Friday, November 20, 2015

44 106 113 321 | Macy's Parade, Prophecy, Tennessee Theater Shooting of August 25 & Acts 11:26

After the Antioch, TN theater shooting of August 5, 2015 , I said to lookout for Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.  Remember, the first ever National Thanksgiving was celebrated on November 26, 1789, emphasis on '89, under the federal recommendation of President George Washington.  Think about how Acts 11:26 is about the Christians, the only place the word Christian is used in the Bible, and how 11/26, or November 26, is the date of the first Thanksgiving, celebrated in remembrance of when the Christian Pilgrims supposedly ate with the Natives who bailed them out of starvation.

This year will be the 89th Macy's Day Parade.

With regards to the date of the August 5 shooting, that is exactly 113-days before November 26.

Making matters even more interesting, the Antioch, TN theater shooting occurred at 1:13 in the afternoon, local time.
Notice the span of 3 months and 21 days, sort of like 3, 2, 1... a countdown.  This is something we have seen coded into other recent stories, such as the Egyptian Airplane crash.

Prior posts on Antioch, TN theater shooting:  

This November 26 will make 74-years since FDR declared Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November.  He made that declaration on November 26, 1941.  Lincoln also declared November 26, 1863 to be the beginning of an annual Thanksgiving Celebration.  In other words, November 26 and Thanksgiving have been big in history.

  1. First Thanksgiving November 26, 1789 (Washington)
  2. Thanksgiving made annual holiday November 26, 1863 (Lincoln)
  3. Thanksgiving made fourth Thursday of every November, November 26, 1941 (FDR)
Here is also a quick little blurb about the original Christian Pilgrims, who celebrated the First Thanksgiving.  Notice the date they left, September 6, and the number of them, 102.

Freemason = 96
Thanksgiving = 96 (Pythagorean, with SKV exceptions)
United States of America = 102 (Pythagorean, S exceptions)

The first ever Thanksgiving, long before it was a holiday, was celebrated December 13, 1621.


  1. Hey Zach.....I love your thinking/angle on this one. I spent my morning thinking about the 2 events on Thanksgiving Day. The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, & Football. The parade took center stage.....

    The Thanksgiving Day Parade =249. Football =249.

    Thanksgiving Day Parade =216. If you multiply 6x6x6 =216. Barack =216. Obama was born on the 216th day.

    The biggest parade of the year sponsored by – Macys = 61. President Obama =61. Bin Laden =61.

    Macys is located specifically in – Herald Square =129. America =129.

    Herald Sq =84. Obama =84. Pilgrim=84.

    Herald Square NYC =1007, 171. Thanksgiving Day =171. Kill Number =117. Kill =17.

    Macys is on – Thirty Fourth St =1331. Not a friendly number at all.

    Speaking of Unfriendly #’s – Eleven Twenty Six =222. Thanksgiving Day Feast =222. Hell =222.

    March Down The Streets Of New York =2220. Marching makes me think – Hitler =222.

    It will be – The Eighty Ninth Annual =1141, 1410. Thanksgiving =141. NBC =114.

    Its all here in the link –

    November Twenty Six Thanksgiving Day =424. Nov 26th is 330th day of the year – 33.

    Three Hundred Thirtieth Day Of The Year =380, 2280. Death =38. United States Of America =228.

    Twenty Sixth Of November =3020, 302. Quite peculiar. Barack Obama =32. NFL =32.

    Certainly the parade makes for the.....Perfect Target =144.

  2. Chicago At Green Bay =144.

    Oh Baby!

    1. What are the chances Obama makes a rare appearance to visit the cheese-heads (packers fans) that day. Similarly to Castro visiting with cheese experts back on July 3rd. LOL. Just a wild thought.

    2. Obama at Lambeau field =144

    3. Thats really the - Perfect Target =144.

      Green Bay =77. Green Bay Wisconsin =1771. Kill =17.

  3. thinking O'Bammy's biting the dust here soon? The countdown shit reminds me of his MLKJ day countdown.


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