Thursday, December 15, 2016

318 | Circles, Christ, March 18, August 31, Prince Diana, the TV show "Touch" & more

Someone told me to watch the first episode the new Netflix show 'Touch'.  As they reported, the episode is entirely about the number '318'.  After watching this episode myself, I think I'm going to have to watch the rest.  It is as if this TV show was made to fill us in on the gaps we're missing.  It has a major focus on the Fibonacci sequence.

So, moving on, as we know, these numbers we decode are often Biblical.  This is true of 318.

When you divide 7 by 22, you get the number 0.318.  Recall, when you divide 22 by 7, you get Pi, having to do with circles and cycles.  As it happens, .318 has a mathematical relationships with circles as well.  Think of it as an opposite but equal reaction.

Think about a 'wheel' in regards to circles.  Any word with a Simple English Gematria of '53', will also sum to '318'.

Riding the Beast also has some interesting tidbits.

In regards to '318' represent Christ, March 18 is the 77th day of the year.

Here's a bit more on Christ and 318.  Notice the second return of Christ is mentioned 318-times in the New Testament.

Dan the man has a couple more.

The gematria of '318' stands out as well.

I know companies such as Coca Cola have gematria of '318'.  Also words like 'sum' and 'divide'.

The date Mach 18 in history has some standout events.

The date August 31 can also be written 31/8, much like '318'.  August 31 follows March 18 by 166-days or a span of 167.  August 31 is the day Princess Diana died, so we're told.

There's more to do here, but this is a start.


  1. St. Jupiter is considered Christ by the Jesuits

  2. The 318th day of the year is November 14, the day that leaves 47 days left in the year.

    1. The 318th prime number = 2111.
      If you writing it as a date, August 31st, it would be either 31/8 or 8/31.
      The no. 831, it's divisors, 1+3+227+831, sum to 1112, the reflection of 2111, the 318th prime.
      Bit of jiggin' about, but thought it interesting ...

      All the best, Dar.

  3. Turning of the great wheel of tribulation

  4. SOME GEmatria on vontae Davis, birth 5/271988. Gematria of 139, 40,58,120. The 147th day of the year or 148 in leap years.
    "Vontae Davis" sums to 42, 1230, 132. He wears #21- "twenty-one" sums to 42, 141, 1770. He plays "cornerback"- 45,90,540. Or "CB"- 42,24 which is "defens"- 33,42. His only pick this year thus far is in "Houston" -112,31,at "nrg"- 39,21 "pick"- 21 his number and is also equal to 39. When the colts make it in the 47th or "forty-seventh Super Bowl"-177. "Pass interception"-77. "Vontae Davis"may have a big play. From his birthday to the Super Bowl is 255 days"two-hundred fifty-five"- 144,240,105. 144 and "240" when you drop the zero, connects to the date numerology of the final 02-5-17- 24, 44, 15,17. His pick in Houston was at 11 minutes and 19 seconds.... Maybe something...

  5. Abram is carnal man. Abraham, with the aspirant "h", which represents the breath of God, is the man who resides in the higher mind. Jupiter is the planet of the third eye, the higher mind. I am not 100% sure (have to do some research) but I think 318, which adds up to 12, represents the 12 houses of the zodiac, or the 12 tribes of Israel.

  6. Abram and Abraham are one in the same. Abraham is the "enlightened" version.

  7. I told you I have a lot of reasons for Green Bay and New England making it to the big game.

    Fresh material, remember when I said Robert Kraft (New England owner, CFR member) loves pop stars?

    Lady Gaga is doing the halftime show. She is linked with the Packers.

    The song 'Poker Face' has been viral for kids j - tube videos and this well known about band, Cheeseheads With Attitudes. It's like Wierd Al on cheese. They did a spoof of her song Called Packer face. Kind of like when they did a green and yellow song, was it young jeezy or my man wheezy who did the black and yellow song (steelers).

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    1. Interesting. There was a character who had a regular role in the show Mister Rogers Neighborhood named 'Lady Aberlin'.

    2. And with that red nose she must have drank a lot!

    3. I don't know what the hell that means.. But I have my popcorn and mixtape ready for some stuff that makes sense.

    4. Alcoholics have big red noses, over the years.

    5. You're thinking of Lady Elaine, the puppet.

  8. Knew you would like that. When you mentioned 318 in your last video that show was one of the first things that popped up on google.

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  10. Just-so-happens, I live in the 318 area code.

    James 3:6 talks about the 'wheels of Genesis' if one digs deeper. Read it in context. One person, one doctrine one whatever, can set the wheel off its course from the beginning.

    Which is where we are as a collective, and yet some are gleaning understanding in this hour to set others free. Thanks for all your input in helping the 'scales to fall off the eyes' to see.

  11. With 167 days between the two dates. 167 = the 39th prime number. It's also the only prime number, requiring exactly 8 cubes to express it.

    1. On the 166. The sum of the divisors for 166 = 252.
      The degree's the earth rotates in a day = 360. If you multiply this by 7, for the number of days in the week, 360 x 7 = 2520 ... Like 252. With 2520 being again, the measurement of the sacred cubit. (25.20)
      Maybe the reason the weeks & days are as long as they are???

      360, the product of 144 + 216 ... two of the most sacred numbers in the bible / revelation.

      Revelation 21:17
      New International Version
      The angel measured the wall using human measurement, and it was 144 cubits thick.

      New Living Translation
      Then he measured the walls and found them to be 216 feet thick (according to the human standard used by the angel).

    2. King James Bible
      And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the angel.

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  13. "America" in English Sumerian equals 300
    "Thirty Eight Days" in English Reduction equals 81
    (Amt. of days Obama has left in office)
    "Sodom and Gomorrah" in English Reduction system equals 81
    (America aka Sodom&Gomorrah)

  14. Prez of taiwan born on
    Trump +mexico meeting

    Not to mention all the other
    Combinations made 138...831...
    Cirles & circles & circles again!

  15. One thirty eight =183
    Thirty one eight = 183