Thursday, January 12, 2017

John McCain asks Mad Dog Mattis if he is on board with the New World Order at hearing, January 12, 2017 (Notice how sneaky...)

2 hours later....

New World Order = 174
Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74

Notice how sneaky John McCain is in the way he phrases New World Order.  These people make me sick.  What a bunch of sellouts to humanity.


  1. Code for yes I am on Board..He said Russia 1st!! That's what he wanted to hear..Done deal

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  2. Hey if anybody is interested I think I have the High Priests riddle figured out for the Packers vs Cowboys game ...Todays Drudge Report was my biggest clue..Thanks Drudge!!!

    1. Shawn I am interested in the Packers Cowboys game....1 statistic I saw on ESPN was that the last 6 playoff meetings between these 2 teams, the Home team has won all 6!! The last time a road team was, was in 1966, the yr the road team (Packers) won ...which was the conference championship game....leading up the the 1st Super Bowl.....Featuring Green Bay and KC...2 teams still alive....interesting the 1966,1st and maybe (tho unlikely) last Super Bowl....What is ur take???

    2. I think Chiefs vs packers is a strong possibility as well

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  3. One eye, one arm, one ambition...

    Thanks, Zach, for the wake-up call!
    Keep up the fight, brother :-D.

  4. What a loaded word!

    Onboard=69, 227

    Onboard witb the New World Order=336, 2016(216), 3575(35+75=110)

  5. Dallas will advance...............

  6. We are in a Card Game at the moment. The Economist cover showed us this to give us a HINT!.. Tarot Cards were used for a Reason.. Trump = The JOKER IS BEING PLAYED..You need to understand the game..The Wild Card if you will..So whats coming is gonna be a complete SURPRISE!! Unexpected..You signed up for this new KING, Your Energy by Voting You CAST your vote, You projected your ENERGY into something.....The future is being written in the moment....Their playing thru TAROT cards and the TRUMP card comes next....The Joker/ Wildcard is on its way....Divide and Conquer....Look at the cover of Steven Jackson"s Illuminati playing card deck....Do you see the CLOWN/Joker on the TOP??? Its right there in our faces, Were you wondering why in October there was all those Demonic CLOWN stories in the News? Clowns/ Jokers everywhere were being reported Remember? Why you ask? Because they the HIGH PRIESTS were announcing the Joker was soon coming!!! BE READY..

    1. Bro, calm down... if you knew ANYTHING about the Joker card or the Jester card you would know it's biblical symbolism. The Joker, the Jester, the Jack or the Fool is the Jesus card. Jesus is the traveling fool, the Man who would be Kind for a day, the Joker or the Jester who speaks in Parables............... This is all based on Seasons, Summer and Winter and the Cross of the Zodiac, the summer, winter, spring, fall equinox Cross.

      Almost every Hollywood film is based on the Joker, the Jack or the Traveling fool - Jesus... the man who Would be King for a Day. This is not a Surprise nor a Wild Card. This is just the same shit retold over and over and over and over to go along with the Seasons of nature.

    2. @School Bread

      Yes, nearly everything is ultimately about the sun.

    3. Actually to make my point even more using a very obvious HollyWood movie....

      Have you ever seen the movie "Where the Wild Things Are"

      It's about a boy(Jesus), the traveling fool, the Joker who finds himself in a long lost land who discovers monsters who Crown the boy and make him King for a day.

      That is the short form of it but that's basically it.

      Another one, just in case you are older and are not familiar with the newer movies, is the movie "Stargate" from 1994

      Again, in the movie you see a bunch of traveling fools going to a long lost land only to be crown King for a day because of the eye of Horus pendant he was wearing.

      @iivarii - you are missing half of the equation... Summer & Winter.... which means it's ultimately about the Sun AND the Moon.... can't forget the Goddess Moon.

    4. True, both sun and moon of course.
      Sun is just more familiar to me, therefore I tend to see more stuff relating to it.
      Need to learn about the moon more.

