Thursday, October 6, 2016

49 52 666 | Cardinals @ 49ers, TNF, October 6, 2016 (The "52" Show) +Drew Stanton's Cardinals Start

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52 (Prophecy) (Chip Kelly's 52nd regular season game)
10/6/2016 = 10+6+(2+0+1+6) = 25
10/6/2016 = 1+0+6+2+0+1+6 = 16
10/6/16 = 10+6+16 = 32

Arizona = 39/84; Cardinals = 36/45/81; Arizona Cardinals = 75/84/165
San Francisco = 50/68/122; 49ers = 15/24/42; San Francisco 49ers = 65/92/164

The game coming on a date with 'prophecy' connections is interesting because the 49ers just acquired the former head coach from Philadelphia, the city named from the book of prophecy, Revelation.  Of the course the 49ers, play on the 121st Meridian.

Coming into the game, the 49ers and Cardinals have played each other 49-times.  This will be #50.

Notice the 49ers lead 29-20.  Football = 29

Can the 49ers earn their 30th win all-time against the Cardinals on the 37th parallel?

Tonight will be Chip Kelly's 52nd regular season game. That's the coach of the 49ers.

COACH = 3+15+1+3+8 = 30

There's a reason Chip Kelly coached 47-games in Philadelphia.

Notice Kelly is currently 52-years old.

This game comes 50-days before his birthday.

1-month 19-days...

11/25/1963 = 11+25+19+63 = 148
11/25/1963 = 11+25+(1+9+6+3) = 55 (Twenty-Three = 55) (49ers = 55)
11/25/1963 = 1+1+2+5+1+9+6+3 = 28
11/25/63 = 11+25+63 = 99 (Thirteen) (49ers, 1-3 coming into game)

On the opposing side is Bruce Arians, head coach of the Cardinals.

He comes in with '52' regular season games under his belt.

He will be attempting to win his 36th game with the Cardinals in the regular season.

Bruce Arians was born in the year '52...

This game comes 3-days after his 64th birthday.

10/3/1952 = 10+3+19+52 = 84 (Arizona) (Arizona Cardinals)
10/3/1952 = 10+3+(1+9+5+2) = 30
10/3/1952 = 1+0+3+1+9+5+2 = 21
10/3/52 = 10+3+52 = 65

*Both coaches have matching name gematria.

This is a very interesting matchup.  It is obvious why it is Thursday Night Football.

The name Bruce Arians also ties in with 'prophecy'.

Bruce also connects to '49' and Revelation.  Let us not forget his opponent, Chip Kelly, was formerly the coach of the Eagles, from the land of prophecy.

Still need to decode QBs.

Before we get to the starters, Colin Kaepernick, the man with the highest selling jersey, is 28-days from his 29th birthday, or a span of 29-days.  Football = 29

11/3/1987 = 11+3+19+87 = 120
11/3/1987 = 11+3+(1+9+8+7) = 39
11/3/1987 = 1+1+3+1+9+8+7 = 30
11/3/87 = 11+3+87 = 101 (Chip Kelly)

Tonight, or after tonight, would be a fitting time for Kaep to return to the starting QB position.

The man starting ahead of him, is Blaine Gabbert.  His name connects to the 49ers 1-3 record.

His birthday also has '52' numerology.

10/15/1989 = 10+15+19+89 = 133
10/15/1989 = 10+15+(1+9+8+9) = 52 (Prophecy)
10/15/1989 = 1+0+1+5+1+9+8+9 = 34
10/15/89 = 10+15+89 = 114

This game comes 9-days before Gabbert's birthday, or a span of 10-days.

Carson Palmer, who is out, would be going for his 86th career win, on the date that leaves 86-days left in the year.

The name Carson Palmer also has a 'prophecy' connection.

Notice that Carson Palmer is going for his 37th road win.  That corresponds with Revelation 3:7.

Today's game comes a span of 83-days from Carson's 37th birthday.

Because Palmer is out, Drew Stanton is starting in his place.  He has the right name for the situations.

Cardinals = 36/45 (Thirteen = 45) (Carson Palmer out with 36 road wins)

'153', a reshuffling of 135.

This game comes a span of 153-days from his birthday.

If Drew Stanton wins tonight, he will be 8-5, in his 13th career start.

Drew Stanton has 'baseball' connections like Colin Kaepernick as well, who will likely be put in as the starter if the 49ers lose.

Also, this past Tuesday, in Bruce Arian's hometown, there was suspicious reporting on a natural gas explosion.  Notice the 2 homes destroyed and 13 more damaged.


  1. New to the forum but not to Zacha Youtube channel. Does anyone find it odd that the Cards are still -3.5 even without Palmer?

    1. Yes, I made that observation as well. Vegas had no problem posting the Cards -4 at the beginning of the week even though the Palmer news wasn't out yet. Then barely moved it on the official announcement.

      On the flip side, Cam Newton also got a concussion last week, & most sites are yet to list the Carolina line for this week. The point is... The Carson Palmer news should have drastically moved the betting line against the Cardinals, but it didn't.

      Either "They" want to lead us down the wrong path by making us think we are savvy for noticing the line....or the fix is in for AZ. I say - The Fix Is In =123. Conspiracy =123 ;)

    2. ya no way cardinals lose this game.

    3. zach are you thinking all these prophecy numbers are lining up for Cards then?
      10/6 date
      52 date numerology
      666 bruce arians

      I went with 49ers but that 666 is starting to make me think cards win.

