax Nine Eleven" = 88 rr
    "Fukushima Scare" = 88 rr, *223 ro

    "Cipro Genocide" = 123 eo
    "Conspiracy" = 123 eo

    My sincerest condolences to you Jerry, for the tragic loss of your son ... & for the terrible injury to your own health.
    You've suffered an evil injustice, & we are all extremely grateful that you have summoned the strength to share your story & thereby prevented untold numbers of other innocents from falling prey to this Deliberate Act Of Genocide.

    Again, thank you for helping me protect my own loved ones -- you are an unsung hero whose losses will not be forgotten. :D ;D


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