Monday, August 26, 2019

74 | Trump reportedly floated the idea of stopping hurricanes by bombing them with nukes, August 25, 2019 news

G7, G, the 7th letter.

Here we go again, nuclear weapons and hurricanes being brought together in the headlines.  For the past few years, the media has referred to certain hurricanes as "nuclear".

Nuclear = 74
Weapon = 74
Energy = 74

And don't forget the United States detonated atomic and nuclear weapons in the earth's atmosphere for several decades.  One can only ask what they were testing.


  1. Dorian=34 hurricane headed to Trumps favorite island Puerto Rico


    1. "Decode a NOAA Hurricane Name" = 666
      "Symbolic Code" = 666
      "Prophecy" = 666

      "Weather Program" = 184 K
      "Hurricane Dorian" = 184
      "Enemies" = 184
      "Killer" = 184
      "Dorian" = 184

      The 184th Prime is 1097:
      "One Thousand Ninety Seven" = 288
      "Use Secret Weather Weapons" = 288
      "Massive Tsunami Main event" = 288

      "Planned Death" = 288

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  3. Zach, Trump missed a climate crisis talk the day after a helicopter crash.

    Also see how that tightrope walker crossing the Rio Grande connects back to Tisha B'Av and 911 and the Notre Dame cathedral.

    1. 1. Trump missed the memorial because of RAIN
      2. NYC helicopter crash near Trump tower
      3. The Queen complained Trump ruined her Lawn with his helicopter

      Could there be an “ Accident on 8/27” ?
      In all the movies 239 is associated with aircraft crashing . 239th day 8/27

  4. "Nuclear Weapon" = 148
    "Nuke Hurricane" = 148
    "Donald J Trump" = 148
    "Jesus & Lucifer" = 148


    "Trump Misses G7 Climate Crisis Talks" = 382
    "Prepare for a Coastal Disaster in the USA" = 382
    "N.W.O. Military Industrial Complex" = 382
    "Massive Drowning Event Signal" = 382
    "Council on Foreign Relations" = 382
    "Calendar Month" = 382
    "Planned Chaos" = 382

  5. Final score Hurricanes 20 Gators 24 = 44

    Could be a huge storm In Florida this year

    FSU head coach birthday 8/27!!!! Lmao
    Turns 43

  6. We have another riddle playing out .

    Leggerette Blount former FSU /Oregon Duck pinches
    White noise st player in 2009
    Racist (C)hip (K)elly suspends him indefinitely
    Fast forward Chip Kelly is hated in Philadelphia for being
    Racist . He also coached (C)ollin (K)ernick with 49ers
    Blount punched out #94 on Boise st
    Chip kelly stood up for Gators #14 Riley Cooper who said the N word.
    Oregon Hired their first black coach HC Willie TAGGART
    Who is now coaching FSU and is starting QB name is BLACKMAN vs Boise state on 8/31

    Could we see another racial incident in this game or something related to these schools?

    FSU QB Winston stole Crab legs and Baltimore is known for crabs , they have a black QB and their white QB
    Is now a BRONCO like Boise st mascot 🤫

    1. All is true BUT BLACK MOON symbolism is for black head coaches doing well.

  7. Kapernick turned down offer from Baltimore
    Ray Lewis last game was Super Bowl 47
    The black out game Harbaugh bowl
    Harbaugh coached Kapernick also has ties
    To Indy and Chicago
    Harbaugh was criticized for holding “satellite “ camps in Florida
    Harbaugh is tied to Andrew Luck at Stanford and win their last game together at Super Bowl 54 stadium in Miami vs Virginia tech

    1. Kaepernick wore a Miami cap on 4th of July =Patriots. 2019, year of the pig, Kaep wore pig socks to practice. Knees = 54, he took a knee.

    2. @ ram
      I haven’t made my Super Bowl prediction.
      The Pats can easily go undefeated this season
      KC looks like a championship team
      Eagles, Rams , saints , Vikings in the mix

      Trump wants re-election
      Patriots defending their title
      Clemson defending their title

      What’s the theme for 2019 ?

    3. BLACK MOON. UCF Colorado Notre Dame Purdue BLACK AND GOLD will be great. Read and Black teams. Dog teams. Cats are dead.

  8. Remember, a Hurricane has to be at least 74 mph winds


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