Friday, October 21, 2016

42 | 'DDoS' attack on the 'internet', October 21, 2016

What a dramatic headline.  I'll tell you what, if the entire internet was destroyed, along with electricity and the rest of the technology we have, it would be a great future, not bleak.  Sure, it would be a very rough transition, and a lot of people would have to die, but those things are necessary for us to move on as a people.  Technology is not good for us, if you can't see that, it is because you're blind.  Also, most people aren't good either, so their demise would be this world's net gain.  If my words offend you, I don't care, you're part of the lost tribe.  Technology has made people weak and dependent.  Weak people are a plague, and most of humanity, well, using the word plague might be too nice of a description to explain what they are.

Now, let us quickly look at the gematria of 'DDoS' in regards to the gematria of 'Internet'.

In case you've never been here before, '42' is the number of the Freemasons, and it is coded on things that control us.

As for the article below, it is all propaganda.  This attack was put on by your government, to create a problem, that they can provide a solution for.  That's always the case.  Government, the only threat to freedom and humanity, there is no other.