Monday, December 5, 2016

53 | 53 organizations want Trump to dump Flynn as National Security Advisor, December 5, 2016 news

Today has 53 date numerology, and this is about 'religion'.

Religion = 53
12/5/2016 = 12+5+20+16 = 53


  1. Zach you may find this interesting...

    The 1964 Houston Colt .45s season was the team's third season in Major League Baseball. It involved the Houston Colt .45s finishing in ninth place in the National League with a record of 66–96, 27 games behind the eventual World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals. It was their final season for the team at Colt Stadium before relocating their games to the Astrodome in 1965, along with the accompanying name change to the "Astros" for the '65 season.

  2. Who do you think wins the college football title this year ?

    1. It will be Ohio St. and Alabama, and I'm trying to figure out who wins. I think Ohio St. right now, but am not certain.

  3. Have you heard Biden's latest remarks? He told a group of reporters (Mon night):
    "I'm going to run in 2020."

    They asked, "For what?"

    He answered, "For president." And added, "What the hell man."
    (Sounds like Bart Simpson for Pres -- lol)

    Then -- outside the Senate -- when asked if he was serious ... he -- "PAUSED FOR 4 SECONDS" -- before saying,
    "Yeah, yeah I am .. WE'RE going to run AGAIN." (Emphasis added.)

    *** ("Paused FOR 4 seconds" was extremely odd & specific ... perhaps it means "paused 44 seconds"? OR: ... for = 39 ... 6+15+18 = 39 ... "for 4" = 39+4 = ... 43 ??

    He also said, "... FATE has a funny way of INTERVENING."

    Hmm. BIDEN JUST TURNED ** 74 ** ... Last Month. (The NPR article was careful to point that out).

    I've ALWAYS said -- Biden Could STILL Wind Up As Our ACTUAL "Next Pres" ...

    Until 1/20/2017 ... He IS Next In Line

    What if TRUMP -- very close to his inauguration -- suddenly HANDED OVER THE PRESIDENCY? (Similar to what happened in the UK ... or some other unprecedented situation.)

    Legally Obama could not accept the post ... BUT BIDEN COULD.

    Running in 2020 ... would then mean he'd be Running As An INCUMBENT.
    Is this why he suddenly seems SO CERTAIN about the future?
    (Remember -- he's a proud Catholic & Knight of Malta ...)

    When he talks about "FATE INTERVENING" -- is he referring to HIS Pre-Scripted Entry Into The Oval Office?

    The headline & article are Suspiciously Deceptive -- saying Biden's "HINTING" at running ... & implying he's unsure. But his brief statements were VERY DIRECT & TO THE POINT ... HE SAYS HE'S RUNNING IN 2020.

    In fact he says "WE'RE" ... Running ... "AGAIN".
    So -- What IS he REALLY telling us?
    Possibly that OBAMA ... could wind up being ... HIS -- (BIDEN'S) -- VP??
    From 2017 - 2021? And then running together in 2020?

    WOULDN'T THAT scenario shake the populace to their very "core" !?

    Seems pretty far out there I know -- but we can never rule ANYTHING out completely.
    And ... Biden WAS -- EXTREMELY QUIET -- during & after the election ...
    Hmm ... ;D

    1. Just saw it on the news ... news anchor was very specific to point out that he paused before answering .... I found it to be a very strange reporting

    2. If Obama got hoax assassinated before Jan 20 it would be perfect for causing max chaos and having Jesuit Biden stay in.

    3. Biden did mention fighting Trump in the " School yard" if he was younger. I think if Trump goes Pence is the president and no one would question it. The majority would probably accept it.

  4. Assassination hoax are a thing of the past.
    Stop spreading fear, same work the elite do.

    1. I agree -- that's why I specified about Trump handing over the presidency. Maybe it wasn't clear enough. (It's all speculation anyway.)
      But I agree that an assassination might be too old school. Then again -- never say never -- the only thing we can be sure of is the unexpected.
      I don't want to be a party to spreading fear. If that's how it came across, then I appreciate being called out on it so I could clarify what I meant.
      I just thought Biden's remarks -- & the peculiar coverage of it -- were worth noting. ;D