    5. @School Bread

      I agree, there is nothing new under the sun, it's just the way it's packaged and sold to us, changing the names and details (devil in the details) but it's the same stories over and over again.
      The fools journey
      Hero with a Thousand Faces
      Read Joseph Campbell he lays it all out really well.

      Sun and moon
      Duality, dueling
      Yin and Yang (Yankee)
      4 seasons, 7 days a week

    6. The moon was the First god to be worshiped (which was a Female Goddess). Have you ever asked yourself why all Jewish Holidays start at Sun Down, the Night, when the MOON is out? But of course the modern religions worship the Sun (the Male God) now.

      Jesus symbolized BOTH the Sun and the Moon. The Sower and the Reaper, the Summer and the Winter, The Old Testament (Winter Moon) and the New Testament (Summer Sun).

      That is why the famous painting of the "Last Supper" has Jesus wearing both the RED(Sun, Summer) and Blue(Moon, Winter) clothe.... both mixing together to create the Oneness of Purple.

      Again, why the Baphomet symbol has both Tits and a Dick, Male & Female - creating the Oneness of our single day, month, and year cycle

      And so what is the Bible? It's a story following this traveling Fool named Jesus who is nothing but a Jester Jack that likes to make Jokes in the form of Parables, half truths, who Dies in Winter and is Resurrected in Summer ect. ect.

    7. It's like the media is a big computer programmed with stories from the bible, mythologies, and Shakespear and it just mixes and matches endlessly only changing names and places and details according to some sort of algorithm or pattern, perhaps designed to change patterns/shape shift based on our feedback.

    8. Exactly @PrunellaJones it's crazy how exact they are with their programming they have to have some type of interface to match all this stuff up and synch it together it's so gnarly.

    9. Maybe the algorithm is programmed using the moon phases. I've been turning that one over in my mind for a while now.
      Waxing and waning every month is a regular pattern. Maybe that's why the moon is supposed to control the tides. Pushing and pulling, regulating.
      Maybe that what CERN is.

    10. The sun is all about shadow play I think. I had an idea about hebrew letters rotating every two hours lit by the sun and form shadows in different areas, I have vague notions of how it could work. Also different colors emphasizeD at different times could make for the appearance time changing.
      If the Earth is round then it's probably something like the big rolling hamster wheel track in 2001 Space Odyssey.

      Clocks are round

    11. Almost every single major celebrity death, terrorist attack, or major death event has been synced to the phases of the New, Full, and Half moon.

      9/11 was a Half Moon, and think about that, Half Moon, meaning, Half is Light and Half is Dark, the Twin Towers.

      David Bowie died the night of the New Moon aka the Black Moon, his last album was "Black Star" another name for the New Moon.

      Robin Williams died the day of the Full Moon.

      The Titan sank in 1912, between the days 14th-15th of April, a ship that splits in TWO, sank 2 days before the New Moon, during the last slithers of Waning Cresent Moon Phase

    12. The Three Phases/Faces of Eve
      23 September 1957

      Wonder what phase the moon was in on that date.

    13. Spin a ring (or a washer) in front of you and look at it:
      As it spins, it creates ones and zeros depending on the perspective:
      I O I O I etc....

      The moon does that too, sweeping black-white-black-white...
      sweeping to new moon, to old moon, to new moon, to old moon... eternally.

      The moon is a circle spinning inside a circle, creating ones (I) and zeros (O).

      this picture might help illustrate what i'm trying to say:

    14. September 23-24, 1957 where the nights for the New Moon -

    15. @iivarii that is a cool picture I can understand what you are saying and it adds to what I had already thought about Binary code

      I've always associated one(1) and zeros(0), the binary language of technology as Sex Magic.

