Friday, October 4, 2019

104 | Yankees beat Twins, 10-4, on October 4, 2019

The Yankees just won their 104th game of the season, on October 4, by a score of 10-4.


  1. Twins, RHE were 4-7-1. Great Conjunction code there. 444 days to the GC today.

  2. Yankees box score has 811
    Hillary Clinton in Seattle on 11/8 (Clinton ferry)
    Vikings Dante culpepper wore #8 then switched to 11
    In Miami was part of the (Boat rape case)
    Vikings have #8 cousins who was replaced by #11 Alex Smith in DC
    Brady’s 18-1 season was 2008 lost Super Bowl 17-14
    #17 plaxico Burress scored GW TD
    49ers were honored at half
    Plaxico shot himself at Latin quarters NYC 10017 zip code
    #21 broncos /patriots/Rams /Bucs
    Aquib Talib shot himself after Super Bowl 50 victory over
    In San Francisco
    Terrell Owens #81 became the SF #1 receiver after his
    20 catch game dec 17th 2000 vs Bears in a 17-0 win
    Dolphins perfect season 17-0
    #17 Antonio brown cut after the dolphins game
    B-17 bomber crashed in Massachusetts
    17 dead on parkland shooting FL

    47 years ago dolphins 17-0 season with #14 at QB
    Bob Griesie

    #10 Brady in 97 was the back up to #14 Brian Griese at Michigan
    Brady 6th round pick
    Brian 3rd round pick
    Brady won his first ring in SB36 and currently 6-3 in Super Bowls
    Brady favorite baseball team YANKEES
    Lebron is 3-6 in finals favorite team YANKEES
    Yankees have 27 rings
    Undefeated season 1972
    Yankees acquired #27 staton from Miami
    Patriots won Super Bowl 53 in the 99th nfl season
    On 2/3
    #99 is Yankees star player Aaron Judge
    Brady loves his 1995 shoulder pads
    1995 #23 DON matinley last season as Yankees
    A strike season
    Don is the Marlins manager who’s ow we is Michigan’s
    Derrick Jeter
    The dolphins owner Raised 12 million for DONald Trump
    Is also a Michigan alum
    Harbaugh a Michigan alum coached in SB 47
    Won an orange bowl with #12 Andrew luck in Miami
    That was the Black out super bowl 33 minutes
    #52 Ray Lewis. Miami last game
    #7 kapernick was the losing QB who played his last game in Miami week 17
    DON Shula age 89 once was offered a coaching job by 45th President DONald Trump in NY
    The MVP of SB7 was #13 jake Scott
    #13 dan Marino played in one Super Bowl vs 49ers #16
    (47) again
    47 was the Jewish state year

  3. Robert kraft Orchid Asia spa criminal case
    1989 wild orchid movie
    1989 49ers super bowl in Miami 20-16 =36 or 666 or 27
    1989 quake SF
    1989 bad boys in Detroit
    Will Smith Starr in Bad boys movie in Miami
    Bad boys 1995 patriots 1959 est Brady 95 shoulder pads
    Will Smith is in a movie called GEMINI man like TWINS
    He goes back to being age 21 😂
    Bad boys 3 reboot Miami
    The patriots are 2-1 in their last 3 straight super bowls
    The last team to play in 4 straight was the Bills #12
    Jim Kelly Miami alum 😂 0-4

  4. "Ten to Four" = 134
    "Lose Series" = 134 <<< Series of Games?
    "Hundred Four" = 134
    "Sum of Score" = 134 <<<< 10 + 4 = 14
    "Vesica Piscis" = 134
    "Predict LA Win" = 134

    "Fourteen" = 104 <<< 10-4 Good Buddy

    "M.L.B. Win Code" = 134
    "Dodgers Signal" = 134
    "Hidden Codes" = 134

    134 + 143 + 314 + 341 + 413 + 431 = 1776 <<< What Year?

