Monday, July 24, 2017

28 33 57 68 | Moon's interior may contain water, July 24, 2017 reporting (per CNN / Brown University) +Man on the Moon observation +New Moon Landing Observation about 44 and 176

This news comes July 24, 4-days after the 48-year anniversary of the moon landing.


In other words, just more nonsense reporting... and of course, by the numbers.

Today has 68 numerology.  Today is July 24, 2017.

7/24/2017 = 7+24+20+17 = 68 (Mathematics) (Sacred Geometry) (Planet)

Don't forget the moon was once considered a planet by the ancients.

Don't forget about '68 and the Apollo missions either.  That was the year of the "Genesis reading" on Christmas Eve.

ALSO, just made a new observation...

"Man on the moon" and "Moon" have gematria of 57, using our two most basic methods.

Remember, the moon in its orbit of the earth never goes further than 28.5 degrees north or south of the equator, a total difference of 57 degrees, the "Inauguration Age".

George = 57; England = 57; Scottish Rite = 57

You have to appreciate the 147 for Man on the Moon as well.  That's a huge number with the Presidency, and it was a President, JFK, who first had the dream of putting a man on the moon.

While we're at it, how about a few more facts on the moon landing?

Notice, it was July 21, 1969, the last day of Cancer, that man first touched the moon, at the 176th minute of the day, or 2:56 AM UTC (Universal Standard Time).  Consider this mission took of July 16, or 16/7 as well, a reshuffling of the same numbers.  Also strangely, June 25, or 25/6, is the 176th day of the year (that's a lot like 2:56).

Now for the math, 176 is 44x4, or 44+44+44+44.

Cancer = 44
Space = 44
Armstrong = 44 (The man who stepped down at the 176th minute)

The moon is ruled by Cancer, which has an astrological symbol of 69, like the year, '69.

Again, this was the last day of cancer, in '69...

Now notice how Apollo Eleven synchs with Moon Landing.

You have to love the Saturn V rocket as well.  V = 22 = 4

Don't forget what is up with 'sixteen' either.

Sixteen  = 33; Lunar = 33; Masonry = 33; Secrecy = 33

ALSO, a little something about the 13 moon calendar, which begins July 26.

7+26 = 33; Lunar = 33

Twenty-Eight = 57
Moon = 57