      You see, you need 1's ans 0's to create "power"... Penises and Vaginas to create life -- or Electronic Power

      If you look at the "Power" button on most of electronics it's this same Sex Magic symbolism. It's a zero or a circle with a one or falic shape (penis) entering it (sex) and that is what "turns on" your device and gives it "power" or "life"

      The power symbol is Sex Magic

    16. Lol at all those "finger on the button" worries about the president and nukes.

      I's and O's
      Tens and zero's
      Isis and Osiris
      Reminds me of the Comet ISON hype, was that 20I2?

      Thanks for the charts, helpful way to picture things.

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    19. Two circles spinning inside a circle:

    20. Ship's wheel:
      4 circles spinning inside a circle.

    21. Take a look what game of thrones have in their sky:

    22. And yes Prunella,

      I bet that sunlight "NEEDS" that shadow ("black light") to appear and somehow balance the light.
      The moon has black & white.
      Maybe sun's black are the shadows.

    23. Think Plato's cave for the idea of the Shadow... coming into the light from darkness. The Shadows on the wall that trick you into thinking it's real.

      The God of the Hebrew text is named "Shaddai"

      Shaddai has similar entomology in language to our word today of Shadow, the darkness of light or the Devi as they say (Hebrew Satan)

      Even in the creation of the world according to Genesis in the Bi-bull we start in Darkness then came the "light"

      There is a very real reason why our day BEGINS @ Midnight, when the Moon is out, when it's dark, then comes the light or sun only to go dark once again before the "day" or 24 hours end to start again.

      Platos cave is the metaphor for the Birthing process. We all know ALL THINGS in the world come from the Vesica Pisces, the Vagina, and Plato's Cave is the Womens Stomach, where you are born in the Dark only to be brought into the light of day, passing through the Vesica Pisces

    24. Look what I just wrote on the bottom of this page!!!

    25. Great information! Thank you.

      I have also thought the moon as being two circles (black and white) going in and out, inside each other, exactly like Vesica Pisces.
      Like this ⚭.

    26. Symphony of the skies = sonoluminescence + spiral movement of heavenly lights.

    27. Or "light circles" to be more specific.
      Creating 1's and 0's, hence reality, endlessly...

      Man this Plato cave thing still holds up something big...
      something I haven't realized..
      I can sort of feel it slipping away..

    28. You are talking about the Black Sun or the Sonnerad without realizing it. The counter balance to the Sun is the Black Sun.

      It is what Soundgarden are singing about in Blackhole Sun. The beginning and the end, the Sun turning in on itself, Black Hole Sun, the wrath of love.

    29. Alright, thanks for letting me know.

    30. I love it when I get a grasp of some idea and then find out that it was/is a concrete belief/theory.

    31. Do you mean night comes from the black sun, and day from the sun?

  7. Oh I know your very right, I study the zodiac and understand the HIGH PRIESTS bullshit very well..Well Trump is playing the role of The Devils Advocate since you bring up Hollywood...That's why they filmed the scenes from that movie right from TRUMPS own personal PENTHOUSE!! He is the Hand up Mona Lisa"s skirt as AL Pacino says in the movie..They Never see me coming............BOOM.

  8. Definitions of the word 'trump'

    (US, in the singular, cards) The suit, in a game of cards, that outranks all others.

    (obsolete) A trumpet.

    (British, in the plural, cards) The suit, in a game of cards, that outranks all others.

    (cards) A playing card of that suit.

    (figuratively) Something that gives one an advantage, especially one held in reserve.

    (colloquial, now rare) An excellent person; a fine fellow, a good egg.
    An old card game, almost identical to whist; the game of ruff.

