Monday, October 10, 2016

35 46 | October 10, 2016, Wall Street Journal poll had Hillary Clinton at 46%, Trump 35%

This will all be fun to go back and look at when the election is over.


  1. All these poll numbers are just made up nonsense.

    It's crazy people actually believe this shit.

  2. I just saw that the next and final debate will be in Vegas of all places.. Didn't trumps campaign begin in Vegas? How perfect that his campaign begin, and end, in Vegas. What's your take on Jill Stein? I've read her policies and heard her take on the first debate. Based on what I've found, she seems like someone who's actually on our side. Her running mate, named Baracka of all things, is for the abolishment of prisons and proposes the United States evolve into an anarchy. She definitely SEEMS like she's on our side.