    "Satanic Agenda Objective" = 1776
    "Forecast Future Event" = 1776
    "Perverted History" = 1776
    "Executive Order" = 1776

    "LA CA USA Win" = 104 <<< 10-4 Good Buddy

    1. Thinking it's Yankees vs Dodgers, and Dodgers win?

    2. Yes...I originally Had: Rockies vs Yankess

      "First Coloroado Championship" = 911
      "Two Thousand Nineteen" = 911
      "The Rox Championship" = 911

      Then I realized they could be talking about Boulder:

      "Agenda Title [Boulder Colorado]" = 911
      "A Boulder Colorado USA" = 911


      "A Hundred Fifteenth Champion Symbol" = 333
      "Pro Sports Championship Win" = 333
      "Best Team" = 333

      Write Out 333:

      "Three Hundred Thirty Three" = 286
      "LA Dodgers One Hundred Fifteenth" = 286 <<<
      "Loa Angeles California Signal Code" = 286
      "Forecast & Prediction" = 286
      "Ordo Templi Orientis" = 286
      "Confirmed Kill" = 286
      "Dollar Bill" = 286

    3. Interesting. Yeah, I can't see them going with the Astros again, even though they're the so called best team in the league. They've really been pushing the Yankees hard this year, even though they are led by a bunch of unknowns outside Judge and Stanton. Dodgers are due.

  5. Who is the Yankees fan they kept showing with the stuffed parrot in his arm? The focused on him and right after that Yankees hit their first home run of the game

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It was Babe Ruth, he wore number 3 and had Ruth on the back.

  6. Nationals game 4 runs 10 hits series tied 1-1

  7. Minnesota miracle 61 yards
    Trump attended Super Bowl 26 !
    Score 37-24=61

    That’s why I know it’s ELIZABETH WARren Pocahontas
    Who will get nominated for DEM’s who will need their
    MED’s If Trump gets re-SELECTED 😂

  8. Twin cities twin towers
    Diggs #14 from Maryland DC area
    Super bowl 41 prince attended in Miami
    Prince died in an elevator
    Trump tower Las Vegas has a record setting elevator
    One of the fasted in the WORLD
    41st President died rode a train to Houston
    His son is honored at the home of the 12th man A&M
    Seattle also has the 12th man
    President bush navy plane #2 was shot down who he was 19
    Prince died 4/21 2016
    216=Ohio area code
    Trump DNC in Ohio
    2016 lebron broke the CURSE
    Detroit lions have a CURSE And Boston had a CURSE
    Bush coin toss in SB 51 the OT Super Bowl
    25pt comeback
    On July 25 Trump had the TWIN EAGLE seal at the TPUSA convention
    July 25th trump spoke with UKRAINE (rain)
    41st super bowl in the RAIN
    Yankees acquired TIM RAINES from White Sox 95
    Patriots 1959
    95 shoulder pads
    Bill Belichk left Ohio in 95 😂
    95 MJ made his comeback white Sox
    Birmingham Barrons

    Trump son BARRON #11 played soccer at RFK stadium
    Same place Steve Scalia was SHOT at the congressional baseball game

    Steve is an alum of LSU

    This riddle goes on and on

    1. Tiny dick gematria pussys lmfao stfu Harry ur fucking stupid. Couldn’t even count how many times this dumb fucks been wrong on this blog and just keeps coming back lmaooooooo🤣🤣🤣

  9. If you write out one hundred and four it equals 88 in FR. 10-4 leaves 88 days left as Zach has said.

  10. Harrybutts106October 5, 2019 at 8:55 AM

    Nationals game 4 runs 10 hits series tied 1-1 
    1-4 Redskins
    4-1 patriots

  11. Yankees ,10=1
    Twins, 4 =4
    Twin cities = two Washington states
    Yankees = patriots.
    Washington redskins get first win=1-4

  12. Lol this is too easy. Ohio State vs Michigan state. 
    Ohio state in black uni= Haskins,Ohio State. Michigan State in white uni= Brady. Msu QB #14= 4-1 for Brad

    1. What does Haskins have to dowith Washington today, he isnt playing, and I think the best narrative for Wash winning is with McCoy since he did beat hem before, also as very big dogs, prplly similar 16 points as Pats were 14-2 that yr, i early thought they were 12-4, Browns were 6-10, which was a good yr for them

    2. his birthday numerology dictates he will be in this game


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