    (in the plural) The major arcana of the tarot
    A card of the major arcana

  9. The Bruno Mars song Billionaire is a tribute to TRUMP.. The words to the song again are a High Priest tribute to the KING , OH, I swear the world better PREPARE for when im a Billionaire....Prepare Prepare Prepare was the warning at the halftime show of the 2014 superbowl ritual where children sang in chorus the song Billionaire! That was the High Priest announcing Trump was chosen to be the future president..President = is pre tend ...Its again hidden in plain sight... The words PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE flashed behing the children singing and that was again the HIGH PRIEST warning to the world for what they have planned for us all.. Bruno mars started the Ritual at the superbowl in 14 with a majestic DRUM solo, The word TRUMP in German means DRUM.... That Drum solo was to ENFORCE the High Priest Ritual to Trump. I have some truly unbelievable SuperBowl 51 halftime ritual shit connected to Lady GaGa that we will see next month..Man shit is happening so fast now its hard to keep

    1. That is good stuff. So from now on, just when you don't expect something, expect something.

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    3. Carolina panthers beat a Drum before every game. Steph curry was chosen to beat the drum during a panthers game.

      Drum symbolizes the Firnament. They are obsessed with pounding the ceiling.
      Think of the liberty bell, it's a crack ceiling
      Just like lord Vaders phallus dome.
      Found out there was a talent show "Gong" show in the 70's


      iivarii 77/98 we've seen both numbers this year for Trump and the NFL

    4. Yes i remember the drum pounding.
      Low frequency modulation for the symphony of skies.
      Trump always pointing up,
      "roof is on fire" (props @Prunella)
      his "hair" on fire too.

    5. 89/98 --> take the "pillars" on the sides 88
      --> take the center 99

    6. Could be

      77 = green bay
      88 = trump
      99 = new england

      but nah, seems maybe a bit dum..

  10. Pax Americana = 52 / 106
    That's a match with the word prophecy

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  13. They the High Priests are Warning us of a Black out event presently.. Today at the CIA confirmation hearing there was a POWER OUTAGE!!!!! Look at the new High Priest movie LIVE BY NIGHT!! Lots of high code for a coming Cyber/ Power outage..Look at David Bowie brand new release NO PLAN!! It has an opening scence of a ELECTRIC STORE!!

    1. Check out the Las Vegas solar energy project which is powering that city. Check out the company Solar 1!

      I bet they're going to get Vegas,just like UFC, mayweather, Tyson , Jason Bourne, Paul Grorge broken leg vegas, Raiders proposal to move to vegas,Jaimie Foxx new movie in vegas. The list goes on. CELINE DEION HUSBAND died in vegas recently.
      There is so much shit pointing to this.
      Who will care about a mass outage or injuries to a bunch of degenerate gamblers or drug addicts or dirty casino owners?
      I bet in a crisis Trump could take over properties with a major Psyop in vegas.

    2. Recent OJ and Tupac Las Vegas stuff coming out. I wonder if the Cris Brown =32 vs Soldier Boy= 92 fight is taking place in vegas?

      Mike Tyson and Mayweather are training them.

      Conner Mcgregor in the news all the time.

      They want your focus away from vegas
      What better way but to black out Vegas during the Super Bowl , of Christmas or new year or during a big fight?

      Notice Pacman Jones was in the news and first thing brought up .. Strip club shooting when he was a Titan.
      2pac or Pacman

    3. Stephen Kings The Stand ends with a Nuke in Vegas.

  14. My wife ask me all the time about this world we find ourselves in, I explain reality to her like this...We live in a Staged Theater production, The Puppeters Cast shadows on the wall, and that's the reality we see. ( the wall is our conscious mind) And the Puppeters are the Sub Conscious scripts running under the radar of awareness.. So many of you guys posting on here are smart as HELL,and like me we are just trying hard to make sense of this prison we are in...

    1. Plato's Allegory for the Cave! Yup! We are all in it together

  15. Like Plato's cave metaphor.
    Plato's work, by the way, includes one of geometric keys of reality,
    the 108,36,36 degree triangle with sides of 1,1 and phi.
    And "1 is to phi, as phi is to 1", the golden proportionality of reality.
    Takes time and effort to understand.
    Just putting it here in case someone is interested.
    No one knows where he got it from before him.

    Thanks. Keep it up!

