Thursday, December 8, 2016

32 33 50 | Americus, Ga police shooting hoax, 'Nicholas Smarr' was killed...

The gunman killed himself, eh?  I've never heard that one before.


It was reported that he shot the police yesterday, December 7, 2016, at 9:30 AM local time.

Nicholas 'Smarr', eh?

Nicholas = 5+9+3+8+6+3+1+1 = 36/45
Smarr = 1+4+1+9+9 = 24/33 (Police) (Masonry) (Secrecy) (Federal) (Order) (False Flag)
Nicholas Smarr = 60/78 (Police = 60)

And those initials, NS, for another '33'.

This is another 'race based' shooting and the police, media and federal government have been participating in race war programming all year.

Think about all the camera men capturing contrived shots for these bogus stories.

Nicholas = 14+9+3+8+15+12+1+19 = 81
Smarr = 19+13+1+18+18 = 69
Nicholas Smarr = 150

Notice Nichols Smarr was '25'.  The shooter was reportedly '32' in 'Americus'.

America, 50 states, established July 4, 1776.  7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32

He was a career criminal on the loose!  We need more prisons, that's why he was free!

That's the exact response of millions of sheep today.


  1. Old people eat this shit up. One reason I HATE BABY BOOMERS!

    1. Whoa there Kemosabe - I'm not quite a Boomer -- but close enough. Fact is, outside of this forum the only Awake people I know ARE Baby Boomers.

      The truth is, THEY are the only generation who has witnessed the FULL DECLINE of this world. They REMEMBER the freedoms we ALL used to have.
      Those that are awake -- & there are many -- just aren't listened to. When they cry out about FREEDOMS LOST -- they're told they're old-fashioned or out-of-step with the times.

      And yet -- they're pretty much the ONLY generation left who KNOWS HOW TO DO THINGS -- like grow food, repair things & build things.

      If you can find an awake Boomer, you'd be wise to listen to them. They can tell you about FREEDOMS you've LOST -- that you never even knew EXISTED -- Freedoms that existed mere decades ago.
      When that generation -- & their memories of what having SOME Freedom was like -- are gone ... no one's going to know what they COULD'VE HAD. It's nearly impossible to truly picture specific freedoms -- & how people actually LIVED WELL WITH THEM -- without the "background" stories from those who LIVED IT. It won't be long before ALL KNOWLEDGE of these FREEDOMS is completely wiped from the public's mind.

      There are assholes in EVERY generation -- & maybe you've run into a lot of older ones. BUT -- if they're "assholes" just because they say your attitude sucks or you cuss too much -- then that's just a commentary on society's decline in general. You won't remember it -- but there WAS a recent time when "Yes Sir" & "No Ma'am we're said out of courtesy -- it was a HABIT ... when people RESPECTED each other's Right To PRIVACY ... & when cuss words actually had IMPACT -- because you so rarely heard them.

      Blaming ANY generation of The Masses for the ills of this world is WRONG. We have ALL been programmed to Blame Others -- & they've taught us how to divide ourselves up in such a way that finding "A Guilty Party" is never hard to do.
      The REAL FAULT lies within non-specific areas we can't physically touch or address. "Things" & "Ideas" like Social Marxism, the Frankfurt School, Zionism & so many others -- all competing to control & dominate us.

      The TRUTH is -- what we NEED is to regain our Sense Of INDEPENDENCE. Without KNOWING we possess that -- physical independence will always remain out of reach.

  2. You nailed it with that last comment. They'll also be cheering that the "scumbag is dead".
    And I'm 100% sure that I'll hear several people wish he'd been captured so he could've been tortured. That's the predominant mindset now. They've made TORTURE something people WANT to see happen. But only to "Others" of course.

    And those crying out for it have NEVER experienced it -- nor have any REAL understanding of what's TRULY involved. Totally detached from REALITY.

  3. Mr.93's apparent post on facebook,
    "i'm gonna miss y'all folk man" = 93 :) ha.

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  5. Funny thing with the initial NS in the new Logan movie trailer there's a scene where NS1 is written on a wall. As soon as I saw it I looked it up and it equal 33.