Saturday, October 22, 2016

88 | "Losers", the Dodgers and Trump, a reader contribution from Ra R're-er

LOSERS = 88 (Dodgers last won World Series in '88) (California = 88)
TRUMP = 88

Again, this current World Series, has major Presidential race parallels, and here are more.

*In case you have never seen a post from Ra R're-er, he writes in a very special way.  He used to write even more "special", but by using more regular English, he has found that more people can interpret and understand his points.  This person is a genius.  You have to think about their words.


  1. Been awhile since I have seen ine of his comments.

    1. I asked him once how long it took him to write like that, all he said was Rite Like Wut?

    2. =)
      That's why this person brings the gold. I would imagine this person has spent hundreds of hours writing these comments, especially when they used to really chop it up.

  2. I love this guy! He's like a Jamaican shrunken head voodoo doll pirate who conjures himself to send Zach messages. That's what I imagine, anyway.

  3. The fact the Cubs are sending a Kyle shwaber down to the minors suggest he's going to play in the World Series even though he's "Hurt" and the Cubs are just saying this is normal to get his strength and game back. Also if I'm not mistaken Zach did you say the number 54 had some symbolize to the game or was that bears packers. Because at game time weather is suppose to be 54 degrees.

  4. This person is very interesting and very smart. Thanks for sharing. What video of yours was this posted to?