Saturday, August 24, 2019

74 | More than 74,000 fires across Brazil in 2019, August 24, 2019 reporting


They've been reporting since the 90s, the same statistic, the Amazon is disappearing at the rate of 1 football field per second.  If that were true, it would be all gone by now.  That said, it was the stat that got me to think more about taking care of the planet and changing my behavior, once upon a time.


  1. Zach do you have a list of popular numbers - words?

  2. On august 11, a state of emergency was declared by the government of Amazonas, which is the largest state in Brazil by area.

    State of emergency=811(reverse satanic)
    Amazon rainforest fire=118 (Reverse full reduction)

  3. Gators 24 Miami 20
    Former Miami hurricanes RB #26 Lamar Miller suffered
    An ACL TEAR=24
    Miller Born on 4/25 or 74
    The hurricanes coach many Diaz born in 1974
    Game time weather 88 degrees 47% chance of rain
    The game O/U was 47

    The Dolphins want to cut 3 players but #47 Kiko Alonzo
    Stands out

    Former cowboys #88 and hurricane WR #47 Michael Irving was the celebrity guest picker of college game day

    Faggot Zack=47 🤫


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