Thursday, October 6, 2016

33 52 156 | Governor Rick Scott's Hurricane Matthew press conference in St. John's County, October 6, 2016

Look at that psychotic grin.  What a quote, thanks CNN, thanks Governor Masonic Psychopath.

Again, this storm has the "homicidal" gematria.

This storm will 'kill' you.

This 'hurricane' is supposed to cause massive 'flood'ing in its path along the Southeast United States.

The date is appropriate.

10/6/2016 = 10+6+20+16 = 52

The name Poseidon also has gematria of '52'.

Poseidon = 7+6+1/10+5+9+4+6+5 = 43/52

Prophecy also has gematria of '106', something like 10/6, or October 6.

'106' is also the number for destruction.  Revelation, the book of prophecy, is the book of destruction.

*You know how I often say 140 is paired with '106'?  Today is 10/6.  How about those wind speeds?

And are they kidding?  NAVY?  ARMY?  Is that a pyramid with the EYE of the storm in the middle?  Goodness.

Of course the 'military' controls 'HAARP', the "research weapon" that is theorized to be able to modify weather and create / enhance storms.

I have a hunch why they were in St. Augustine for the staged scene.

St. John's = 1/10+2+1+6+8+5+1/10 = 24/33/42

The location also connects to Governor 'Scott'.

His full name is 'Richard Lynn Scott'.

The county also connects.

I love that from the very movie looking shot with the all seeing eye in the background, they went to Hollywood, Florida.  I give it a 10!

Checkout the gematria on Hollywood, Florida.

Let us not forget the 'all seeing eye' gematria in regards to false flag tragedy.

The eye of the storm is making landfall in Florida, 2103-days since Rick Scott became Governor (213), or 300-weeks and 3-days.

Notice Scott was born in '52.

12/1/1952 = 12+1+19+52 = 84 (United States of America)
12/1/1952 = 12+1+(1+9+5+2) = 30 (Saturn)
12/1/1952 = 1+2+1+1+9+5+2 = 21 (Saturn)
12/1/52 = 12+1+52 = 65 (Florida)

His initials connect to 'Revelation', and so does his birthday.  Revelation is the book of prophecy.

His 64th birthday is 56-days from today, or a total span of 57-days.

Scottish Rite?  Rick Scott?


  1. 1. Spend on supplies
    2. Buy Gas
    3. Register and go to your local FEMA camp .. Oops hurricane shelter.

    The Sheep don't stand a chance!

  2. Is this perhaps why HAARP was heating up the entire Southeast this whole summer? We didn't break the 90's in Northeastern GA until nearly October 1st and had a record amount of days above 90. We're just now hitting normalcy or right above average temps as the hurricane conveniently comes in. Something don't smell right.

  3. Is Rick Scott related to Adam Silver? They both look like aliens

  4. Zach i watched your video and you mentioned the hurricane could turn into a horseshoe patern. Got me thinking and today is 123 days from the super bowl. Indianapolis =123. Possibly another clue

  5. Rick scott = 118 like 11/8 election day