    1. Yeah I caught that!! it's like we all hit the same idea at the same time! We are synching up this knowledge together

    2. Yes seems that way! Awesome!

    3. President

      Presides over Entertainment!

    4. Present id

      Good one for Barry especially!

    5. Plato=Play-Doh

      We were crease red or molded from mud lol

      Life's a game
      Life's a puzzle
      Life's a dream
      Life's a journey
      Life is loving the Lord

      Play doh owned by kuhtol 1955!


    6. Play-Doh is a modeling compound used by young children for art and craft projects at home and in school. Composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil, the product was first manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s.[1] The product was reworked and marketed to Cincinnati schools in the mid-1950s. Play-Doh was demonstrated at an educational convention in 1956 and prominent department stores opened retail accounts.[2] Advertisements promoting Play-Doh on influential children's television shows in 1957 furthered the product's sales.[1] Since its launch on the toy market in the mid-1950s, Play-Doh has generated a considerable amount of ancillary merchandise such as The Fun Factory.[3] In 2003, the Toy Industry Association named Play-Doh in its "Century of Toys List".

    7. Presides entertainment.

      It's funny cause its true.
      I like it.

    8. WALL paper !! Lol

      Reminder our discussion how the elite are using
      They're numbers to over lay the source code of the universe and then cause deceit.

    9. I personally feel the Bi-nary code

      Is 1=ON

      Let that sink in for a minute.

    10. WALL paper hahaha,

      yes i think we are really onto something with elite "wall papering" over reality, i.e. tricking it to do/cause something.

    11. Wet foot Dry foot policy no longer policy affective immediately!

      DRAIN the SWamp ironically a Florida law

      FT lauderdale airport is next to a Reactor

      Port Everglades !!! I bet that airport shooting may be a clue !

      I keep going back to Palin 2008 " I can see Russia from my back yard"

      The FT lauderdwle shooter came from Alaska
      And new reports say he was headed to NYC on New Year's Day or NEW MOON day!

    12. For a long time I believed that our sky is a wall paper type of production. Hologram type green screen. Owning a basic fish tank you are instructed to place a mirror or a background for the fish! Lol with a LIGHT lmao

      Spongeboob, Atlantis , the biblical FLOOD,the UCLA campus Flood. Hoover Dam etc

      The character Cindy the squirrel with the fish bowl remedies me of US in a fish tank with waters above and below. Jesus FISH symbol
      And the fact we live in Symbiotic fluid and our shapes are fish like.

    13. Electrical contacts

      0n and off!

      10001100 are open ring and closing circuits
      ELectricity or El-Starun or ELohim

      Static ELectricity running through our bodies in alkaline fluid our tissue !

    14. @illvarii
      What is going on and off?
      Good question
      I think maybe it's our awareness.

    15. Like this, like bending a wire?

      I ) o

    16. Yes in and out of consciousness
      They repeat infinitely 88! Positive and negative
      With the EARTH ground!

    17. This probably why Ohio comes up again and again.
      H is just an I flipped on its side.

      And all the the big cities start with C the bending wire.

      Ohio the 17th state

    18. You got it. No beginning or no end
      Just contact and signal.
      Electrical PULSE like the gay club.
      Thunder & lighting
      North and South Pole
      In and out burger
      Ying and yan
      God vs Satan
      Batman vs super man

      They mock us AFC vs NFC

      Jews vs muslims

      Dem vs Rep

      Think of all the ENERGY produced at the games and political rallies

      Trump Trumpet loud robust annoying sound

      Obama smooth liar, suave , eloquent, cunning

      NRG field in (H)ouston H=8 ! Infinite loop

    19. I'm bookmarking this one. So many interesting ideas

    20. Yeah good ideas and discussion guys. Though Harrybutts106 was trolling last time I saw his comments, what happened there?

