Monday, August 19, 2019

FEEDBACK | Listener commentary on A Call For An Uprising's August 18, 2019 appearance

Skip to just about 51:25 in the video for when A Call For An Uprising calls in to the show:

Here are some of the reviews.

And should I be thinking more about why this guy reached out to me on August 18?



  1. He has a Christian angle.. which is a turn off. Plus he repeats the typical stuff that other channels trend.

  2. Actually, I'm probably talking about a different guy.. he didn't sound the same on the phone. I'm not sure lol.. maybe different channel. Too much youtube

  3. 2 guys that think they're the go to truth channels, and 2 guys that profit off their work.. Is that a bad thing? No, but I don't think anybody necessarily "won" that discussion/argument.. I do think ACFAU does some good work exposing the satanic imagery we see daily, and you do some good work with the numbers too, Zach. Should ACFAU do more work sharing gematria? Sure. You should also share other things too Zach, as gematria isn't everything.

    Point is.. What I just listened to right now was 2 guys puffing their chests out, acting like their work was more important.

    1. It's not dishonest.. I listened to 2 hours of 2 guys trying to talk over one another, acting like their work is more important.. Anyone who's not a fanboy of either of you can see that lol.. Does that delegitimize the work you both do? No.. You just get butthurt so fast, Zach.. Something that's only gotten worse as you've grown

    2. I think ACFAU is Mocking people with the Satanic Symbolism. I wouldn't be watching him if I were you.

      "Satanic Symbolism" = 188 <<< What Day did he Call?
      "Bavarian Illuminati" = 188
      "Calling In to Mock Date" = 188

      "Mock Gematria Goyem" = 818 <<< What Day?

    3. @Jake

      Maybe he is.. We will never truly know who's getting paid under the table.. ACFAU does purposely drag his vids out beyond 10 minutes to get more ad revenue though.. Believe me, I know of all the shady tactics that these big truth personalities use, just to get an extra buck.. I'm not a fanboy of any of them.. I'm in it to find the absolute truth.. I don't give a shit about filling somebody's pocket to run for president, or paying 2.99 to go on a website

    4. I agree with you. It was hard listening to two guys talking over each other. If this was the first video I saw of Zach's I would be completely turned off and thought it was yet another truther feud irrelevant to life, because they're both worried about their own egos more than actual truth.

      Zach could have done much better in his responses, but he's not normally calm when defending himself. He's so adversarial and quick to call names, after receiving any iota of criticism.

    5. Again, you have to be a fucking moron (which I know you are) to have your opinion. ACFAU put out my personal address and made death threats against me. I have never done anything to him. So please shut the fuck up, and go back to the roach hole you crawled out from. Only a scumbag piece of shit (which we both know you are), would have your opinion.

    6. Zach it's understandable that you would be mad over what happened at that time, but dude you need to look more objectively. New people who are checking out your videos, or if that was the first video they saw, would be put off by not just ACFAU, but by you as well... and not because of what exactly you were saying, but because of how you were conveying it. You were both talking over each other and the conversation was going in circles at times.

      You're way too easily provoked over internet comments, and too quick to judge a person for what they say. You think anybody who disagrees with you is a troll and out to ruin your work, when it's merely a difference of opinion. If you want to unify people, you should take other opinions into consideration and respond in a more diplomatic way.

    7. I have been more than doxxed. I have had a car crash through my house and worse. And what does ACFAU release other than opinion? Answer: None.

    8. And anonymous, stop talking to yourself. You are writing about things that are in your imagination, and not in tune with reality.

    9. I don't wanna fight with you Zach.. You were one of the first truth channels I came across 4 years ago.. I just think the infighting between truthers is ridiculous.. Shit is getting REAL right now.. This world is hanging on by a thread at this point, and soon no one will be able to say shit with the censorship.

      As far as ACFAU goes... His channel is mostly commentary, you're right.. He does show repetition in media stories, music vids, etc.. He's seriously gotta cut down the length of his vids though. He rambles on just to hit the 10 minute mark, so that he can use unlimited YouTube ads.

    10. Zach you're too proud to admit the obvious. I'm trying to talk sense into you. Trying to give you some pointers on how you can gain a broader audience. You would rather argue and demean people who see things in a different angle when it doesn't fit in with your idea of what truth is. Let me tell you, Gematria isn't the be-all-end-all truth out there. It may be the truth of how the cabal operates, but no matter how much you expose them you don't have a following anywhere near big enough to do anything about it. You won't gain enough members of this following if you keep berating/belittling those who are listening to you.

    11. The bottom line is, Zach is always on the attack it makes him feel good to argue w other ppl, rip them apart by calling them dumb, stupid, moronic & trolls just to bring his self esteem up bc he’s a baby. Call for an Up is a dope but Zach wouldn’t even let him get a damn word in, always talking over him & not listening to any words he says. Zach you do some great work but you def don’t make anyone millions or any type of money betting sports and that’s a 💯 percent fact! Call for an Up made a great point, go to Vegas or get a betting account, you can find one anywhere!! Start w a small bankroll and let’s see how good you do. You won’t do it bc you know you don’t win period! I’m actually offended by you saying you win every day 😂😂, I’m a sports bettor I win a lot and I’ll lose a lot it’s very hard to be successful in the sportsbetting world. I do it for a tertiary income and it’s not easy at all, there’s many times I must stop for a while and regroup. If you think I’m lying check me out on Twitter @wageringPro. If you wanna talk your shit about winning betting sports for your so called “clientele” put your $$ where your mouth is and prove it w your own bets. I don’t wanna hear how it’s illegal bc its not, you can bet pretty much anywhere including some tribal casinos in the state of Washington as of Feb 2019! So stop w the excuses, you can easily go to Vegas, offshore sports books, or drive to Oregon where it’s legal everywhere! Only way to shut us up and prove your worth in the sportsbetting industry that you say you don’t condone yet you make your fans millions 😂🤣

  4. "A Call for an Uprising" = 196
    "Paid Disinformation" = 196
    "Devil's Workshop" = 196

    He called in on August 18th?

    "Mock Gematria Goyem" = 818
    "Recording Industry" = 818 <<< Illuminati Card Game
    "Experiment on Goyem" = 818
    "Special Calendar Date" = 818

    Write 818 Out:

    "Eight Hundred Eighteen" = 196
    "A Call for an Uprising" = 196
    "Disguised Satanic Agenda" = 196
    "Secret Satanic Agenda Code" = 196
    "A Hidden Satanic N.W.O. Agenda" = 196

    What is the Atomic Weight of Gold? 196?

    "Gold Weight Symbol" = 196
    "Cult" = 196
    "FTFT" = 196 <<< Reverse Satanic

    "Evil" = 188 Satanic

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