Friday, October 21, 2016

33 47 | October 21, 2016, 3.3. million Americans have voted, and Hillary Clinton is winning (Early mail in ballots)

'108' is the baseball number, connected to the Chicago Cubs, Hillary Clinton's favorite baseball team.  Of course Hillary was born in Chicago in '47, at least so we're told.

3.3 million!  

Today is the right date for this reporting as well.

10/21/16 = 10+21+16 = 47 (President) (Authority) (Obey) (Judge) (Gavel)

Notice Hillary Clinton's birthday, born in '47.


  1. Wow. Looks like a scripted Cubs World Series win is gonna be a tribute to the democratic Chicago natives, Hillary and Huessein Obama

    1. Just like I said in Spring Training. Should the Cubs win, I will have called the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and World Series, with their scripted narratives, all for the same season. Has it ever been done in the history of the world? Either way, it doesn't matter because almost no one gives a fuck about the truth.

    2. You're exactly right. I don't think anyone in history has successfully called all 3 major pro sports championships in a single year, let alone over a span of 3 years. I've told many people of your work and how you've called all 3 pro sports championships correctly this year. I was just telling someone today and they said "well that's not that impressive, even I thought the Cubs would be in." It's sad. That's why I've been saying we really need to cash in with this knowledge, people won't give a fuck until they see the money in your hand. I know of course they control the money supply, and their symbols littered on every dollar bill are disgusting. But, I think people will really start paying attention to this work when you're able to collect a huge check 3 times a year corresponding with each championship. It's so fucking sad that people are so conditioned that they reject your truth. Even something 100% undeniable, the scripting if pro sports, they still find some ridiculous logic to reason it away. The majority of human beings are pathetic fools who're only motivated by things that the powers that be churn out. At least you're a hero to my father and I. Unless you posses the knowledge that you discovered, you're sleepwalking.

    3. Making some big cash might be a little extra incentive for your girl to stay with you too. Then maybe she'd see the value of your work, even though the sports rigging is just a very minor detail of the whole gematria matrix.