Sunday, November 6, 2016

Reader Contribution | Hillary Clinton tribute, #87's TD reception to make the score 27-17 & 28-17, Eagles @ Giants, NFL Week 9

Again, Hillary has the New York connections, and the Clinton political dynasty dates back to the establishment of New York.  Hillary Clinton is running to be the 45th President.

I will also add...

Thirteen = 45
Eli Manning in his 13th season
#13, Odell Beckham Jr., having a big game
Today is 91-days until the Super Bowl (1 through 13 summed totals 91)


  1. Clinton Dix with 2 picks so far lol.

  2. Andy Murray won the 45th edition of the tournament and became world number one.

    Won on his 73rd win of his record season.

    Hillary Clinton - 73

  3. I think jmontz mentioned November Sixth = 66. Revelation the 66th book of the Bible based on the 39 books of OT. If Rodgers loses, it will be his 49th loss. Revelation=49

    1. Indeed.

      Colts just scored a 96 yard drive haha.

      Date numerology 26, 17 + 33.

      God = 26/17
      Genesis (Book One) = 33

      311th Day of the year 64th Prime, Lucks 64th regular season game.

      Sixty four = 49.

    2. Colts scored a 13 second TD to start the half and an 11 second TD to end it. 13+11= 24. Finish the half with 24 points.

  4. "Clinton Dynasty" in the English Reduction system equals 60
    "Dewitt Clinton" in the English Reduction system equals 60
    "New York City" in the English Reduction system equals 60
    "This sums to 666"