Friday, October 21, 2016

47 55 102 110 | Cubs fan wins $1 million while watching Cubs game, October 21, 2016 news

Right away, this man's name stands out.  Remember, the Cubs have won 8-4, 10-2, 8-4.

United States of America = 84/102

The fact that he is age 56 is also interesting.  Again, this Cubs tribute season has major parallels to the Presidential election, which is setup for Hillary, who is from Chicago, much like this MLB season is setup for the Cubs, who are also from the same city.  Notice the gematria of 'President', and compare it with the gematria of 'Lockport'.

President = 47/56/110
Lockport = 38/47/110$1-million-while-watching-game/1566658/

Finals points, the location of where he bought the winning ticket has a connection to 'Chicago Cubs'.

South State Street = 55/82
Chicago Cubs = 46/55

Also, the article does not specify the dates, but assuming he won last night, October 20, 2016, the date connects to 'Cubs Fan', what is in the title.

Cubs Fan = 21/66 (Illinois is 21st State)
10/20/2016 = 10+20+20+16 = 66


  1. Today on the radio the sports guys were talking about rigged sports with the CEO of the Hawks. He said, if sports were rigged it wouldn't make any sense for Toronto to make it so far because they have a poor market, etc. Then he said something to the point that teams don't win a certain number of games on purpose, numbers are just numbers.

  2. This man won 600,000. Supposedly
    Six hundred thousand= 84

  3. Loved how they added the southwest 33 in there too.

  4. LOL at his car being "16 years old"... Sure!

    Sixteen = 33

  5. In New York, the lotto has a slogan "Hey, you never know"

    Lotto = 82
    Hey, you never know = 82

  6. Whats up with wisconsin Vs Iowa...Tomorrow, Wisconsin leads Series 44-43-2, looks like Iowa has to win!! Just gotta have two 44s!

  7. Who knew Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a Cubs fan? Or played the lottery? Lol

    Hiding a payoff in plain sight? Surely not ...

    Bizarre Factoid: The "Notorious RBG" has a role in an upcoming Kennedy Center opera -- on 11/12/16 she'll play the Duchess of Krakenthorp in Donzietti's "The Daughter Of The Regiment".