Saturday, August 31, 2019

5 21 54 66 93 162 188 | 5 dead, 21 injured in Texas shooting, August 31, 2019 +Going Postal?

26 shot again?  They used this number for a period of time with the Dayton shooting.

Read about 26 injured in El Paso:

ALSO, read the prior report of 1 dead and 10 injured in Texas shooting, August 31:

5 dead in a mass shooting in Odessa, Texas where the shooter was found in a theater?

Here's the riddle...

Five = 21
Saturn = 21
Saturday, named after Saturn

Notice the emphasized phrase by Andrew Cuomo, priming his relative, the CNN anchor.

'How many more families with lose loved ones?'

ALSO, the USPS element... consider the "going postal" shootings of decades past...

Notice the 93 valuue of U.S. Postal Service, connecting to Saturn and Saturday.


1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21 (Saturn is the 6th planet)

AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT, yet again we have gone from breaking news, with multiple shooters, to just one shooter.  It never fails.

AND LAST, is there a 'going postal' riddle here?

Baseball = 54 / 162
NFL is about to kickoff its season that will end with Super Bowl 54
*Central Intelligence Agency = 135 / 243
*Today is the 243rd day of the year


  1. Benjamin Franklin big in Philadelphia. First Post Master General and started the first Philadelphia fire department. Tupac died on Friday the 13th. September 13th this year will be a Friday. "Friday the Thirteenth" = 223 ordinal. "Philadelphia" = 223 reverse ordinal

  2. 521 is the 98th prime. Was there any 98 connections in the story?
    I did the word search and both Assanation and assassinated equal 521 in the Jewish cypher. Goes with all the 101 assassin stuff

  3. Hey Zach. BO NIX = 26. 26 shot in TEXAS hours before auburn qb BO NIX throws a game winning 26 yard TD pass to defeat Oregon I’m TEXAS. Sports Center posted hours before the duck game a picture of 10 year old Bo Nix celebrating with an auburn player after they defeated Oregon in the 2010 BcS national championship and pointed out how he would make his first start against Oregon all these years later. Bo nix was 10 years 10 months and 18 days old that day. Bo nix was 1018 weeks old today the day of his 1st NCaA start. IncAse you think that 118 connection is a COINCIDENCE... #10 Bo Nix threw the game winning touchdown to #18 Seth Williams. LOL first story after the game by 247 sports says “Ducks Fall to Auburn In Fourth Quarter” = 142 (FR)
    “Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry” = 142 (FR)

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