Sunday, October 23, 2016

33 47 54 66 71 74 137 | Steve Dillion, artists for Preacher, Punisher and Judge Dredd, died just before Cubs advance to the World Series, October 22, 2016

This man has died at age 54, a span of 154-days from from the debut of Preacher on AMC.

This man's death was announced just before the Cubs broke a 71-year old 'curse' of not attending a World Series since 1945.  '54' is the 'baseball' number.  When the Cubs advanced to the World Series last night, #54 was on the mound.

Now, notice 'Steve' sums to '71'.

The World Series will begin on a date with '71' numerology.  10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71

Dillon sums to '66', like 'curse' and 'World Series'.  Curse = 66; World Series = 55/66/75

And of course, the age of death, 54.

Notice in the writeup below on his death, it says he passed in New York, the mecca of baseball.

Notice how the name 'Steve Dillon' connects to 'Preacher', what he is remembered for.  Both names have that special gematria of '47'.

His name and Preacher are also interesting in Simple English Gematria.  Remember, 137, is the 33rd prime, and 33 is often paired with '47' and '74'.

He was also the artist for 'Judge Dredd', which connects to Cubs.  Judge = 47

He was also the artist for 'Punisher'....

The name 'Punisher' also corresponds perfectly with 'President'.

Let us not forget, the current President, with Chicago connections, the city of the team the Cubs, who just broke the 71-year curse, was 54-years old, the 'baseball' number, when the season began.

Chicago Cubs = 46/55 (Theo Epstein = 55)

The President turned 55, 11-weeks and 2-days before the Cubs advanced to the 112th World Series...