Friday, August 12, 2016

106 138 | August 12, 2016, "If I lose PA, they cheated", the word of Donald "the dump" Trump (A salute in numbers from London)

The headline has 'prophecy' gematria, connecting to Hillary opening the DNC 106-days before election day, November 8, 2016.  The opening date of the DNC was July 25, 2016.

If = 9+6 = 15
I = 9
lose = 3+6+1+5 = 15/24
PA = 7+1 = 8
they = 2+8+5+7 = 22
cheated = 3+8+5+1+2+5+4 = 28
If I lose PA, they cheated = 97/106 (Civil War = 97) (Prophecy = 106)

This morning the headlines were about Hillary $10.6m earned in 2015.  10.6... 106...

In the subheadline, the number '318' is encoded.

On Jeranism Raw at Truth Frequency Radio I was asked about this number.  The host learned what it has to do with the calculating of circumference in circles, and what it also has to do with 22 and 7.  If you divide 7 by 22, you get .318...

I also learned this about 318 the other day.

In London, the time was 1:06 AM, August 13, 2016 when this article was posted.  That date is specific to Donald Trump, written 13/8.  1:06, 106, Prophecy = 106

August 13, or 13/8...


  1. So .318 is reverse PI the 22/7 way? That's interesting. I listened to the interview but I didn't get that. Good interview BTW I'm still waiting for you to make Higherchats.

    1. Sorry I meant Higherside chats. (friday night) Yes it's a good show and he has crrow on sometimes. I don't know why he hasn't asked you yet. I've bugged him a bunch of times. I'm pretty sure he knows who you are. Maybe he's waiting for you to get your book finished.

  2. 318 always makes my mind go to 666 whenever I see it. I associate that it takes 3 sixes to get 18. 318. 666.

    I know I never liked to see it.

  3. Wtf do the sheeple see in this obvious clown actor? We are living in a nightmare reality

    1. They don't see, they always fall... for the wrong things.

  4. Prince Charles was born on the 318th day of the year 11/14. His ex-wife Princess Diana died on 31/8 in 1997(97=Civil War). The Worst ever recorded East Coast Earthquake was on 31/8/1886 in Charleston(Civil War) "King Charles"=107=Earthquake I noticed Charles Bday is also 84 days before Eliz II's 65th anniversary.

    1. Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta=138, 318
      He supposedly flew Flight 11 into the North Tower.

  5. Not relevant to 318 but Queen Elizabeth II turned 71 years old 132 days before "Princess Diana"=132 died. Diana born on 7/1 which is 71 days after Elizabeth II's bday. Princess Camilla was born on 7/17. "English Civil War"=171 2016 is 71 years after World War II came to and End. "World War Three"=71 Catholic=71


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