Thursday, August 29, 2019

19 89 221 222 | The criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein has been officially dismissed, August 29, 2019

This news comes on Epstein's 222nd day of his age.

This news comes 19-days after his *death.

The name of the judge connects to 'chaos' as well, Richard Berman.

This news comes 221-days after Jeffrey Epstein's birthday.


  1. Was there chaos in the 1989 football season? Honest question / thought

    1. An earthquake. The Patriots and the 49ers had to play at Stanford.

  2. "Officially Dismissed" = 199 eo, 116 rr
    "We're Back In Business" = 199 eo, 116 rr

    Blatant Advertising letting their "customers" know that all bases are covered. Can't let the money/blackmail business lie fallow for too long ... :D ;D


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