Wednesday, August 28, 2019

26 38 44 47 58 64 119 | The suicides of Love Island contestants, Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis +Theo Campbell

This woman died on her 239th day of her age.  This is interesting because in the news today, is a man who lost his eye, from Love Island, the same show she was on, on the 239th day of the year, August 27...  239, the 52nd prime; The Cabal = 52; Kabbalah = 52; Death = 52

Her death was blamed on suicide, summing to 47 and 119, numbers related to the loss of Theo Campbell's eye.

Read about Theo Campbell's eye here:

She died 127-days before her birthday as well.

Sophie Gradon died on a 44 / 64 date numerology.

6/20/2018 = 6+20+20+18 = 64
6/20/18 = 6+20+18 = 44

Her name summed to 193, the 44th prime.

As for June 20....

June 20 is 6+20 = 26

Notice that Mike Thalassitis below, died at age 26, and his death was blamed on suicide as well.

Notice he died on the 74th day of the year, the Ides of March, the day Caesar was stabbed to death.

Notice he was born January 19, or 1/19, like 119, and like Kaz Crossley.

His name also connects to 'Bavarian Illuminati'.

His name has multiple connects to 'death' as well, 118 and 38.


He died 55-days after his 26th birthday.

Last, his name and Sophie Gradon's names connect to 'Love Island'.

More Freemasonry connections...

Freemasonry sums to 59 in Hebrew and in English.


  1. Theo Campbell = 112 ordinal. 8/27 is 138 days to Jeff Bezos bday on 1/12 which is also the day of the Saturn Pluto conjunction. Bezos turning 55 on his next bday. 55 super coded to you this year.

  2. Usa show released 7/9/2019... 55 date numerology

  3. Zach what’s your email have some questions about patron


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