Monday, December 5, 2016

CNN, the 'World leader' photo that captures 2016 (Cameron, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Renzi)

Notice the 8:03 post time.

Election = 83; Leap Year = 83; The Donald = 83

Only a woman is staying... what's the full riddle here?


  1. Zach, check out the movie "Election" from 1999. It's about a high school president election between an overachieving, politician to be girl, and a dumbass jock guy. The girl wins by one vote, so her teacher, who doesn't like her, throws away two votes and rigs the election. It came out 5/7/99.

    5+7+19+99 = 130
    5+7+99 = 111

    From 5/7/99 to 11/9/16 is 6396 days. Interesting.

  2. Cleveland jr smith leg injury today & klay Thompson had 60 points today

  3. I always felt like to set off world War 3 it'd be the assination of Angela Merkel to set it off. I think of hillary Clinton losing and Donald Trump Berlin wall. Like the riddle can be deeper.
    I think Angela Merkel will be knocked off

    1. don't believe me because I am saying it, go get more information and decide for yourself, but there will never be a WW3 on Earth

  4. That's a probability @Unknown.
    She actually reminds me of the Mum from 007.
    She was taken out.