Sunday, December 18, 2016

47 | CNN reports Trump will win after electoral college vote, by 11th slightest margin all-time

The emphasis on '11' is interesting.  Again, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were both in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, of the 11th State, the night of the election.

I think this is the first time in U.S. history so much attention has been given to the vote by the Electoral College.  As I write this, CNN is advertising the Donald Trump program, 'Unprecedented'.


  1. These are the same bunch of clowns that said Hilary won.. Fuck Zach who really knows what they have planed.. At this point they can get away with anything.

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  3. Democrats in America are so desperate to win you can smell the corruption from across the sea...

  4. That CHART is the same shape as the state of ARKANSAS --

    HILLARY & Bill's Original Empire.

    Surely it wasn't designed that way on purpose ... right? Lol

  5. Interesting Trump misspelled Unprecedented as Unpresidendted (i.e Un-President-ed), in a tweet, then deleted/ changed it.

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  8. The results of the Electoral College vote will go back to Washington for final approval, and to be decided on in the first week of January. The results could be stopped/postponed due to the whole Russia hacking story. From 1/9 until 1/02 is 54 days (45 reversed) (45th Pres.)