  16. Layers of wallpaper
    Background noise, pop culture, history
    Cultural wallpaper

    Plato, Play dough, Playboy
    Soldiers were called Dough-boys in WW1
    Dough= $$$
    "You're so money and u don't even know it."
    Quote From the movie SWINGERS about guys who try to act like 1950s Playboys.

    Lol, this stuff is like Legos all the pieces seem able to interlock with each other

    1. Bingo!!

      Legit movie , Simms , rubicon's cube,Pandora's box , sound waves ,light waves , micro waves , $=Sin or sign of an electrical wave, sparks, think what our atoms do. Synapses!

      It's all on our face!! The planet is not flat is a CIRCUIT board !

    2. And from dough boys to.... DUFF MAN

    3. Yes, I can see that.

      Looking down at a circuit board is like a 3d map
      Start with a ______ and build up layers like sediment

      Like the 3 layers of skin

    4. Our eyes
      wires (or 1's) bent to circles,
      pupils same thing,
      circles within circles, in other words, open wires closed.

    5. The skin is the insulators!!
      For the Cells and the heart is the pump
      Blood is red and blue !
      Acid in the stomach
      And the optics are contacts the plug is the spine
      The brain has TWO polarities

      That's why HARRY is called Bi-polar

    6. When you see something, your eye goes:
      O ) O ) ) O O O ) ) ) etc...

      on and off, in and out of closed contact

      I get it now. Binary of the above is the same thing!!

      0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1

      If I brake the ) in pieces i cant see. The open-close contact cannot be formed!

    7. Love you Iivarii !!!

      We don't know each other but we are connected !

      You are holding your phone or keyboard LOG on or off and connected to our matrix !

      The fact that the Program is aware of itself is the part that's divine or ?

      The BIG BANG is the spark

      Nuclear war or bombs are expression of energy
      Aka electricity

      One small stEP for man and one giant LEap

      For mankind

      Records are also EP

      The world is a GLOBE like a Christmas globe lol

      Van alLEn bELts


    8. Gotta love you too!
      Very, very much appreciated.

  17. If you ever ride a Bumper car take a look at that stick touching that electrified net!

    We are energized by the sun and the moon cools us down we are connected ted via wifi to the stars each person or cell has a connection to billions of starts that's how they created this bullshit!

    We work as slaves like a Slave Breaker !

    When you get angry you become Animated or aggtiated or AMPlified

    When we sleep we are recharging

    The elites are breaking the circuits through repeating constant WHITE noise , distortion or chaos.

    Gravity, time , tides , are all expressions and characteristics of Electricity

    The ARK or SPARK of the covenant

  18. Just keep it going !

    LOVE and Hate

    Positive and negative

    The world needs LOVE because too much Negative vibes leads to Death.

    Why does god allow such evil ?

    This world runs on duality better yet + -

    Cheers gents

  19. It's not a Race war

    It's the constant + -

    Needed to feed the machine

    The Devil horns are positive and negative poles

    When trump makes the #6 sign it's to display the unity of the Circuit !

    He waves it ON and OFF

  20. Now I understand what all the 'this and that war' is for.

    In battle, they even yell "CHARGE" before attacking!!!
    How unbelievably epic is that!
    San diego literally Charging.

    1. Most US troops are deployed from San Diego to the ME. Charge them up then send them up. Maybe with the move to LA, we are looking at an internal charge again. The first year they made it to the championship game in the old world AFL was 1965, the same year as the Watts riots. OverCharged??

      I wonder how the chargers did some other years of LAs big social unrest events?

    2. Wow lord!! Great point.
      They simulate battle right off the 5 freeway.
      Do you remember last year the controversy
      About the mountain bikers being arrested or kicked off the trail by the US marines in SD?
      Going to check for clues. I was on my way to SD
      State and noticed the Marines were out in full force training. I also thought about the Florida Marine stationed In SD who lost his "mind" and ended up in a Mexican Prison. Fl and SD a marine losing his mind like the shooter at ft lauderdale.

