Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#pizzagate gunman story was posted by The Washingtonian before incident happened


Here we go again, more evidence of the manufactured story.

If you have missed my videos on the subject, they're below:


  1. Something strange is in the air. They are blatantly exposing themselves. I get thr feeling we are going to go through a manufactured restructing as far as media powers and corporate giants go. Maybe somekind of goverment acquisition with the illusion that all the bad guys have been taken care of and that the new guidelines will assure a safet and more security America...strike that, WORLD.

    The Era of Peace will leave us in Pieces.

  2. I'll be in touch with my representatives about this today. Unfortunately, new laws or not, they are implementing more algorithms to allow for more removals of content on various big sites, which shape people's fickle minds anyway.

  3. It probably feels a lot like it did when the concept "democracy" was being programmed into us. Democracy was a complete sham but we all believed it for generations. We had this grand illusion that our votes counted and that we weren't slaves. Now we know that is bullshit. But we believed it for over 200 years. I think this terrorist thing will Lose steam soon. Too implausible in a internet-based world.

    Exposing the hierarchy is used by freemasonry to keep the chaos garden continuously growing. It is a way to shape shift. In a way, they splinter our collective consciousness like they do the individual consciousness of a mind-controlled sex kitten. The slave has good alters and bad ones. It is up to the gate keeper to activate the appropriate alter. I think this is similar to the hoaxes. Create the trauma as well as, feel-good stories, and then manipulate these "alter egos" of the collective. There needs to be enough virtue in the ruling narrative to keep us remotely interested in a rogue government. So, while we should always be shrewd as servants, govt will always serve up doom And gloom as well as, a future utopia. Both are pure bullocks. In—attention is how you get rid of a narcissist.

    1. As serpents - not servants. Fucking goygle spell check.