Monday, October 17, 2016

24 33 39 111 | MNF preview, October 17, 2016, New York Jets @ Arizona Cardinals +Discussion Thread

10/17/2016 = 10+17+20+16 = 63
10/17/2016 = 10+17+(2+0+1+6) = 36 (Cardinals) (Cardinals trying to become 3-6 against Jets)
10/17/2016 = 1+0+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 18
10/17/16 = 10+17+16 = 43

Tonight, MNF comes from the 33rd parallel, in Glendale, AZ.  The Cardinals are hoping to improve to 3-3, the Jets are trying to stay alive at 2-4.

The QB for the Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick, grew up in Chandler, AZ, not far from where the game will be played tonight.  What I am wondering is if he will be shamed in his hometown, just like Andrew Luck was shamed in his hometown last evening, SNF, in Houston.  The Colts and Jets were the teams that played in Super Bowl 3, where "Joe Namath' was victorious.

The score of Super Bowl 3 was 16-7, Jets over Colts.

Last night the Colts became 2-4, losing to a 33-yard field goal in OT.  

Colts = 24; Twenty-Four = 167 (167, the 39th prime)

Tonight's game comes a span of 33-days from Todd Bowles upcoming 53rd birthday.  '33' is the number on MNF.  His QB, is also age 33.

If the spirt of Joe Namath is on their side, they might prevail with a much needed win in Arizona.

The coach is playing for either his 12th win with the Jets, or his 11th loss.  If he lost, he would be 11 and 11, representing the 'Green' team from the 11th State, New York.

As for the 33 year old QB, his birthday comes 39-days after the game, which is interesting, because only New York and Arizona sum to '39'.  Again, he is playing for New York, and from Arizona.

What are the odds?  If there is a Super Bowl 3 riddle in play, that might favor the Jets, who defeated the Colts in said game.

Also, today's game comes 111-days before the Super Bowl, a number special to New York, and Todd Bowles, who was born on a date with '111' numerology.

11/18/1963 = 11+18+19+63 = 111

Then again, the opposing coach also has the '111' connection.

The Super Bowl is February 5, 2017.

For the Cardinals coach, this will be his 54th regular season game with the team, fitting for facing the 'Jets', and having his QB return, Carson Palmer.

Also, remember this Saturday, two days before the game, a former New York Jet died, Dennis Byrd, and a former Cardinal passed, Quentin Groves.  Think about the name 'Byrd' in light of the Jets playing a team named after a bird, a Cardinal.

If that means a Cardinal is to lose, both teams would be 2-4 after the game, something like '24'.  Again, one more time with '24' and how it connects to tonight's game, as well as possibly last nights, where the Colts lost in OT to the Texans.

Amazingly, Carson Palmer comes into the game with 167 career games under his belt, meaning this will be his 168th.

Also, this will be the 111th game of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

45th win?  Cardinals = 36/45

Again, the Jets currently lead the all-time series 6-2.  In the time of the Arizona Cardinals, they have never beaten the Jets.

Can the Cardinals stop a 6 game losing streak against the Jets, in Week 6 of 2016?