    3. WATTs riots
      WATT (W) unit of electrical power.


    4. "Charged for murder"
      "facing criminal charges"

      electric chair,

    5. "What an electrifying performance!"

    6. Someone has criminal charge in him
      --> kill him
      --> criminal charge eliminated

  21. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Our function is the charge a battery.
      I guess it is now appropriate to say,

    3. Trump will JUMP start the economy ... lmao get it now.

    4. The Death Star is an Energy weapon

      Bob Marley line of Atomic energy

      ObOMB-A " I don't know why I received the nobEL peace prize"

      MandELa affect

      Peyton (Payload) manning

      FalLEn angELs

      Cubs defeated the cLEvand Indians

      Bama vs cLEmsun

    5. AA-Ron RODgers

      Double a batteries ?

      Double A baseball
      Triple doubEL

      RussEL westbrook

      LEbron James

      MichEaL Jordan and since (a) 1! GOD or Gold as in conductor

      JeSuS was a carpenter (SS)

      Died at 33

      On the X

      Derrick ROSE from the grave #25 or 2x5 55or SS

    6. S is half of both +- poles of 8

  22. Cloud is where our data is stored

    Clouds also provide ACID rain

    They're not spraying Chemtrails LMAO

    Theyre energizing the particles in the air
    To change our perception of our natural energy

    Change the the amount of oXYgen

    It will choke the brain, therefore causing an outage
    Enough misfires can trigger corrupt signals.

    They control the signals coming from our tELevisions and PC=Particle Corruption

    1. Maybe they are amplifying and modifying our charging capacity to fit the "demand"...
      Just like electrical grid.

    2. I was thinking of static like television static interference.
      The Grays

      The television screen saver grid pattern has an Indian and all kinds of interesting stuff.

      Native Americans the ones driven off by our daily programming, robbed and killed off and driven onto reservations - the sidelines. But they still rule the night

      That's why the 24 hour news programming to shut out the natives (our instincts, telepathy, etc)

    3. @Harry

      That reminds me of the plot of The Mist. All these scary bugs coming out of smog/fog/smoke clouds and terrifying people like the news tries to do on a daily basis

    4. Yes I remember that, could they be thinking of a hologram hoax involving cliud technology?

    5. I have long thought that the Alien/Jesus/Skyshow is being setup already by those chemtrails. They are using Mercury to make a Projection Screen like a Movie. Mercury-Arc Lamps are used not only for displaying movies, but also for stage productions and special effects.

      God of financial gain, commerce, messages/communication, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves

    6. Electricity passed through mercury vapor in a fluorescent lamp produces short-wave ultraviolet light which then causes the phosphor in the tube to fluoresce, making visible light

    7. Mercury Rising
      111 Minutes

      Shadowy elements in the NSA target a nine-year old autistic savant for death when he is able to decipher a top secret code.

  23. Oakland RAiders

    RA the sun

    3D technologies or 3 Duracell batteries ?

    Shit is everywhere

    911 two Poles collapsed !

    Same with our Seasons

    They Worship the sON and mOOn

    1. Exactly! wow
      Pole means + - pole but also pillar.

    2. Sun
      My Son
      My Song
      Mice On
      My Eyes On
      M ISON
      Maze On

      Sonny and Cher

      Charon - moon of Pluto
      Sharon Tate

      These are like strings with each word variation a knot
      DNA code

    3. RA is jumping all over. RAms RAiders, chARgers, even the RAvens moved.

    4. A upside down is a V or Milli Volt

    5. McV the new Rams coach.
      Rams Electric is a US staffing company that helps companies/jobs hire private contractors, etc.
      Time to Escape from LA, Harry! But you should still have time, Escape from NY was first.

    6. I will not run because it's a psyop any way.
      Knowing what we know has made me very comfortable with Death. I will be recycled energy
      And my next journey is the unknown which makes me excited to move ON! Lol

    7. Yes,
      Move ON, contrary to move OFF

      like resurrectiON

  24. Why even have real wars (i.e. destroy capable chargers),
    If the battery can be charged,
    with everyones reaction energy,
    to a wag the dog "war"?

