Monday, December 5, 2016

53 112 | Derek Schultz of Twitter posts the Colts are on pace for 112 points at 53 past the hour, MNF, December 5, 2016


Houston = 112; Andrew Luck = 112; Kathy Luck = 112; Horseshoe = 112

12/5/2016 = 12+5+20+16 = 53


  1. Look how he tweeted that out at 5:53 too!

  2. Wow.
    I think after tonight, I'm more convinced than ever that this is going to happen. Colts in the SB I mean. I don't think they care that a small portion of the population cracked their code. I think they use us for amusement purposes as well.

    1. Well they literally tell people what's happening to those who pay attention - on purpose

    2. It doesn't matter what people bet or not. Match results are determined, whether it's rigged or not, for much longer than you may think. They would never change the scenario (In case they rig the sports) just because someone found out what they plan.

      People publicly predicted events like 9/11 and many many others, and did they change something? No.

    3. I agree. Sometimes I feel they want the smarter of the heard to either get distracted by this stuff (lost in their own intellect), or it is a field test to see if the sharper members of the population can see it. Reminds one of the 'Cicada 3301' tests that would pop up on the internet.

  3. at 53 minutes after the hour, on a date with 53 numerology, a man whose name equals 53 tweets the colts scoring 112.
    what are the odds against that happening? its kinda mind blowing to even think about... is there any way that can't be deliberate? can that just be chance? can something be guiding the action unseen and people are unaware? is that plausible?

    1. Yes it can happen organically as "fate" and cycles in life - but they know this and fabricate it - mimicking and mocking - they believe they are the "gods"

  4. Ray Rice beat his fiancé at REVEL casino in Atlantic city (Atlantis)
    The hotel was built for 2.4 billion
    Then was sold for 82 million in bankruptcy

    Then new name is TEN.

    NY=39 where rice met the commissioner


    Jets record is 3-9 and that loss was by the Indy colts who moved from batltimore to Indy.

    Ray Rice was a Scarlet Knight!
    Joe McKnight was a Trojan from the Crescent city.

    Ray rice pick 55=10
    McKnight pick 112=Houston

    27+25=52 or 2/5

    Now look at FlaCCo's numerology.

    Baltimore Ravens are also in play!

  5. Luck season 5 episode 10 " two parties"

    Parks & Recreation tv show

    Guess that's Zacks clue 51!


    1. Luck and Reggie Wayne

      Reggie retired last team PATRIOTS wore #87

    2. I'm calling it now Reggie Wayne is next to DIE

      Check out his wiki page! Look @ the player standing behind him... Scary

  6. Parks & Recreation season 6

    Recall Vote and the wall are episodes.. WTF!!

    In our faces !

  7. Final score 41-10 , Colts won super bowl 41 , 10 years ago , won this gane by 31 points (31 related to championship) , 41 + 10 = 51

  8. Colts PF and PA 311-311 with a 6-6 record