Thursday, December 8, 2016

55 | Japanese woman burned badly in laser surgery from passing gas, November 1, 2016 news

This supposedly happened April 15, 2016, and was reported on November 1, 2016.  What could the joke of this mainstream article be?  The firebombing of Japan at the end of World War II?

4/15/2016 = 4+15+20+16 = 55 (Hiroshima = 55)


  1. Linda McMahon is on Trumps team now

    Check out how she mentions divide and conquer on the wwe raw

  2. Funny. I read a theory once that lasers are what they actually used to do that with the help of some boots on the ground. But those lasers/firebombs certainly passed the EYE test.

    1. I read the same thing -- & that those "boots on the ground" were the "Miracle JESUITS" -- who survived totally unscathed despite being at "Ground Zero". (God & their "shelter underground" supposedly protected them.)

      EXACT same story came out of BOTH Hiroshima AND Nagasaki. "Lucky" folks, those Jesuits ...

      That EYE comment provides a LOT of food for thought!

      LASER = (J) -- 196 ... (E) -- 330 ... (P) -- 55

      LASICK = (J) -- 133 ... (E) -- 330 ... (P) -- 55

      NOW it makes sense!!

      I also remember when it was often spelled LAZER (for the public) --

      LAZER = (J) -- 606 ... (E) -- 372 ... (P) -- 62

      Yep -- that doesn't have the same "EFFECT"!

  3. Sounds like your suspicion is right on. Why else would it matter that she was Japanese? If this were a real story, and it's obviously not, it would refer to her as an elderly, or middle-aged, or young woman, or something like that. To blatantly state that it was a Japanese woman points to something like you already mentioned in your post. It also, BTW, is a really uncool humiliation of the Japanese. Not cool.