    1. Right, and this way no one gets hurt and the control matrix has total control and all times. Really killing people would lead to all kinds of uncertainty and chaos and our Overlords do not like that. They prefer to simulate chaos while remaining in control and study our reactions.

      Like Frank Zappa who was said to give out LSD to everyone while taking none himself so he could stay in control

    2. Exactly prunella, that is a perfect example of the " false layer of our reality"

      The sad part is we PAY for our Sins, is starting to feel like we Pay for our own right to be controlled.

      People Vote(Volt) for A change (Charge)

  25. ON OFF

    Look at them.
    "N" shows CONTACT between two lines (1's) (I I)

    "F" shows NO CONTACT between two lines (1's) (I I)
    both horizontal lines reach to the right but they don't connect.
    Like the hands of a human,
    trying to hug a fellow human,
    but they both hug to the right,
    and not towards eachothers.


    1. That's why, to get the ON and OFF charging really flowing,
      we need divide, unite, divide, unite, divide, unite
      ad infinitum.

    2. An Electrical wave like the eEL

    3. Golden age , Bronze Age

      Conductor that's why we have the Train and train crashes


      EzikiEL ELliot cAR cRAsh

    4. You just cracked me up with the arms of a human. For some reasom it made me think of Elliott and ET being pulled apart from each other.

      Now you see what happens if everyone takes the RIGHT hand path?? Nothing!!

    5. Like (+)(-)

      One eye open, one closed
      Wink wink Sarah Palin, Alaska's princess
      And David Bowie one pupil blown open permanently - the Starman

      Blinking lights
      Strobe lights
      Sun reflecting off a mirror
      Lightning bolts
      Electroshock therapy, Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia had it
      Convulsions/Electricity makes u jump around
      Dr. Frankenstein's monster
      "IT'S ALIVE!"

    6. Coming up on the 27th anniversary of Flatliners, 4/*27*/90. Watch out for the cast. And oddly enough, today is Oliver Platt's 57th bday. Kevin Bacon will soon be 58. Saturn Returns every 29.5 years to place it was when you were born, we all have 3 life changing phases around the years 27-31, 56-60, and 82-86, supposedly. All hot number groups for dead celebs returning to Saturn.


    7. Flatliners
      Oh boy I need to watch that one again.

      Julia Roberts was in that one. She was born in 1967 which I think of as a special year because 67 is the 19th prime.
      She will be 50 (L) on 28 October

    8. Lord OA: "Now you see what happens if everyone takes the RIGHT hand path?? Nothing!!"

      Right, great point!

      And baphomet making the connection between lines in N
      I \ I

      right hand pointing north west
      left hand pointing south east

  26. Gotta go sleeping now.
    To be continued..

    1. Goodnight fellas, thanks for the stimu Latin discussion.

      Lol, my auto correct is v interesting

  27. Going to sLEep and recharge



    1. Positive and Return Feeds
      (+). (-)

      Jesus=Son= (+)

      Jesus's will return one day.

  28. So many babblers on this blog not really saying a damn thing, but they think they are.

  29. o ) I ( o

    One/wire/line bends into zeros on both sides, closing the contact
    back and forth, from o to 1 to o on the other side.
    "outstreching" in the middle,
    and connecting to lines above and below

    o ) l ( o

  30. Chargers moving to LA



    (D)A(L)L(A)(S) Dallas cowboys train in California.

    SDLA=115! Or 55 - Negative charge

  31. Zero = closed loop circuit
    One = short circuit between two lines

    1. 1 is what roman numeral "one" looks like.

      A vertical line between a horizontal line above
      and a horizontal line below.

  32. Pillars of heaven and earth
    are lines connecting earth lines and heaven lines.

    I I I I <-- pillars

    A pillar between heaven line and earth line

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