Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21, 2016, widespread internet outages reported across U.S. according to MSM

I haven't had any internet problems today.  It shows my region in red.

Laying on the extra drama?

This is what controlled opposition is all about.  For years, we've been warned that a cyber attack could take down the power grid.  This story is part of an ongoing narrative that is brought up less frequently, than say, "mass shootings".  But here it is again, and in a larger way than I remember before.


  1. Twitter has been done intermittently all day

  2. "Ddos" in the English Ordinal system equals 42

  3. My son works for Endurance, the company that owns Blue Host and several other website hosting brands. The company's customers swamped the office with service calls today (because quite a few had problems with their sites hosted thru Endurance.)

  4. Zach! Did you know that the early Internet, known as the ARPANET, was developed by DARPA, and guess when the overall structure of the network was finalized? August 1968. Was the Internet developed much like the Twin Towers? Those were just buildings, by comparison, if the Internet was built to be sabotaged, imagine how much chaos there would be to exploit.