Thursday, October 13, 2016

66 106 | Anouncer blurts 1 hours 6 minute 7th inning after Anthony Rendon strikes out, NLCS, LA @ WSH, October 13, 2016

One hour and six minutes is 66 minutes.

Notice Rendon's birth, 6/6.

'1:06' is a bit like '106', the number of prophecy.  Prophecy = 106

Revelation is the book of prophecy.

Revelation = 49
Washington = 49

L.A. has the 'Revelation' coding too.

L = 12
A = 1
LA = 121 (Revelation = 49/121)


  1. Football game ended with 34 points, baseball game is 3-4

  2. Lol I heard that to I thought of 106 then I remembered Dave Roberts set a MLB record for 606 pitching changes this season.

  3. "Marlins man" can be seen in every important sporting event. How does he get all those exclusive tickets?
    marlins man = 42
    orange = 33

    1. lawyer from Miami. hella cake - or so the story goes. he used to show up in Allen Fieldhouse as well.

    2. He was also in the middle of the Black Hole in Oakland one time!!

  4. The announcer also blurted out that the Dodgers had taken the lead in the 7th inning "44 minutes after the Nationals ended their inning" with Jayson Werth being thrown out at the plate by a mile. It was a very odd way to describe part of a baseball game. Kind of like he was trying really hard to insert a "44" reference. In fact, go back and look at the tape of the Nationals Third Base Coach "sacrificing" Werth as the final out in the inning. I have never seen a worse decision to wave a guy home in my life. The coach did everything wrong. Even the announcers couldn't believe it when they came back from commercial.
    Totally scripted.
    Go to to see the Giants reliever laughing after giving up a 2-run double to the Cubs in the 9th inning as the Cubs miraculously came back to win their series.