    4. My original pick was no way Cardinals lose, I'm not sure. Maybe RB David Johnson has huge game?

    5. the 49ers are wearing the black uniforms im wondering if that has any connection to kap playing tonight

    6. Zach's point is most valid.... Drew Stanton is Starting this game for a Reason, & I seriously doubt that Reason involves Losing?!

      Lets not forget that Carson Palmer is not really hurt at all. He just got a phat contract extension in the off-season to play this role in the Script.

      I'm sure Stanton is the key to the decode.

    7. Cardinals win then storyline shifts back to San Frans QB situation?

    8. San Francisco =122. Arians =221.

      SF is wearing Black, & "Arian" represents White. Ha, these MF'rs never miss an opportunity.

    9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Like you said, Arians beats the black clad 49ers. That was the key. That was the reason for the uniforms.
      It was right in front of our faces. It all makes sense now. I'll be more careful on my next bet.
      Thanks again for pointing that out to everyone.

  2. There was an expolosion of two homes in Paterson NJ on Tuesday. So triubte game possibly?

  3. Palmer is out tonight, drew stanton is playing fwi.

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  6. jays run line was the pick today fellas. they have an early game tomorrow, is TX going to lose 2 in a row? might be wise to invest in TX tomorrow

  7. Watching warm ups always go with my first Psyche impression. Cards

  8. so far week 5 the public money is on
    88% patrios vs browns
    80% steelers vs jets
    80% eagles vs lions
    79% vikings vs texans

    which of those teams is going to take an l

    1. Steelers. AFC Championship rematch. The loser of that game almost always wins the re-match.

    2. i feel lions win, only team thats at home too.

    3. nice, lions are one of upset picks. i also like the falcons to upset the broncos in denver. i know there is a lot of hype on the falcons but i feel the "4-1" is a def possibility with those two specific teams, since they have both won championships. 45% of public money on the falcons.

    4. vikings playing at home this week not @texans

    5. Wait until game day to see where the percentages are at.

    6. I wouldn't touch that Steelers/Jets game with a 10 foot pole! - The Jets always gives us fits, plus the Steelers have alot of injuries, especially on the offensive line. Betters Beware!

  9. Alot of hype around Cards during warm ups.

  10. I'm on SF. The 50 favors them. Let's go boys

  11. Big day for michael floyd? His bday is 52 days -prophecy- from today or 1 month and 21 days (121) - revelation. Also Carlos Hyde's bday was 16 days ago going with todays date too

    1. Looks like his prophecy is to sit on the bench

  12. Colts 1-3
    SF 1-3

    All SB contendors

    1. How are the 49ers super bowl contenders lol

    2. What gematria, i haven't seen any connections.

    3. Yes please show me the narrative for the miners, I must've missed it.

  13. Does the black uniform ever win? Why is San Francisco wearing black when it is not their team colors and they are at home?
    Aren't black and red sacrifice colors?
    1st quarter 0-0, 2:59 and I know SF is going to lose with those colors.

    1. they won week1 of last yr in these colours....

  14. Zach, James Stephens and I trolled a masonic asshole who posted some gematria laden shit on your facebook so hard he deleted his comment, defriended you and blocked us. What a rush!

  15. This Blaine Gibbert is throwing the game for that sorry QB Drew Stanton to have a chance. Taking sacks. Throwing away easy TD passes.
    Yes, I bet SF.

  16. I'm watching the game right now and for some reason the cardinals logo is grayed out at the bottom of the screen and reverts back to being shaded with red. I don't know if it has significance, just something unusual I noticed.

  17. If this means anything, the Cardinals should win. Bruce Arians is 23,379 days old. If you divide 23,379 by 364 days in a 13 Moon Calendar, it equals 64 years 83 days.(83 = Football) Drew Stanton is 11,840 days old and if we divide it by 364 it equals 32 years 192 days. (192 = NFL) =)

  18. SF calls timeout with 3:22 in the 2nd quarter.

  19. that td by gabbert means no kaep in this game. kaep going to stay on the bench rest of the year? i doubt that, that they are going to do something with that afro.

  20. that td by gabbert means no kaep in this game. kaep going to stay on the bench rest of the year? i doubt that, that they are going to do something with that afro.

    1. Kap could just be the masons bitch and act a fool in the media and sit his ass on the bench.

    2. wildfire, kaep can draw. $ is to be made.

    3. They already drew a butt load of $ off him.

  21. 7-7 score at halftime. 7x7=49. Blaine Gabbert goes to 4-9 playing for the 49ers??? Looks like it.
    DAMN this shit is scripted.

  22. " 10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52 (5+2)
    10/6/2016 = 10+6+(2+0+1+6) = 25 (2+5)
    10/6/2016 = 1+0+6+2+0+1+6 = 16 (1+6)

    score @ half 7-7

  23. drew stanton has 7 career wins, myaybe he stays at 7?

  24. gabbert is so bad as is stanton shitty game

  25. They flashed gabberts stats on that drive 106 yards passing and they march down the field and score.

  26. Looks like the script was for Arizona.

  27. Might be random but in the article it says 2 homes destroyed. Blane gabert wears number 2. And 13 seems to be a bad number for the 49ers this yr

  28. Did you see this Zach and they only NFL game she went to was in HOUSTON and the 97