Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reader Contribution | Rose Bowl, Penn State vs USC


  1. Usc=43 (34)

    USC has gone to 34 bowl appearancrs


    Just saying, Trump received a #45 jersey from the Packers last week. Trump, The 45th President.

    The 45TH Super Bowl was won by Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers at QB.

    Green Bay sits at 44N X 88W
    Trump = 88

    The Jersey was made in Berlin, Wisconsin by Ripon Athletic.
    Berlin folks.
    Berlin Wall separated East Germans from West Germans.
    Trump will attempt to build a Wall. Separating the U.S. from Mexico.

    Bart Star was #15, he was the first winning Super Bowl Starting QB and won at Age 33. 15 backwards is 51. Starr has little time left if you follow me...

    1. Super Bowl Starting Quarter Backs at age 33.
      Bart Starr, Packers #1
      Bill Kilmer, Skins #7
      Fran Tarkenton, Vikes #8
      Roger Staubach, Cowboys #10
      Jim Plunkett, Raiders #15
      Joe Theismann, Skins #17
      Joe Montana, 9ers #24
      Jim Kelly, Bills #28
      Chris Chandler, Falcons #33!
      Peyton Manning, Colts #44
      Aaron Rodgers, Packers #51 possibly?

      Notice almost all of the above quarterbacks have been regional and national announcers or currently are.

  3. A.J. Green back for the Bengals against the Texans this weekend.

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