Saturday, November 5, 2016

17 47 51 112 | Kris Bryant receives WWE belt for 112th World Series, November 4, 2016

WWE = 23+23+5 = 51 (Conspiracy = 51)

Again, Kris Bryant wears #17, and the Cubs won the 112 World Series in Ohio, the 17th State.  The name Kris Bryant also has a parallel through gematria to 'Ohio'.

Let us not forget that on September 16, I said the World Series would end in Game 7, 47-days later, after the walk off home run on that date by #47.

Also, notice the initials for Kris Bryant, KB.

K = 11
B = 2
KB = 11 2 (112th World Series)

In other words, it is no wonder Kris Bryant got the WWE belt, mocking the masses, with just how scripted the whole spectacle is.

The belt was delivered on November 4, or 11/4.

The Cubs won the 112th World Series with their 114th win of the season.

World War = 114; Holocaust = 114; Pearl Harbor = 114

The starting pitcher for the Cubs for Game 7, has a 'Pearl Harbor Day' birthday.  Also, the last time the Cubs were in the World Series, was at the end of World War II.