Friday, August 23, 2019

54 111 218 | Death of former NFL player, Barry Bennett, August 21, 2019

This man's death comes just before the start of the NFL season that will end with Super Bowl 54.

He played for the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets, as well as the Vikings, his first team.

Recall the "Minnesota Miracle", Minnesota vs New Orleans, two seasons ago...

Read about the death of the 54th Governor of Louisiana:

Read about the death of Nancy Parker (54), a news personality in New Orleans:

He was found dead August 21, or 21/8, like 218.

He died 111-days before his birthday, and the Saints and Jets last played each other 111-weeks before the date of Super Bowl 54.

Minneapolis, Minnesota = 111

*He died 254-days after his last birthday.

His name gematria is as follows:


  1. Chicago Bears = 233
    Barry Bennett Died on the 233 Day of the year.

    Chicago Bears = 180
    Barry Bennett = 180

    He was killed on a Wednesday:

    Wednesday = 100
    Thursday = 100
    Thursday Night Kickoff = 100

    This is the start of the 100th season of the NFL ending with Super Bowl LIV. He died 16 days before the start of the season.

    LIV = 16

    Bears head coach is Matt Nagy.

    Nagy = 16

    Of course his son is 22 years old like 2/2 the Super Bowl date.

    From his death to the opener is 2 weeks and 2 days as well, another 22.

    I'm sure there is more but it seems like a riddle for the BEARS to win the home opener vs the packers...

  2. Jets went to all green.. green = 49.. for you's now my understanding that uniform changes can be/ are a global indicator of who goes to SB. Last year, Titans went to a blue helmet with white and silver stripe down middle and silver, grey in the jersey.
    Blue white for rams. Blue, grey, red for Pats , and their logo us similar to the pats. The names of the colors, the shape of the design, many clues can be found. The Rams the kast 2 years, occasionally wore all yellow.. when they did that for 2 seasons in the 4os, they lost the finals then

    1. Cowboys will wear their blue jerseys with silver pants at Washington, at New Orleans, at the Jets, at the Giants, at Detroit and at Chicago. They also will their blue jerseys with white pants at home against the Vikings and the Rams but wear their They will wear their Color Rush uniforms against Miami and at New England and and play in their regular white jerseys at home against the giants packers, eagle, bills and Washington and another game against the eagle at eagle home


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